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Anthony Arya

Anthony Ayra is a singer-songwriter from Santa Cruz, California, who writes a blend of alt-rock, jazz, soul and country-folk that hints at influences like John Mayer and Grateful Dead. Described as ‘mature beyond his years’ by his contemporaries, the teenager performs all over the San Fransico Bay Area and has appeared on the NBC’s talent scouting program, ‘The Voice’.

Anthony has a strong vocal ability that sits comfortably around a mid-range tone for telling his stories, however, he is comfortable with reaching the higher end of the musical scale to form uplifting and climactic choruses. His vocal tone has a sweetness to it and holds a natural rasp, fitting for the blend of genres he covers.

The musicianship and production that backs Anthony are slick, with layers of instruments and harmonies sliding together like a jigsaw and brought to life by tight, high-quality sound engineering. Ayra’s voice is supported by sounds that encapsulate and emphasise his unique tone, with jazz standards that form a colourful canvas of sound for Anthony to work with.

Anthony is set to release his second full-length album by the end of the year, on the back of his well-received debut, ‘Going to California’.

Bruno Laucirica⁩…

Bruno Laucirica is a solo, independent musician who writes songs for himself, family and friends as a way to escape from reality for a little while. The Spanish airline pilot writes folk-pop music with the acoustic guitar and intermittent features from brass instruments.

Laucirica’s songs stand out with solid rhythm guitar and lyrics of relatable content as he laments on distance in relationships and heartbreak. The emotion in each song is captured by a vocal delivery that features well-timed strains and wavers, emphasising the meaning of the lyrics.

Bruno is a little-known independent writer with only two songs uploaded in 2016 available to stream on Spotify. Despite this, his stream count is relatively high and an indication of demand for more music from the part-time musician.

Demi Mitchell –

Demi Mitchell is an indie-folk singer/songwriter from Newcastle in Australia who explores dark, sorrowful themes with moody and hypnotic music.

Mitchell’s music is usually dense with layered tracks that create a rich listening experience. Piano floats lightly within bars and whispers its melody while the violin cries out to seal off sentences. The cello groans a longing harmony and the guitar contrasts while being reigned in with modulation.

The crown of Mitchell’s sound is the vocal performance of Mitchell herself. Moody, brooding and seductive vocals deliver lyrics that detail introspection, bad-habits and the turbulent nature of love. Her vocal style creates interest and listenability, with influences like Nick Cave and Aldous Harding hinted throughout.

Drop Legs –

Drop Legs are a five-piece from Byron Bay that blend hip-hop, dub-reggae and indie rock sounds to create a vibrant sound with party and surf themes.

The standards of the reggae genre build the Drop Legs sound, with upstroke guitar techniques and wavy reverb, a punchy horn section, groovy and syncopated basslines and calypso/Caribbean percussion hints at the back end. The predominantly hip-hop style vocal adds a fresh twist to the dub sound and partners the light-hearted lyrics perfectly.

The band gels tightly and works well to give a smoothed out feel. Combined sounds mesh together evenly and cut through with a brightness partly attributed to the outstanding studio music production.

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Ead Wood…

Ead Wood is a singer-songwriter out of Bristol in the UK who writes indie-alternative music with his band, ‘The Heights’, to create a defiantly unique sound influenced by the likes of Mac De Marco and Fox Warren’s Andy Shauf.

A generous slather of chorus and reverb merge on the guitar to support Ead’s washed-out and psychedelic vocal. The rhythm section bounces along with infectious perk and drives songs to their hearty conclusion. The band’s sound brims with warmth to make for a comfortably lazy and hazy feeling.

Ead Wood and The Heights released their EP, ‘Beige Dreams’ in 2018, preceding their latest single which dropped in 2019.

King Ibis…

King Ibis is an up-and-coming indie-pop group lighting up venues around Perth with dreamy live performances. The four-piece write impassioned music that brims with honest reflection and subtle metaphors, hidden amid poetic reverie.

