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Carol Ellyn –…

Carol Ellyn is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Toronto, Canada, who writes soul-inspired music sprinkled upon a spectrum founded by folk and pure pop sounds.

Ellyn’s songs explore relationship boundaries with sincerity, from love and loss to feelings of betrayal, relatable lyrics express emotion easily.
A strong vocal delivery by Ellyn avoids embellishments and opts for a raw and impassioned approach, with raspy vocals that offer a more conservative approach to allow the song messages to feature.

The latest offerings from Ellyn are a departure from the heavy synth and electronic-pop style of dancefloor beat. A more relaxed folk sound is garnished with keys, strings, lovely vocal melodies and a tapping drum beat.

Visit Carol Ellyn on Spotify and watch her progression as a new, independent artist at the start of an evolution into a style that compliments her voice and nature.

Mid Ayr –…

Mid Ayr is a three-piece alternative indie-rock band from Brisbane, Australia, who write energetic, anthemic tunes that incorporate intense buildups and climactic release.

The band started in 2015 and since then have built a sound that attracts followers from around the world. Mid Ayr has achieved international and local success, playing packed out shows abroad while getting a taste of mainstream radio playback at home, with high rotation on national Australian radio juggernaut ‘Triple J’.

The vocal harmonies of Mid Ayr stand out immediately and draw attention to several elements tucked amongst the tracks. Percussive instruments rattle away in the background with a sense of progression, while reverberated guitars float crisply throughout the songs. Unusual timing signatures and catchy vocal hooks bring up a laid back style that lends from bands like Alt-J. However, in contrast, earlier offerings experiment with erraticism and seem to take a dip from influences like Bloc Party.

Mid Ayr’s first full length released in August 2019 gives a well-produced, alternative sound that drips heavily with reverb and possibly psychedelic influences. Search them on Spotify for more.

Butter –

Butter is a six-piece sending a chill of excitement through the Perth music scene and delivering a sound that fills venues with vibes of creativity and exploration.

The overall blend of music is fantastic. Basslines walk confidently alongside solid and deceptively technical drumbeats. The synth, saxophone and trumpet fill the mix with layers, all intermittently peeling off from the whole to show-off their individual chops. Finally, the input from the guitar adds in spikes of interest that contrast an ocean-deep vocal delivery.

Singing meets swagger in live performances with flawless transitions from alt-rock to jazz-hop vocals. Butter’s songs describe abstract imagery and vivid landscapes that burst at the seams with undertones of scepticism and frustration. Despite this, the band is held together with a foundation built on friendship and optimism.

Keep an eye on Spotify as they tease with a trickle of singles leading toward an EP due for release…

Duncan Saige –

Critically acclaimed and well toured, Duncan Saige is beginning to headline the rotation of a plethora of live gigging venues everywhere.

His infectiously positive attitude, exciting stage presence and catchy songs are only the starts of a long list of talking points. Match these characteristics with a genuinely good guy and a star is born.

Featuring regularly on Australian radio station juggernaut ‘Triple J’, playing big name gigs and scoring the video of brand names like Billabong is on the list of a long line of achievements.

Fernando Ferronato –

Classical guitarist Fernando Ferronato is a Brazilian musician and composer, manifesting pensive moods through the sounds he creates on his instrument.

He began playing at the age of twelve when his Godmother gifted him with his first guitar, since then he has honed his skills to a craft mirroring landscapes and the forces of nature.

Often laced with a sense of urgency, seldom a gasp of air between the shower of notes and tones, the listener is kidnapped and hypnotised into a state of reflection.

Getgogetter –…

Stripped back bass lines and lo-fi garage sounds underpin the style of Getgogetter.

Basement-lab quality recordings sound like a soundtrack to summer. Catchy lyrics stick in front of the often pulsing rhythm.

“If you like Kings Of Leon, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes or maybe even the Beach Boys this could be the album for you…”

Grenan Dawley –

Talented Perth five-piece Grenan Dawley produce silky smooth indie music that drifts around jazz, blues & rock sensibilities.

Their focussed ensemble is tightly bound by interpersonal chemistry and well developed musical capacity. Elements of their merged sound often diverge from the collective to showcase individual chops.

Grenan Dawley lean toward a wonderfully quirky, intelligent sound. Lyrics brim with clever metaphors, laced inside memorable soliloquies.


HUFRIK writes a delightfully lazy blend of indie-surf music and has been releasing it like a drip-feed since 2017.

HUFRIK’s Sound is mostly soaked in reverb, creating a mellow and relaxed atmosphere where words and individual instrument notes aren’t a high priority. More so is the feeling of lazy, beach-time pleasure evoked through the music.

HUFRIK’s music sounds mostly as if it is being played in a hall, echoes bouncing throughout the building, however, the drum production stands alone as tightly composed and well produced.

