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A Choir of Ghosts –

A Choir of Ghosts is a Scandinavian folk singer-songwriter who writes to reach deeply into the spectrum of human emotions. A solo artist named James; A Choir of Ghosts evolves based on tour and location.

The songs are inspired by the wilderness of Northern Sweden, with many references to its mysterious landscape. James delivers emotional stories with a rustic singing, as his Swedish accent adds a sense of curios.

Guitar chops are arranged to suit musical moods, from upbeat to pensive and everything in between. Complex fingerpicking arrangements inspire interest and contrast the equally appealing strummed rhythms.

A Choir of Ghosts songs shine through their structural simplicity and modest use of layering. The stripped-back approach draws attention to the song messages, while the music accompanying carries it along like a gentle river. The occasional addition of a string section and drums create a nice feeling of space in the songs.

A Choir of Ghosts is picking up traction and running alongside friends like Hollow Coves, their song Morning Light with over 1.3 million plays. Check out the latest offering released on October 18th, ‘An Ounce of Gold’.


Koresma is the electronic-ambient product of Asheville NC’s Ryan Lindberg. The multi-instrumentalist is currently based in Los Angeles, California, and writes music that personifies the state.

Koresma’s sound is ambient and floats around the room to create a sense of calm. Founded on electronica, the music is textured, deeply saturated and modulated. Koresma is a slow-burn, and each spin uncovers new elements of sound hidden within the tracks.

The Koresma mix rarely contains a vocal presence, rather, melodies with mid to high range electronic sounds are designed to emulate vocal tones. Despite this, the omission of a singer does not create a sense of lack. Stringed and wind instruments feature heavily, from modulated guitar sounds, emotive violin and harp, to clarinet and flute voicing. A laid-back drum beat and lazy basslines create a groove for melodic sounds to fit within.

Relaxation is found in Ryan’s thoughtful blend of sounds, chilled out like a sunny summer lounge of music to sit on.

Krijn Vos –

Krijn Vos is an independent singer-songwriter who writes emotionally charged songs out of the Netherlands. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist started his musical endeavours when he learnt chords on the guitar. Since then he has taken his hand to the piano, harmonica, drums, bass and even some elements of synth.

Vos writes music for fun and uses SoundCloud to upload it for anyone who would like to listen. Since this, he has gained an impressive following of over 1300 fans with several comments on all of his songs.

Krijn’s sound is earnest and raw, as vocals intertwine with the music surrounding it in a well-proportioned mix, merging to create and express deep feelings. Heartfelt lyrics ride the solid musicianship and deliver the message of the songs with gusto.

To check out some real music written from the heart, jump on Krijn’s SoundCloud.

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Lilia –

Lilia is an indie band from Perth, Western Australia that began as the solo project of frontman Richard Lilje. Their songs express relatable messages through expansive melodies and lyricism that appeals to emotion.

The musical composition that lifts Lilia’s sound builds a weightless and purposeful soundscape; uncluttered space reserved for Lilje’s vocal.

The band’s rhythm section drives songs along with poppy, soul-drenched basslines, egoless drumming and slick guitar chops. Modulated lead guitar riffs decorate this scaffold, suspended by synth melodies that clasp at rich vocal melodies to hang on for the ride.

As the music slots together like a jigsaw puzzle solved, Richard’s vocal can flex out and then meet with delicate backing harmonies. His dynamic range begins at soft falsetto whispers, moves to deep and dusky and then shoots up the scale to control powerful climaxes.

Lilia’s talent was recognised by the Australian radio Juggernaught ‘Triple J’ when their debut single ‘Bottom of the Ocean’ topped the ‘Triple J Unearthed’ charts.

Manteau –

Manteau is an electronic producer who writes upbeat house music that is comparable to the likes of Bag Raiders and Miami Horror.

Manteau’s tracks have a strong lean toward pop, with bright synth layered onto exciting electronic drumbeats. The releases so far have a galactic feel in combination with industrial elements.

The compositions remain fresh with thoughtful placement of the different elements. The combination of sounds is not overpowering and holds a sense of tension and release at the right moments.

Although Manteau is a relatively new musician, the development of his Spotify will attract a new following.

The Dwelling Light –…

The Dwelling Light is the ambient electronic project of a Byron Bay native named Dylan. Influenced by the likes of Bonobo, Hermitude and Koresma; Dylan produces a sound with overtones of hip-hop and subtle hints of Jazz.

The tracks are a blend of electronic elements and instrumentalism, as guitar riffs noodle above trap style drumbeats and a ceiling-full of synth and haunting horns.

Dylan sets out to produce a sense of chill that is accomplished by a clever mix of sounds. Subtle jazz infusion brings about a lounge mood to the tracks, while the combination of hip-hop drum beats and bright guitar stop tracks from becoming too comfy.

The Dwelling Light’s July 2019 release ‘Seasonal Affect’ is a beach cruiser and builds on the previous success of the previous tracks.

Harrison Storm –

Harrison Storm is an Australian Singer-songwriter, who was raised on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Having grown in a musical household, immersed in the sounds of the Beatles and Neil Young, Harrison formed a keen interest in writing, performing and recording music.

Storm began his career as a busker on the streets of Melbourne, eventually raising enough money to fund his debut album, ‘Sense of Home’

From humble beginnings, Harrison continues to grow as a well-known folk artist, his Spotify close to 1.5 million listeners each month.

