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NoMBe –

NoMBe is a songwriter and producer who blends rock, dream-pop, electronic and hip hop sensibilities to create bright and detailed music. Reflections on extensive travel, life experience and key relationships are discovered within songs and deliver interesting personal insights.

NoMBe’s music remains fascinating, as a variety of sounds come forth from within dense layers and reveal at the right moments, before receding inconspicuously back into the mix. Transient technical elements make it refreshingly difficult to pin NoMBe’s sound inside a particular box.

Despite the capacity to overwhelm, the mix is held together by a meniscus of curious synth, commanding tone-dense guitar leads and assertive drum beats. Vocal chops are rangy and powerful and have no trouble cutting through. The quality of the production proves solid and overall NoMBe demands attention like a floodlight in the dark. Occasional features from the likes of ‘Big Data’ and ‘New Mystics’ bring fresh influences to shuffle the direction of some tracks.

NoMBe’s 2018 offering, ‘They Might’ve Even Loved Me’ caught the attention of international industry like Pharrell Williams, Bonobo and Alt-J. It is available for stream on Spotify and all other major platforms.

Dominic Bennett –

Dominic Bennett is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Julian, California, who writes songs dripping with raw emotion and records them using lo-fi methods. Bennett’s poetry is as haunting as the command he holds over his vibrato singing, telling tales of hurt and hope.

Aside from the brutally sincere lyrics, Bennett’s vocal delivery stands out and forces attention. It punches its way around songs, wrenching and turning on a dime, as unpredictable as a lightning storm. Each word hits as a visceral shot, delivered in a combination of shy whispers, eccentric wailing, screaming and powerful singing. The portrayal of intense human emotion is simultaneously terrifying and beautiful, connecting to primitive instincts.

The acoustic guitar rides beneath the raging current of words, equally expressive and pushed to its limits. It is also a standout in its own right, voicing Bennett’s frustration through unique inflection techniques.

Although the compositions take a minimalist approach, the desired outcome of energy transmission is achieved and leaves a lasting impression.

Dominic’s forthcoming 2019 EP ‘Cosmic Address’ is available for streaming on Spotify.

Joe Hicks

Joe Hicks blends pop, blues and folk influences into masterful guitar compositions to create music with a comfortable feeling of weightlessness. The singer-songwriter from England has spent the better part of two decades honing his skills and sculpting his style, now able to represent feelings through song.

The most apparent aspect of Hick’s music is the sense of calm they evoke. Songs flutter between a plod-along at a leisurely pace and a brisk walk, the drumbeat shuffling along on brushes and sprinkled with hints of hand percussion.

The content of Hick’s songs is a sweet take on romance and relationships, with lyrics embossed by classical guitar chops. Instruments like the harmonica chime in with their occasional input, led along by layers of modified guitar, such as country-style slide and tone-dense lead riffs littered throughout.

Joe Hicks is releasing a trail of singles throughout 2019, a lead-up to his next full-length EP. Check out Joe on Spotify to keep up to date.

Airline Food

Airline food is a four-piece from Perth, Western Australia, who write music that draws from psychedelic, rock, jazz and synth influences. 
The bands overall sound is drenched with reverb and built on a foundation of synth and modified guitar output. Heavy use of chorus, flanger, phaser and fuzz effects blend to elicit a sense of hallucinogenic reverie.

Songs generally track along at walking pace and are full of surprises along the way. Interesting timing and pitch changes, guitar solos and novelty sounds woven into the songs are common for Airline Food. Rubato, attacca style transitions frequently change the mood and direction of Airline Food’s flow.

Despite being overshadowed by the glamour of energetic guitar and synth, the bass and drums work to prove a solid frame to hold the euphony of sounds together. 
The dream-like vocal delivery cuts through with hypnotic ease, comfortably lazy and designed to fit the music it rides in. The lyrics hold relatable contemporary messages, gems hidden amongst the Airline Food sound.

Check Airline Food’s most recent offering, 2018’s ‘Fragments In Green’, and follow the trail of recent singles toward their forthcoming fifth EP. 


Hypnosis is a surf-rock inspired band from the United States, writing catchy, jangly tunes soaked in reverb.

Songs are usually lead by vocals projected like an echo down a hallway, the shout of group members backs onto an equally echoing guitar typical of the genre. However, there are moments when a change of pace brings things back a notch, giving a moment to breathe.

Hypnosis songs are nicely written, the light lyric content logical and not unstraining, leaving space to get lost in the chilled vibe of the instruments working lazily together.

Kate Vargas –

Kate’s latest offerings conjure imagery of a wild western saloon bar, a dimly lit stage amidst a swirl of smoke and whiskey shooters.

This undistilled blend of indie-folk & blues is delightfully dusty and tarnished, Kate’s voice echoing alongside a steel-string slide guitar. It all makes for jaunty ruckus, fun sure to ensue.

Though darkly melodic, the feel of the songs is like snubbing the rules, pouring a bottle the whiskey over your head and running through the streets with your own band of misfits.

Michael Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate, pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback.

Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed.

Dunstan’s latest release, ‘New Normal’ is another account of personal experiences, its relatable message taken up by fans.

Wild Oak

Wild Oak is a folk/soft-rock trio from Perth in Western Australia who write tender, emotive songs exploring love and personal connection.

The emotional ebb and flow and a rangy vocal delivery that runs parallel to dynamic musicianship makes for a sense of curiosity and anticipation, the climactic conclusion of songs a final release and relief for the impassioned tension preceding.

The overall musicianship of Wild Oak is compacted by the bands interpersonal chemistry, as vocals ride along on music worthy of its weight. Instrumentals fit snugly together and like a well designed jigsaw puzzle, vocal harmonies soar at the right moments. Emotional and dense music with the potential to be volatile is held together by a rock-steady drum beat.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, your music is such an important part of SLV and we are so happy to have you onboard.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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