Thank you to the featured artists from Sailing La Vagabonde, we love your music!

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This week we have a huge playlist full of unreal music, all songs featured on SLV in the past month.

The featured artists on SLV make a huge difference to the show, their brilliant sounds setting the tone for our sailing footage.

It seems our viewers are enjoying the music too, with close to 10,000 followers on our Spotify page.

Keep an eye on our Spotify, Soundcloud and Instagram for more updates.

Thank you to our featured artists, we really appreciate your work. You are amazingly talented!

Sailing La Vagabonde Featured Artists

Axel Thesleff –….

Axel Thesleff is a diverse an emotive writer. His music spans a variety of sounds, all layered into tracks seemlessly.

The result is production that conjures images of Chinese markets and perhaps sprawling Indian-urban landscapes.

Check Axel’s Spotify account to get an idea of his reach, some tracks reaching close to 38,000,000 listens

Black Anchors –

Black Anchors take a moment to wipe the sweat from their brows to bring their awesome rock sound down a notch; giving us ‘Heavenly Lane’.

Typically an onslaught of catchy rock hooks and brash vocals, the boys bring this heartfelt interlude into their set. The song is flushed with ambiguous metaphors and vivid soliloquy.

The contrast is accepted by the whole band, harmonies and pub style anthems sung throughout.

The Brewaves –…

The Brewaves set their footing in the Soft-rock spectrum of music. Easy listening music settles in a rut worn by enchanting and hearfelt vocals.

The musical collaboration between sets of different musicians brings in a wordly sound. A violin, very low key harmonies, piano and soft percussion resonate against the angelic vocal track.

Bruno Laucirica…

Bruno writes simple and catchy guitar riffs designed for the purpose of conveying the lyrical content beneath.

Its great that his well conceptualised lyrics have space to move within the song.

In saying that, the appearance of the horn section and lead guitar bring refreshments along for everyone to enjoy.

Butter –

Butter is a Perth band sending chills of excitement through the local Perth music scene.

Their unique sound nurtures an environment conducive to positivety, creativety and exploration; for themesleves and their audience.

Instruments work well collaberatively, however, the individual expression performed by each artist is as haunting and memsmerising to watch and hear.

From the front, Singer – Lachlan, swaggers around the stage. expect guterall singing and flawless timing transitions to jazz-hop vocals. Among the performace come explosions of controlled hostility and anger, sending a message that emotions are encouraged to be expresssed in a healthy way.

The chemistry between the whole band, the increasing number of people in attendance and the venue is what brings their performance together. Expressing love and gratitute to all in attendance ties the Butter performance neatly.

J.A.K. –…

J.A.K is entrenched in Tropical House, Low-Key movement of Electronica. Its great to see the facet of this genre being examined from another perspective.

J.A.K hits all the right spots, from emotive layering to uptempo juicy jungle vibes, all serving to keep songs interesting and unpredictable.

The production value of J.A.K hits the mark, bringing the electronic trap sound in without being overbearing.

James Forest and the East Road –…

James sings gently and calmly, his energy exudes through each song and lifts the listener to a higher place.

Having crafted his songs from an extensive life of travel and adventure, James allows himself time to write an accurate reflection of his emotions felt at the time.

Sounding melancholic at times, one may guess at the deeper workings of a man who has broken from the norms of living.

Jason Winks –…

Jason Winks has only one track for listening on Spotify, it already cops 65 lisenters per day.

The steady click to Jason’s music is people voting with their fingers, reaching out for a low temp, easy listening escape from the crazy world around.

Jason’s soud emerges from a wide array of instruments, from synth and keys, to low key guitar and human elemnts.

Leo the Eskimo…

Exuding a haunted atmosphere, Leo’s music is much like his moniker. Low key, meloncholic, reflective and somewhat metaphorically cold.

It certainly has its space, hovering above the human ebbs and flow.

While chimed clean guitars strum whimfully through songs and arrnagement seems uncertain, a new tone is brought in seemingly summoning the other instruments to life oncemore.

Luna Keller –

Luna sing from a deeply rooted life among the hills and nature, where she learnt music, surrounded by a family whose lives echoed with sound and love.

Having experienced tragedy and loss in her younger an inevitable fork in the road appeared. With the help of the love that surrounder her, she chose the road of growth, recovery, empathy and sharing.

