Thank you to the featured artists from the last fortnight’s ​​episodes of Sailing La Vagabonde, we love your music!

ep 204, 203, BL: Hogfish, BL: Mum’s working.

The music featured on SLV is courtesy of musicians from around the globe, thank you to each of you for helping us make SLV possible.

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Alex Luke –

Alex Luke is a Jazz and Blues inspired singer-songwriter from Manchester in the UK.

Catchy, soulful tracks likened to La Havas and Michael Kiwanuka propel Luke forward as a promising success story.

Delightfully lazy saxophone and laid-back guitar make for easy listening, a constant stream of gigs satisfying fans of this genre.

Joe Mungovan –

Joe Mungovan was introduced to performing music at the age of nine when his parents bought him a drumkit. His development into a well known singer-songwriter was an evolution from those early days, opting for guitar and his musical style.

Mungovan blends indie-folk and pop together with musical elements from both that collide to make create his signature sound, pulsing and rhythmic.

Mungovan’s self-reflective mindset is conveyed by insightful lyrics. His songs delve deep into interpersonal relationships, learning from failure and celebrating success.

Riley Moore –

Riley Moore is a singer-songwriter who embodies a travelling musicians life as a vagabond and wanderer.

Moore lives on a Sailboat in Nashville, TN, a lifestyle that provides inspiration for writing some of his latest work.

Moore’s style is reminiscent of the likes of Bob Dylan and John Moreland, his influences shining through in classic story-telling, jaunty rhythm and blues and country music.

Towers of Temple City –

Towers of Temple City is born from a collaboration of talented musicians based in Los Angeles, California.

Lamenting on their vision of the direction of humanity, the group writes music that conjures feelings of frustration and melancholy, as well as hope.

ToTC’ aims to bring attention to the overuse of mobile technology, disconnection from nature and the stress of fast-paced living. All of this is delivered through beautifully cinematic music and understated vocal tones.

Axel Thesleff –

Axel Thesleff is an artist and electronic musician/producer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Axel writes music both dense and layered, it typically includes samples from traditional instruments and deep, purring bass. Sounds are modified, pitched and modulated to fit with the electro-vibe and audio grabs of inspiring speeches are employed for a human touch.

Thesleff continues to build a name for himself, his influence felt across popular streaming platforms like YouTube, where his 2014 release ‘Bad Karma’ has over 300 million streams.

Bill Beaumont –

Bill Beaumont’s debut Ep was released on May 26, 2018 and is a paddle in the murky waters of experimental rock.

Although these musical journeys can be somewhat risky – producing a palatable sound while exploring your creative musings – Bill has succeeded with this album.

Parts alternative-ambient, parts hinting at a slide blues influence, Beaumont’s take on contemporary, home-recorded music is curiously meditative to listen to.

Drop into his Bandcamp account for a full listen and to purchase his record from only $2.

Circlelight –

Circlelight underwent an overhaul in 2018, with new songs and a new approach to writing, taking the band in a direction more conducive with their values and ethos.

As an added bonus, their 2019 album ‘Ties and Struts’ is a well produced slice of musical-chill heaven.

Airy and expansive music floats and allows for contemplation. The musicianship is humble and allows Emanuel’s vocal to thread and play thoughout each song.

Honey Hounds

Honey Hounds are a Blues trio from Jacksonville in Florida, U.S.A. adding their own contemporary spin to the genre.

The group have incorporated the spirit of Blues wholly into their lifestyle, not only echoing the timeless sound but embodying the image and attitude of its legacy.

The music itself meanders a blend of Blues and Funk, the combination calcified by a springing drum beat, scrumptious harmonica solos and grooving guitar rhythms.

Jamie Hamilton –…

Jamie departs from mainstream folk by creating a blend leaning toward the more indie sound of Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and The National.

His musical recipe containing sophisticated social commentary, unusual sounds and tight musicianship is quickly attracting worldwide interest.


Visit Koresma on Spotify or SoundCloud to check out the ‘East Remixes’, released earlier this year.

Listening to the electronic tapestry of Koresma is transportive; taking listeners to a forest surrounded by massive pine trees, a tropical island in the Caribbean or the vast deserts of Australia.  

Organic, acoustic sounds provide a strong footing for the subtle and inviting digital undertones that are interwoven among the layers of electricity.  

Have a listen to ‘Bridges’ or ‘Sun Begins to Pour’ to embark on your journey into Koresma’s delicious soundscape.

Lachlan Ross –

Lachlan Ross is a young creative from the beautiful coastline of South-West Australia, who writes and records acoustic music.

Ross’s 2018 single ‘City Lights’ is a sombre take on thoughts of departure from current circumstances and feelings of helplessness, revived by the hope of being home soon.

Ross’s energy aligns with that of friends like Ziggy Alberts and past SLV contributors Michael Dunstan and Jordy Maxwell.

The Riverside –

The Riverside was founded by husband and wife duo, Jacob and Lorien Jeanson. The band consists of friends from California and Texas who have playing folk and country music dialled in.

The Riverside’s songs are brimming with rich, well-arranged sounds that assist wonderful vocal harmonies.

The band works as a family, using their close dynamic to sensitively adjust sound levels to suit moods, while sharing a single microphone.

Will Gunselman –

Will’s music summons images of lakeside cabins, clean, clear air and hiking to the summit.

A contemporary take on Folk-Americana, Will brings a fresh approach to a well established genre.

Tightly produced, well layered and dense music creates anticipation for future releases.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, your music is such an important part of SLV and we are so happy to have you onboard.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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