Bound by obvious chemistry, King Ibis gels together to unfold expansive soundscapes neatly, as details stacked on the tracking enhance the texture of each song. Modulated guitar slinks throughout the layers of sound with its dynamic voicing, held together by solid drums and groovy, syncopated basslines that slip around the bars.

Filling the ample space left by the rhythm section is the voice of Nadene Burchell, a clutch for raw, introspective lyricisms. Burchell’s delicate singing is enveloped by the band and followed like a dance, before opening up to allow her poppy and colourful tone to stretch out.

Check their first EP, ‘Backseat Drivers’, featuring the lead singles from 2018, ‘Reminiscing’ and ‘Concrete’.

Joe Slater –…

Joe Slater is a singer-songwriter who performs a dense mix of rock, blues and soul. The twenty-two-year-old from Croxteth, Liverpool, has started to etch a trail into the music scene that will see him well into the future.

Joe’s husky, mysterious vocal is capable of cutting through instrument dominant mixes, demonstrated on tracks where vocal ability meets the wall of sound pressed by his band. Blue-grass style slide guitar is delightfully rude and racy, flicking along with a pulsing drumbeat and euphonic crescendo of percussion to carry songs to their climax.

Solid and rangy, Slater’s vocal keeps control of the potentially overwhelming mixture of sounds. Scooping the low, before cartwheeling up the scale to iron-clad, anthemic high-end power, Joe sings with an impressive buffer set well within his limits.

Check out Joe Slater’s latest offering, ‘Slow It Down’ on Spotify before exploring his entertaining back catalogue.

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Julia Lins –…

Julia Lins is a Brazilian singer-songwriter who writes a Dylan-esque style of lo-fi story-telling music.

Stripped back guitar drives songs with an endearing and attractive low-quality sound that is, unfortunately, missing in a lot of new indie recordings. The sound is certainly a niche, and Julia is fitting it well.

Tracks are rhythmic and provide a simple platform for Julia’s soft vocal. Oftentimes guitar effects are experimented with at random, adding even more character to her songs.

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Matias Malagardis

Matias Malagardis is a singer-songwriter from Madrid who explores the indie-folk genre and edges his sound up the spectrum toward soft-rock.

The twenty-year-old plays with sounds originating from surf-culture and influences like Jack Johnston and Ben Howard. Catchy riffs are fiddled with on the acoustic guitar, while indie elements are injected in to give the tracks a contemporary feel.

Malagardis sings with a low-end, caramel husk. Harmonies are added into songs with great timing and pique interest when jammed against the amplified elements of the song, such as reverberated electric guitar as well as the calm drum track.

Check out Matias on Spotify for a drip-feed of singles released in 2019 that depart from his 2018 EP, ‘Winter By The Sea’.

To Do List –

To Do List fashions a unique blend of indie-synth pop out of Chicago, Illinois.

Wavy, synth-heavy tunes smack along at a tempo designed for dancing and elicit a feeling of high euphoria. Modulated singing wobbles through the tracks, is refreshing and has a unique feeling to it, as tones stretch over and under pitch, straddling a bitter line of cacophony perfectly.

To Do List is a new and semi-experimental band with the potential for an artistic presence that eases a transition into this genre for indie fans. Keep an eye on their Spotify account for a potential EP release later in 2019.

Ben Catley…

Ben Catley is a Western Australian blues and roots musician who leaves his contemporary mark on the genre.

Catley is often described as energetic, wild and a great performer. His raucous, unpredictable music turns normality and compliance upside-down.

Changing timing signatures, distorted vocals, huge choruses and crazy guitar ability sets Catley apart from the crowd.

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Brandon Hoogenboom –…

Brandon Hoogenboom writes easy-going indie rock music. His songs are influenced by extensive world travel spanning more than 48 countries and a wealth of experience.

This experience shines through in his lyrics, deeply personal relationship reflections and expansive, insightful tales evoke a sense of joy for life.

Musically, Hoogenboom brings sounds together with a light and airy feel. Well placed harmonies tickle amongst a tight and rythmic band ensemble, music that brings a sense of inspiration.