Her Folk music compositions are delightfully arranged and pleasant to listen to, however, true gold is found inside the lyrics.

Owen Duff…

Owen Duff’s 2018 release ‘Witches’ is a fun jaunt into the experimental pop-rock sound. In this reviewer’s instance ‘Magic Mountain’ foots the bill.

Featuring Owen’s delightfully blasé vocal set against a very low key rock orchestrasrta vibe, the essence of the song begins to build anticipation up delightfully slowly, before building and breaking several welcomed crescendos

With a list as long as my arm to mention the types of instruments being played, its the type of music to lay back and listen tp each word and its hidden meaning.


Saint-Nobody drives his music gently with a afacade of soft electronic strings and vocals. This is just the warm up for the soundscape that is about to unfold.

Several layers mesh together, fuzzed sythesisers, trap heavy beats, electronic buzzers and finally Sain-nobodys voice is popped to the front, with no low-cut in sight.

The sound washes over you, like the warm shower you didnt want to have. Before you know whats happened you’re covered in bubble bath and wanting to stay there all night.

The sound begins to stand up with other instruments join the mix; a vocal chorus all but egged-on to develop.

Sense –

Sense fit nicely between the lines of music departing; and music being discovered in this genre. The electronic neiche is becoming more difficult to infultrate as the market for this music has long since reached saturation point.

Sense has the mix dialled and remain lelevant. With classy contributing-artits, new and interesting samples, tracks with space for dancing and a well drawn line between tracks, so the whole selection of music maintains charater.

Adam Yoo –

Adam creates a relaxed, mellow vibe that’s easy to daydream along to.

Low-key chill out music floats seductively around the room with each slap of the guitar, vocals heavy with reverb, simple, catchy melodies sublimely distracting.

Adam’s SoundCloud page sits with thousands of listens and comments from his active and ever growing fan-base, in recent days he’s released new singles to satisfy the cravings, for now…

His latest compilation album ‘Lovely Bones’ was released in mid 2018 and is available on BandCamp for purchase. Featuring an assortment of his tunes, at $7 it’s an absolute steal.

Brandon Hoogenboom –…

Brandon Hoogenboom writes easy-going indie rock music. His songs are influenced by extensive world travel spanning more than 48 countries, and his development of a wealth of experience.

This experience shines through in his lyrics, deeply personal relationship reflections and expansive, insightful tales evoking a sense of joy for life.

Musically, Hoogenboom brings sounds together with a light and airy feel. Well placed harmonies tickle amongst a tight and rythmic band ensemble, music that brings a sense of inspitation.

Camarano –

Indie-rock producer Camarano is a breath of fresh air for a somewhat garage-band saturated Australian music scene.

Crisp production sets his music alight, every reverberated chord, snare hit and textured sound layer cuts through the mix. Floating atop of it all is Camarano’s caramel vocal, bound for the car stereo this summer.

2019’s effort from Camarano is another troughpy cabinet effore, featuring thr same chilled bech vibe we love.

Catch a live show for chilled-out intimate performaces.

Circlelight –

Circlelight underwent an overhaul in 2018, with new songs and a new approach to writing, taking the band in a direction more conducive with their values and ethos.

As an added bonus, their 2019 album ‘Ties and Struts’ is a well produced slice of musical chilll heaven.

Airy and expansive music floats and allows complete contemplation, a meditation of sorts. The musicianship is humble and allows Emanuel’s vocal to thread and play thoughout each song. My stand out is ‘Stay Away’

Chase McBride –…

Chase is a singer-songwriter hailing from San Francisco in California.

Evolving to a more mature and honest style of writing in recent times, he continues to satisfy his following who are moving in the same direction.  

Uncomplicated flowing musical arrangements add strength to the appeal of McBride’s music.

His latest album ‘Green Shade’ was released in February 2018 and continues Chase’s indie-pop legacy.  

Spotify playlists Weekly Buzz, Viral 50 USA and Viral 50 Global are notable accolades.

Daniel Champagne

Daniel is a music composer who spends a great deal of time perfecting his art. His patience shines through with the masterful delivery of energy through sound.

Whether travelling around the world, playing at sold out show or in intimate settings, the wealth of experience Daniel holds is obvious.

Daniel’s stories shine through his music with a rustic and measured vocal.

The Fabric –…

The Fabric is an entourage of nine talented group members.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, they write a contemporary style of orchestral drama-pop that is suited to the underground bars of the most liveable city in Australia.