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Anthony Arya

Anthony Ayra is a singer-songwriter from Santa Cruz, California, who writes a blend of alt-rock, jazz, soul and country-folk that hints at influences like John Mayer and Grateful Dead. Described as ‘mature beyond his years’, the teenager performs all over the San Fransico Bay Area and has appeared on the NBC’s talent scouting program, ‘The Voice’.

Anthony has a strong vocal ability that sits comfortably around a mid-range storytelling tone, however, he will dig the higher end of the musical scale to form uplifting and climactic choruses. His vocal tone has a sweetness to it and holds a natural rasp, fitting for the blend of genres he covers.

The musicianship and production that backs Anthony are slick, with layers of instruments and harmonies sliding like sarcomeres and brought to life by tight, high-quality sound engineering. Ayra’s voice is supported by sounds that encapsulate and emphasise his unique tone, with jazz standards that form a colourful canvas for Anthony to work with.

Anthony is set to release his second full-length album by the end of the year, on the back of his well-received debut, ‘Going to California’.

Cat LeBlanc –

Cat LeBlanc was recently featured on SLV episode 115, landing her a deal with a European television series after a producer heard her directly. Although details are still confidential, she has been approached in regards to using three songs, including River Winding Through Your Hands.

Originally from Miramichi, Cat LeBlanc’s folk, pop and jazz song compositions are extremely personal in their lyrical imagery. “I will be mentoring

Ead Wood…

Ead Wood is a singer-songwriter out of Bristol in the UK who writes indie-alternative music with his band, ‘The Heights’, to create a defiantly unique sound influenced by the likes of Mac De Marco and Fox Warren’s Andy Shauf.

A generous slather of chorus and reverb merge on the guitar to support Ead’s washed-out and psychedelic vocal. The rhythm section bounces along with infectious perk and drives songs to their hearty conclusion. The band’s sound brims with warmth to make for a comfortably lazy and hazy feeling.

Ead Wood and The Heights released their EP, ‘Beige Dreams’ in 2018, preceding their latest single which dropped in 2019.

Heeblay –

Heeblay is a psychedelic hippy from the Goldcoast of Australia who writes dense music influenced by the Indian Hindustani genre. The multi-instrumentalist delivers vocal chants and eclectic sounds to move an atmosphere of meditation and prayer.

Several layers comprise Heeblay’s music to make for an intense listening experience, the density of each track derived from an organic mesh of sound. The instruments Heeblay uses are as difficult to pronounce as they are to pick within the mix.

The tambourine rattles alongside tabla drums; the flute floats eerily down the passageway of sound; guitar strums lazily like a campfire; percussive instruments join and jaunt, and the sitar props upon its throne to control the meditation of sounds.

Heeblay’s vocal chants blend into the mix with no intention to cut or stand out. Psychadelic reverie evolves into an atmosphere of inclusion and community.

The latest offerings from Heeblay are an experimental departure from his signature sound toward a country and western mix. Despite this, his roots in psychedelia remain and are forecast to return.

Jordan Merrick

Jordan Merrick is a Blues/Americana singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia, who writes melodic campfire ballads infused with bold metaphors that describe a complex spectrum of emotion.

Merrick’s music remains fresh on every play and is dense with unique content. Poetic lyrics describe imagery in vivid detail, as his musings evoke a sense of nostalgic familiarity.

Merrick’s tale stories are backed by solid musicianship, the acoustic guitar taking the fore, with appearances from the harmonica that offers a tonic. Intricate finger-picking and jangly chords enhance the story-telling focus of each song, setting a cushion for Jordan’s caramel voice to sit upon.

The winner of multiple awards including the Gold Coast Music Festival’s ‘Songwriter of the year’ and ‘Song of the year’, Merrick remains humble in his success. Having released two full length albums, his hard work was recognised by Australian radio juggernaut ‘Triple J’, with air-time on the station garnering national attention. 
Merrick is currently crafting his eagerly anticipated third album in the Blue Mountain bushland, due to drop any day now.

Samuel Scott McCumber…

Samuel Scott McCumber is a self-produced multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Ohama, Nebraska. His folk, blues and rock blend of music is honest and melodic and serves a platform for his contemplative lyrisism.

McCumber’s production is tight and his talent for audio-production shines through for a crisp listening experience. Neat placement of the different tracks emphasises Sam’s vocal; his relatable lyrics pronounced clearly.

The clever musical composition builds a nice platform for Sam to express his messages, elements such as rock and indie-folk sensibilities elicit a sense of contemporary presence. Acoustic guitar strums in time with a simple bassline and drumbeat, accentuated by the timeless sound of the harmonica.

Samuel’s strength lies in raw and impassioned delivery of honest lyricism; songs dedicated to his wife and daughter brim with sentimental love.

Zen Panda –

Zen Panda is a six-piece band who blur the lines between psychadelic and indie music.

Metaphors are littered throughout lyrics and are brought up from Zen Panda’s interesting sound. The words are delivered on a spectrum of low-key utterings and other times a wailing crescendo.

The music is a canvas of indie sensibilities, however, the psychedelic tinge sets this music ablaze. The drums crash and hold a beat for heavily modified guitar sounds that echo chaotically.

Their 2017 self titled EP was a dip into a hallucinogenic haze, pushing experimental sounds comparable to bands like Ocean Alley; the influence twisted and given ownership to Zen Panda.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, we’re so glad we can take this musical journey together.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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