Sounding like the stripped back and downtempo younger brother of ‘The Drums’, Hufrik hits the indie-surf niche at a similar angle.


Hypnosis is a surf-rock inspired band from the United States, writing catchy, jangly tunes soaked in reverb.

Songs are usually lead by vocals projected like an echo down a hallway, the shout of group members backs onto an equally echoing guitar typical of the genre. However, there are moments when a change of pace brings things back a notch, giving a moment to breathe.

Hypnosis songs are nicely written, the light lyric content logical and not unstraining, leaving space to get lost in the chilled vibe of the instruments working lazily together.

I Am Soyuz

I am Soyuz is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by folk and pop influences, Soyuz writes bouncy, feel-good songs full of cheeky metaphors that suit her silky-sweet vocals.

Having travelled extensively throughout her career, Soyuz reflects on journeys through places like Mexico, Texas and New Orleans, all the way to the North Pole where she spent time living in a horse stable.

Neutral, melodious and catchy sounds carried along nicely by a wide range of instruments characterise the music of Soyuz. Layered amongst ‘double-take’ lyrics are the banjo, ukelele, clarinet, guitar piano and many more.

Check out her new debut album ‘Whipple’ on Spotify.

Joe Hicks

Joe Hicks blends pop, blues and folk influences into masterful guitar compositions to create music with a comfortable feeling of weightlessness. The singer-songwriter from England has spent the better part of two decades honing his skills and sculpting his style, now able to represent feelings through song.

The most apparent aspect of Hick’s music is the sense of calm they evoke. Songs flutter between a plod-along at a leisurely pace and a brisk walk, the drumbeat shuffling along on brushes and sprinkled with hints of hand percussion.

The content of Hick’s songs is a sweet take on romance and relationships, with lyrics embossed by classical guitar chops. Instruments like the harmonica chime in with their occasional input, led along by layers of modified guitar, such as country-style slide and tone-dense lead riffs littered throughout.

Joe Hicks is releasing a trail of singles throughout 2019, a lead-up to his next full-length EP. Check out Joe on Spotify to keep up to date.

Jordan Merrick –

Jordan Merrick is a Blues/Americana singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia, who writes melodic campfire ballads infused with bold metaphors that describe the complex spectrum of human emotion.

Merrick’s music remains fresh on every play and is dense with unique content. Poetic lyrics describe imagery in vivid detail, as his musings evoke a sense of nostalgic familiarity.

Merrick’s tale stories are backed by solid musicianship, the acoustic guitar taking the fore, with appearances from the harmonica that offers a tonic. Intricate finger-picking and jangly chords do not detract from the story-telling focus of each song, rather setting a cushion for Jordan’s caramel voice to sit upon.

The winner of multiple awards including the Gold Coast Music Festival’s ‘Songwriter of the year’ and ‘Song of the year’, Merrick remains humble in his success. Having released two full length albums, Merrick’s hard work was recognised by Australian radio juggernaut ‘Triple J’, with air-time on the station garnering national attention.

Merrick is currently crafting his eagerly anticipated third album in the Blue Mountain bushland, due to drop any day now.

Jordy Maxwell is an indie singer-songwriter living in Exmouth, Western Australia, who writes heart-wrenching songs that retrospect dark, lived experiences.

Maxwell’s music flows fluidly, tracking along with sensible progress. The acoustic guitar forms a bright foundation for his vocal, capable of a delicate softness and alternative high range power when called upon. Maxell fills out his sound with the addition of piano, harmonica, stringed cameos and the addition of vocal harmonies by his friend Keeley Connolly.

Although his music is generally upbeat and elicits feelings of positivity, the stories Jordy shares detail his sensitivity to loss and his battle with crippling depression and anxiety. Despite experiencing harrowing lows, Maxwell is a strong advocate for seeking help and support from both professionals and loved ones. Jordy’s songs often detail themes relating to the ocean as a place of respite and fulfilment, offering a sense of balance.

His newest album comes on the back of a successful EP and several singles, including the popular ‘Blue Eyes’.

Kate Vargas –

Kate’s latest offerings conjure imagery of a wild western saloon bar, a dimly lit stage amidst a swirl of smoke and whiskey shooters.

This undistilled blend of indie-folk & blues is delightfully dusty and tarnished, Kate’s voice echoing alongside a steel-string slide guitar. It all makes for jaunty ruckus, fun sure to ensue.

Though darkly melodic, the feel of the songs is like snubbing the rules, pouring a bottle the whiskey over your head and running through the streets with your own band of misfits.

Lachlan Ross –

Lachlan Ross is a young creative from the beautiful coastline of South-West Australia, who writes and records acoustic music.

Ross’s 2018 single ‘City Lights’ is a sombre take on thoughts of departure from current circumstances and feelings of helplessness, revived by the hope of being home soon.

Ross’s energy aligns with that of friends like Ziggy Alberts and past SLV contributors Michael Dunstan and Jordy Maxwell.