Butter –

Butter is a six-piece sending a chill of excitement through the Perth music scene and delivering a sound that fills venues with vibes of creativity and exploration.

The overall blend of music is fantastic. Basslines walk confidently alongside solid and deceptively technical drumbeats. The synth, saxophone and trumpet fill the mix with layers, all intermittently peeling off from the whole to show-off their individual chops. Finally, the input from the guitar adds in spikes of interest that contrast an ocean-deep vocal delivery.

Singing meets swagger in live performances with flawless transitions from alt-rock to jazz-hop vocals as Butter’s songs describe abstract imagery and vivid landscapes bursting at the seams with undertones of scepticism and frustration. Despite this, the band is built on a positive foundation of friendship and optimism.

Keep an eye on Spotify as they tease with a trickle of singles leading toward an EP due for release… 

Chiara La Woo –

Check out The Woo’s recently released EP Buttagutcha. 

Adelaide Indie-rock Reggae four piece Chiara La Woo have been blending together their own psychedelic ‘Woo’ sound since late 2015.

They’ve been known to deliver a live sound that is as dense as their crowds, a high energy experience not to be missed.

These notorious hard workers have been gigging relentlessly from back yard shows to interstate support slots and are planning a Western Australian tour in support of their album ‘If You Find The Time’.

Have a listen to ‘The Woo’ in the Soundcloud and Spotify players.


Circlelight underwent an overhaul in 2018, with new songs and a new approach to writing, taking the band in a direction more conducive of their values and ethos. Hard work and honesty underpin the music of Circlelight, a mirror to the content of their music.

As an added bonus, their 2019 album ‘Ties and Struts’ is a well produced slice of musical-chill heaven.

Airy and expansive music floats and allows for contemplation. The musicianship is humble and allows Emanuel’s vocal to thread and play thoughout each song.

Dominic Bennett

Dominic Bennett is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Julian, California, who writes songs dripping with raw emotion and records them using lo-fi methods. Bennett’s poetry is as haunting as the command he holds over his vibrato singing, telling tales of hurt and hope.

Aside from the brutally sincere lyrics, Bennett’s vocal delivery stands out and forces attention. It punches its way around songs, wrenching and turning on a dime, as unpredictable as a lightning storm. Each word hits as a visceral shot, delivered in a combination of shy whispers, eccentric wailing, screaming and powerful singing. The portrayal of intense human emotion is simultaneously terrifying and beautiful, connecting to primitive instincts.

The acoustic guitar rides beneath the raging current of words, equally expressive and pushed to its limits. It is also a standout in its own right, voicing Bennett’s frustration through unique inflection techniques.

Although the compositions take a minimalist approach, the desired outcome of energy transmission is achieved and leaves a lasting impression.

Dominic’s forthcoming 2019 EP ‘Cosmic Address’ is available for streaming on Spotify.

Grenan Dawley –…

Talented Perth five-piece Grenan Dawley produce silky smooth indie music that drifts around jazz, blues & rock sensibilities.

Their focussed ensemble is tightly bound by interpersonal chemistry and well developed musical capacity. Elements of their merged sound often diverge from the collective to showcase individual chops.

Grenan Dawley lean toward a wonderfully quirky, intelligent sound. Lyrics brim with clever metaphors, laced inside memorable soliloquies.

Heeblay –

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay successfully delivers layered sound textures backed by evocative and soothing vocals.

The low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of strung, wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play.

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’, available on Bandcamp and everywhere else.

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HUFRIK writes a delightfully lazy blend of indie-surf music and has been releasing it like a drip-feed since 2017.

HUFRIK’s Sound is mostly soaked in reverb, creating a mellow and relaxed atmosphere where words and individual instrument notes aren’t a high priority. More so is the feeling of lazy, beach-time pleasure evoked through the music.

HUFRIK’s music sounds mostly as if it is being played in a hall, echoes bouncing throughout the building, however, the drum production stands alone as tightly composed and well produced.

Sounding like the stripped back and downtempo younger brother of ‘The Drums’, Hufrik hits the indie-surf niche at a similar angle.