Backed by skilled percussion, bass and a broad arsenal of sound, singer McMahon is able to project her voice and story with complete confidence.

Getgogetter –…

Stripped back bass lines and lo-fi garage sounds underpin these Go Getters. However while the recordings sound like they were made in a garage or a basement, it still feels like a soundtrack to summer. Catchy lyrics stick in front of their pulsing, hypnotic rhythm.

“If you like Kings Of Leon, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes or maybe even the Beach Boys this could be the album for you…”

Grenan Dawley –…

Talented Perth five-piece Grenan Dawley produce silky smooth indie music that drifts around jazz, blues & rock sensibilities.

Their focussed ensemble gels fluidly; tightly bound by interpersonal chemistry and well developed musical capacity. Elements of their merged sound often diverge from the collective to showcase individual chops.

Grenan Dawley lean toward a wonderfully quirky, intelligent sound. Lyrics brim with clever metaphors, laced inside memorable soliloquies.

Heeblay –

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay successfully delivers layered sound textures backed by evocative and soothing vocals.

The low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of strung, wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play.

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’, available on Bandcamp and everywhere else.

Hugo Cottu

Hugo plays guitar with the soul objective of getting people to groove out.

His silky smooth style of guitar playing brings contemporary blues to light, merging the genre with R&B seemlessly.

Guest vocalists have plenty of room to breath, bouncing ideas off Cottu’s conscious energy perfectly.

It all makes for a relaxed vibe, Cottu’s mellow, stratocaster tones leading the way.

Jack and the Weatherman –

Silky smooth melodies and thought-provoking lyrics underpin each song from JATWM.

The acoustic prodigies from the Netherlands deliver wonderfully arranged, easy-to-follow songs that keep your foot tapping to the beat of the tambourine.

Having released their latest full-length album this year, ‘The Lucky Ones’, the duo are consistently selling out venues all over Europe. Check the socials for updates about these workhorses.

James Abberley –

James released his only single in late 2018. It is an exciting preview of what James is about and what he is capable of.

Lovely acoustic guitar mixes with staple folk sounds and the unique addition of the theramin instrument. The warm atmosphere of sound envelopes James’ harmonised vocal and holds it safely.

Jason Lyle – https://theresistancesoundlaboratory…

Jason Lyle, AKA The Resistance Sound Laboratory, writes atmospheric background music.

The title descriptions from the lab are quite accurate, ranging from “futuristic synth heavy sludge surf trip hop” to “futuristic dark surf gospel trip hop” and more.

Reverberated, grimy guitar is put against pulsing bass lines and frequent jazz drum breaks, making for an utterly great dive-bar feel.

Jordan Merrick –

Jordan Merrick is one to watch, the Brisbane local has been making waves with his breezy, bluesy ballads and intimate live shows.

An original song writer, he also fronts another SLVM featured band ‘Fugitive and the Vagabond’.

Despite his hectic schedule, Jordan managed to release two EP’s last year, the newest his personal masterpiece, ‘Songs From House Arrest’. Have a listen for some beautiful vocals and honest story telling.


Hufrik’s music is like a chilled back beach stroll. Lazy vocals reverberate alongside an equally lazy guitar to conjure up summertime vibes.

Sounding like the stripped back and downtempo younger brother of ‘The Drums’, Hufrik hits the indie-surf niche at a similar angle.

Isaac Balson –…

Bedroom acoustic experimenter Isaac Balson is an alternative-indie music composer sharing fun music with the world.

Most of his songs have some element of experimentation within them including interesting effects pedals, unexpected tempo changes, guest singers and unique instruments.

A staple of many of Isaac’s songs is the ukulele, keeping an enjoyable floating, airy vibe to the songs.


Visit Koresma on Spotify or SoundCloud to check out the ‘East Remixes’, released earlier this year.  

Listening to the electronic tapestry of Koresma is transportive; taking listeners to a forest surrounded by massive pine trees, a tropical island in the Caribbean or the vast deserts of Australia.  

Organic, acoustic sounds provide a strong footing for the subtle and inviting digital undertones that are interwoven among the layers of electricity.  

Have a listen to ‘Bridges’ or ‘Sun Begins to Pour’ to embark on your journey into Koresma’s delicious soundscape.