Leo The Eskimo –

Exuding a haunted atmosphere, Leo’s music is much like his moniker. Low key, meloncholic, reflective and somewhat metaphorically cold.

It certainly has its space, hovering above the human ebbs and flow.

While clean guitars strum through songs, and arrangements seems uncertain, new tones and feelings summon alternative instruments to life.

Mar Haze –

Four-piece Mar Haze bring their Australian east-coast surf vibes to the table. Coming off the back of their first full length since 2015, the newest addition to their discography, ‘Good Money’ is a beach-sandy step forward.

Featuring a similar blend of synth atmospheric, dreamy reaggae-rock infused, caramel smooth vocals as their previous offerings. Mar Haze has stayed true to their roots, the result is comfortably familiar, albeit fresh and interesting.

Michael Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate, pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback.

Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed.

Dunstan’s latest release, ‘New Normal’ is another account of personal experiences, its relatable message taken up by fans.

Miss Max

Miss Max hails from North-Western Australia. Her regional, coastal upbringing evident in the content of her songs.

The self-confessed gypsie sings with sweet weightlessness over the sound of her tambourine, her guitar and harmonica.

Miss Max is now available to stream on Spotify, with her SLV featured song ‘You, Me and the Sea’ sitting at over 100,000 plays.

NoMBe –

NoMBe is a songwriter and producer who blends rock, dream-pop, electronic and hip hop sensibilities to create bright and detailed music. Reflections on extensive travel, life experience and key relationships are discovered within songs and deliver interesting personal insights.

NoMBe’s music remains fascinating, as a variety of sounds come forth from within dense layers and reveal at the right moments, before receding inconspicuously back into the mix. Transient technical elements make it refreshingly difficult to pin NoMBe’s sound inside a particular box.

Despite the capacity to overwhelm, the mix is held together by a meniscus of curious synth, commanding tone-dense guitar leads and assertive drum beats. Vocal chops are rangy and powerful and have no trouble cutting through. The quality of the production proves solid and overall NoMBe demands attention like a floodlight in the dark. Occasional features from the likes of ‘Big Data’ and ‘New Mystics’ bring fresh influences to shuffle the direction of some tracks.

NoMBe’s 2018 offering, ‘They Might’ve Even Loved Me’ caught the attention of international industry like Pharrell Williams, Bonobo and Alt-J. It is available for stream on Spotify and all other major platforms.

Palace Winter

Palace Winter is the experimental production of Aussie singer-songwriter Carl Coleman and Danish producer and pianist Caspar Hesselager.

The duo collaborate to create complementary sounds, featuring airy, nonchalant synth, laced throughout a driving, almost hypnotic guitar rhythm.

Carl’s vocal melody winds its way through each song. Although somewhat moody and reminiscent of dark-pop, the message of Palace Winter is an encouraging jab at realisation of one’s potential and self efficacy.

Sam Carmody

Sam is always releasing impressive music on his Soundcloud account, music that has evidently evolved over time.

From subtle guitar folk songs to electronic sounding indie-rock anthems, the WAM-award winning songwriter continues to produce quality work.

“A really special songwriter” – Lachie Macara, Triple J

“Sam Carmody is a real literary talent, with an artist’s inquiring mind and a natural feel for the beauty and toughness of language” – Charlotte Wood, author of the award-winning The Natural Way of Things.

Saving Change –

Saving Change is a good example of expression through music. Relatable and self-confessed, he describes the struggle of illustrating ones feelings.

Courageously, Saving Change pours himself out from deep inside. Visceral emotion flowing and felt through each song, his voice resonates familiar pain.

Trent Herzman –

Trent Herzman is a singer-songwriter from Oceanside, California, whose folk/rock concept albums line up with acts like On a Phone, Drew Lang, Aviator Stash and Ben Limpic.

Herzman’s career in music was officially launched when he released his EP ‘Life In The Village’. The freshman record set the trend for future tracks, following a formula aiming to connect people through story telling.

Herzman writes catchy melodies, delivered through classic-rock sounds, a suitable platform for relatable, introspective stories.

Wild Oak

Wild Oak is a folk/soft-rock trio from Perth in Western Australia who write tender, emotive songs exploring love and personal connection.

The emotional ebb and flow and a rangy vocal delivery that runs parallel to dynamic musicianship makes for a sense of curiosity and anticipation, the climactic conclusion of songs a final release and relief for the impassioned tension preceding.

The overall musicianship of Wild Oak is compacted by the bands interpersonal chemistry, as vocals ride along on music worthy of its weight. Instrumentals fit snugly together and like a well designed jigsaw puzzle, vocal harmonies soar at the right moments. Emotional and dense music with the potential to be volatile is held together by a rock-steady drum beat.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, your music is such an important part of SLV and we are so happy to have you onboard.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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