Thank you to the featured artists from episode 192, 193 and BOATLIFE. Love your work!

In the 4+ years we’ve been sailing La Vaga, amazing musicians have contributed to SLV with independent and original music. It is a treat to watch our playlists grow each week with music from all over the world.

The feedback from you guys has been overwhelmingly positive. Every day we read emails from people thanking the artists from SLV for their music and we completely agree. Thank you so much!

If you are new around here, our online streaming playlists and Instagram are a good place to start. Just follow these links. follow SLV on Spotify, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Sailing La Vagabonde Featured Artists

Brandon Hoogenboom –…

Brandon Hoogenboom writes easy-going indie rock music. His songs are influenced by extensive world travel spanning more than 48 countries, and his development of a wealth of experience.

This experience shines through in his lyrics, deeply personal relationship reflections and expansive, insightful tales evoking a sense of joy for life.

Musically, Hoogenboom brings sounds together with a light and airy feel. Well placed harmonies tickle amongst a tight and rythmic band ensemble, music that brings a sense of inspitation.

Zen Panda –

Zen Panda is a six-piece band who blur the lines between psychadelic and indie music.

Great lyrics are a highlight brought up from their interesting sound, including the way the words are sung. At times low-key, and other times a wailing crescendo.

The words are set upon a canvas of indie sensibilities, however the psychedelic tinge sets this music ablaze.

Andrew Rothschild –

Andrew Rothschild creates a kaleidoscope of layers in his music, taking you through the forest and down the rabbit hole where the conventional rules of music don’t exist.

Changing time-signatures and spooky guitar resonates against an unpredictable drum beat, somehow resurfacing from the depths of psychedelia to make sense.

A Bluestronica fore-runner to keep an eye on and an ear to the ground for, his 2018 release ‘Transitions’ can be found in full on his SoundCloud and now Spotify.

Chase McBride…  

Chase is a singer-songwriter hailing from San Francisco in California.

Evolving to a more mature and honest style of writing in recent times, he continues to satisfy his following.  

Uncomplicated and rhythmically flowing musical arrangements add strength to the appeal of McBride’s music.

His latest album ‘Green Shade’ was released in February 2018 and continues Chase’s indie-pop legacy.  

Spotify playlists Weekly Buzz, Viral 50 USA and Viral 50 Global are notable accolades.

Daniel Champagne –

Daniel is a music composer who spends a great deal of time perfecting his art. His patience shines through with the masterful delivery of energy through sound.

Whether travelling around the world, playing at sold out show or in intimate settings, the wealth of experience Daniel holds is obvious.

Daniel’s stories shine through his music with a rustic and measured vocal.


Hufrik’s music is like a chilled back beach stroll. Lazy vocals reverberate alongside an equally lazy guitar to conjure up summertime vibes.

Sounding like the stripped back and downtempo younger brother of ‘The Drums’, Hufrik hits the indie-surf niche at a similar angle.

Jason Lyle – https://theresistancesoundlaboratory….

Jason Lyle, AKA The Resistance Sound Laboratory, writes atmospheric background music.

The title descriptions from the lab are quite accurate, ranging from “futuristic synth heavy sludge surf trip hop” to “futuristic dark surf gospel trip hop” and more.

Reverberated, grimy guitar is put against pulsing bass lines and frequent jazz drum breaks, making for an utterly great dive-bar feel.

Koresma –

Visit Koresma on Spotify or SoundCloud to check out the ‘East Remixes’, released earlier this year.  

Listening to the electronic tapestry of Koresma is transportive; taking listeners to a forest surrounded by massive pine trees, a tropical island in the Caribbean or the vast deserts of Australia.  

Organic, acoustic sounds provide a strong footing for the subtle and inviting digital undertones that are interwoven among the layers of electricity.  

Have a listen to ‘Bridges’ or ‘Sun Begins to Pour’ to embark on your journey into Koresma’s delicious soundscape.

Luis Trinidad –

A wonderful melancholic resonance underpins Luís Trindade’s method, murmuring heartfelt words along the ebb and flow of rhythmic guitar.

An independent artist, Luís’ music exists only in the digital realm. He garners an impressive online following with beautiful, meaningful music.

Luis’ latest offering, ‘Can You See This Darkness’ is available on his Bandcamp webpage and is definitely worth a listen, check it out!

“If you like my music please support me, you can download my LP at bandcamp, or through a donation to I don’t have a label, so my music exists only in digital editions. Thanks for the visit and for giving a listen to my music.”

Phoria –…

The exciting electro-indie group Phoria are gently buzzing their way under our skin. Colourful and euphoric, their music oozes depth as it enfolds you.

Phoria’s meditative and calming vibes are available on streaming websites. Make sure you follow the link and check out their Soundcloud page, there are plenty of great tunes to listen to for free.

Tom Owens/Porch Guitar –

Tom Owens aka Porch Guitar plays delightful, lo-fi, improvised guitar.

The name Porch Guitar rings true. Tom says, “Guitar Improv on the front porch. Structured as it happens. Sounds of nature. Cars go by. Neighbours wave. Yeah..”

As you hear the music this kind of scene is very easy to imagine, a park out the front, the sounds of birds chirping, and of course Tom noodling away on his front porch.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, we’re so glad we can take this musical journey together. When our friends comment on how good the playlist is, we feel stoked to tell them about independent, original music.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

Sailing La Vagabonde Music

Brandon Hoogenboom –…
Zen Panda –
Andrew Rothschild –
Chase McBride –…
Daniel Champagne –
Jason Lyle – https://theresistancesoundlaboratory….
Koresma –
Luis Trindade –
Phoria –
Tom Owens –

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