Bruno Laucirica

Youngster Liam Wright has been playing music since he was 10 years old. 8 years later he has crafted his own joyfully soulful style of indie-folk music.

Lo-fi production and intelligent lyrics are characteristic of his songs as Liam writes music beyond his years.

With both a SoundCloud and Spotify account that has shot from 500 listens per month to over 3000, he is well on his way to a bright future.

Lowland hum – 

Husband and Wife team Daniel and Lauren Goans craft beautifully emotive art-folk music, featuring vocals with harmonies that interweave and impress the couples warmth and intimacy.

Beneath their heartfelt delivery of poetry is a simple and driving guitar rhythm that provides a base on which to lather their soothing vocal responsibilities upon.

Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the band has toured extensively since their 2013 inception, earlier in the year they released their third full length album, Thin. It is well worth a listen if you enjoy dynamic and evocative folk music.

Michael Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate, pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback.

Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed.

Dunstan’s recently released single ‘Calais Road’ signifies the birth of his highly anticipated 2019 Australian tour and new EP, ‘New Normal’.

Mikael Abramowich –

Mikael is an acoustic singer and songwriter from Melbourne Australia. His recordings are minimalist, however, they are undeniably listenable.

The melody of Mikael’s singing is well considered, serving his songs clever and emotive lyrics well and painting each song with a slather of genuine creativity.

Follow the link to his Bandcamp website, you can listen to the Explorers EP in full and support Mikael’s talent.

Phoria –…

The exciting electro-indie group Phoria are gently buzzing their way under our skin. Colourful and euphoric, their music oozes depth as it enfolds you.

Phoria’s meditative and calming vibes are available on streaming websites. Make sure you follow the link and check out their Soundcloud page, there are plenty of great tunes to listen to for free.


RRAREBEAR’s music is a nice escape from the stresses of modern-day life. The chill, ambient-electronic sounds are soothing and meditative, perfect to zone out with.

The music itself is well produced and contains several layers that take multiple listens to discover.

Samuel Scott Mccumber –…

Samuel Scott McCumber seems to employ a time-tested method when penning songs; write a story, write good music, put them together.

Utterly enjoyable, McCumber’s songs shine with clever and humorous lyricism, relatable and introspective depth.

Storytelling aside, his music is well produced, the acoustic guitar cutting through the mix with a mellow, smooth tone.

Sky Jammer –

Reggae-jazz outfit Sky Jammer are a five piece original music project led by Jammer, the front man and singer-songwriter who is also a pilot, hence the name.

Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley and Jack Johnston, the island vibe Sky Jammer carry is the central theme to their music. Like their predecessors they successfully spread their positive life message to anyone within an earshot.

The Sky Jammer Music Project is currently recording the new material being trickle-fed across the socials.

Windspiel –

Featuring “music from the world”, Windspiel cross multi-lingual borders, with lyrics in Spanish, German and English to name a few. Their music is very easy listening, consisting of traditional acoustic instruments such as the double bass, violin, slap box and spanish guitar, they manage to create a ‘happening’ and driving rhythm that is quite easy to tap a foot or bob a head to. Windspiel is four friends making music about nature in an urbanised time and doing a good job at that.

Hey guys, our CD “Spuren im Sand” is now available for order and download on bandcamp 🙂
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Thank you to all of our featured artists, we’re so glad we can take this musical journey together. When our friends comment on how good the playlist is, we feel stoked to tell them about independent, original music.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

Sailing La Vagabonde Music

Axel Thesleff –…

Adam Yoo –

Black Anchors –

Brandon Hoogenboom –…

The Brewaves –…

Bruno Laucirica –…

Butter –

Camarano –

Circlelight –

Chase McBride –…

Daniel Champagne –

The Fabric –…

Getgogetter –…

Grenan Dawley –…

Heeblay –

Hugo Cottu –

Jack and the Weatherman –

J.A.K. –…

James Abberley –

James Forest and the East Road –…

Jason Lyle – https://theresistancesoundlaboratory…

Jason Winks –…

Jordan Merrick –


Isaac Balson –…

Koresma –

Leo the Eskimo –…

Liam Wright –

Lowland hum – 

Luna Keller –

Michael Dunstan –

Mikael Abramowich –

Owen Duff –…

Phoria –…


Samuel Scott Mccumber –…

Saint-Nobody –

Sense –

Sky Jammer –

Windspiel –

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