Isaac Balson –…

Bedroom acoustic experimenter Isaac Balson is an alternative-indie music composer sharing fun music with the world.

Most of his songs have some element of experimentation within them including interesting effects pedals, unexpected tempo changes, guest singers and unique instruments.

A staple of many of Isaac’s songs is the ukulele, keeping an enjoyable floating, airy vibe to the songs.

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Jack Pen and His Anthropomorphic Orchestra –…

The laid-back, psychedelic sound of Jack Pen and His Anthropomorphic Orchestra is like a step back in time to Retro 60’s California.

Somewhere between Pink Floyd, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, JPAHAO manages to craft together a blend of music that edges psychedelia and rock-and-roll.

Pen’s songs consist of smooth as butter vocals and the even smoother tone of his Stratocaster.

Kalun Townsend –

Singer-songwriter Kalun Townsend is steadily building a fanbase not only on the Central Coast where he’s living, but around the world.

Featuring a dreamy and euphoric style of indie acoustic music, his debut EP “Lessons” has been amassing hits on all the socials.

Starting by performing for school events, his popularity has grown alongside continued experimentation and development of his unique writing style.

Mikael Abramowich –…

Mikael is an acoustic singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. His recordings are minimalist and low-fi, a feed for fans of his style.

The melody of Mikael’s singing is well considered, serving his songs clever and emotive lyrics well and painting each song with a slather of genuine creativity.

Follow the link to his Bandcamp website, you can listen to the Explorers EP in full and support Mikael’s talent.

Michael Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate, pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback.

Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed.

Dunstan’s latest release, ‘New Normal’ is another account of personal experiences, its relatable message taken up by fans.

NoMBe –

NoMBe is a songwriter and producer who blends rock, dream-pop, electronic and hip hop sensibilities to create bright and detailed music. Reflections on extensive travel, life experience and key relationships are discovered within songs and deliver interesting personal insights.

NoMBe’s music remains fascinating, as a variety of sounds come forth from within dense layers and reveal at the right moments, before receding inconspicuously back into the mix. Transient technical elements make it refreshingly difficult to pin NoMBe’s sound inside a particular box.

Despite the capacity to overwhelm, the mix is held together by a meniscus of curious synth, commanding tone-dense guitar leads and assertive drum beats. Vocal chops are rangy and powerful and have no trouble cutting through. The quality of the production proves solid and overall NoMBe demands attention like a floodlight in the dark. Occasional features from the likes of ‘Big Data’ and ‘New Mystics’ bring fresh influences to shuffle the direction of some tracks.

NoMBe’s 2018 offering, ‘They Might’ve Even Loved Me’ caught the attention of international industry like Pharrell Williams, Bonobo and Alt-J. It is available for stream on Spotify and all other major platforms.

Old Sea Brigade

Creative music to help clear external distractions, Ben Cramer constructs gorgeously intimate folk-rock.

Dusky vocals characterise each well crafted song while undemanding and mastered guitar tones float softly amidst the beat of a pulsing drum.

Check out the Old Sea Brigade EP ‘Wash Me Away’, which is definitely worth a listen or ten.

Towers of Temple City –

Towers of Temple City is born from a collaboration of talented musicians based in Los Angeles, California.

Lamenting on their vision of the direction of humanity, the group writes music that conjures feelings of frustration and melancholy, as well as hope.

ToTC’ aims to bring attention to the overuse of mobile technology, disconnection from nature and the stress of fast-paced living. All of this is delivered through beautifully cinematic music and understated vocal tones.

Trent Herzman –

Trent Herzman is a singer-songwriter from Oceanside, California, whose folk/rock concept albums line up with acts like On a Phone, Drew Lang, Aviator Stash and Ben Limpic.

Herzman’s career in music was officially launched when he released his EP ‘Life In The Village’. The freshman record set the trend for future tracks, following a formula aiming to connect people through story telling.

Herzman writes catchy melodies, delivered through classic-rock sounds, a suitable platform for relatable, introspective stories.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, your music is such an important part of SLV and we are so happy to have you onboard.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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