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Aaron Sanders –

Aaron Sanders is a low-key singer-songwriter who creates acoustic music perfect for around a fire, or on a gig-stage anywhere.

His music is well structured and memorable. Easy melodies are driven by an energetic guitar, solo fills laced throughout the tracks.

Melancholy dots through his lyrics, however, his message is generally one of acceptance and happiness in the present moment.

Ben Catley –

Ben Catley is a Western Australian blues and roots musician who leaves his contemporary mark on the genre.

Catley is often described as energetic, wild and a great performer. His raucous, unpredictable music turns normality and compliance upside-down.

Changing timing signatures, distorted vocals, huge choruses and crazy guitar ability sets Catley apart from the crowd.

Carl Hauck –

Carl Hauck is a musician and artist possessing the ability to write intelligent poetry into wonderful songs.

Mainly, the acoustic guitar provides a groove for Hauck’s delicate vocal to sit inside of.

In one moment a frantic pace and defined playing skill are the signatures of the track, in another, a more laid-back approach is employed. Both styles aim to elicit interest and draw emotion from the words of the song.

Luna Park –…

Luna Park is the constantly evolving musical project of River Jarman.

The self-confessed music-technology junkie utilises his passion for different sound effects, writing quirky, interesting songs based on his choice of gear at the time.

Although the project is unpredictable and quite random, the mixed bag of music reaches those departing the norms of listening.

Seelensack –…

Seelensack is a song producer with a heavy electronic and digital influence.

Over 2,500 followers on SoundCloud enjoy a library of more than 350 unique sounds.

Much of his later work could be described as industrial electronic. Heavy, reverberating drumbeats blast aside synth pulses.

Silver Hills –…

Silver Hills write psychedelic-indie rock music that often fluctuates nicely between the two genres.

From Perth, WA, they would fill a space in the local music scene with heavy reverb, catchy lyrics and a delicious beach-vibes sound.

On an indefinite hiatus, the band’s return is anticipated by fans.

Sirens Sky –

Siren’s Sky is the project of guitar player/songwriter Herbert Kaptein from The Netherlands.

The project features music written by Kaptein, featuring the vocals of exclusively female artists.

Many of Siren’s Sky songs have a dreamy sound, with heavy reverb and drawn out vocals.

Riley Pearce –…

Word of Australian Alt-Folk musician Riley Pearce is spreading across the world.

Raised in Perth, his writing evolved to a style characterised by his home town; chilled out, coastal vibes.

The home-town upbringing leads Pearce to gather fans globally, his relatable music magnetic to anyone within an earshot.

The Overeasy –…

Born at the University of Redlands, and now based in Los Angeles, The Overeasy has been grooving since May of 2009.

Drawing from musical styles ranging from soul to rock to funk, they incorporate these influences to produce uniquely original music.

Gentle vocal harmonies rise alongside music that grooves to suit it.

Owen Duff –…

Owen Duff is a musician, producer and artist who manages each of these aspects in his solo project.

Duff plays the leading role in each part of his production, the final product of which is a personal masterpiece.

Drawing on influences from folk, 60s chamber pop, film scores and jazz, Duff writes sounds that pronounce the lyrics he has created through mixing with pop-culture, politics and personal experience.

Adam Yoo –

Adam creates a relaxed, mellow vibe that’s easy to daydream along to.

Low-key chill out music floats seductively around the room with each slap of the guitar, vocals heavy with reverb, simple, catchy melodies sublimely distracting.

Adam’s SoundCloud page sits with thousands of listens and comments from his active and ever growing fan-base.

His latest compilation album ‘Lovely Bones’ was released in mid 2018 and is available on BandCamp for purchase. Featuring an assortment of his tunes, at $7 it’s an absolute steal.

Bill Beaumont –

Bill Beaumont’s debut Ep was released on May 26, 2018 and is a paddle in the murky waters of experimental rock.

Although these musical journeys can be somewhat risky – producing a palatable sound while exploring your creative musings – Bill has succeeded with this album.

Parts alternative-ambient, parts hinting at a slide blues influence, Beaumont’s take on contemporary, home-recorded music is curiously meditative to listen to.

Drop into his Bandcamp account for a full listen and to purchase his record from only $2.

Duncan Saige –

Critically acclaimed and well toured, Duncan Saige is beginning to headline the rotation of a plethora of live gigging venues everywhere.

His infectiously positive attitude, exciting stage presence and catchy songs are only the starts of a long list of talking points. Match these characteristics with a genuinely good guy and a star is born.

Featuring regularly on Australian radio station juggernaut ‘Triple J’, playing big name gigs and scoring the video of brand names like Billabong is on the list of a long line of achievements.


Low-fi Indie ‘writer of song’ Evntho is characterised by his nonchalant yet emotional music production.

Personal stories are deep and strung along a tapestry of simple musical elements, such as distorted vocals, unusual instruments and effects loops on everything.

Eventho writes music from the heart, both emotional and reflective.

Getgogetter –…

Stripped back bass lines and lo-fi garage sounds underpin the style of Getgogetter.

Basement-lab quality recordings sound like a soundtrack to summer. Catchy lyrics stick in front of the often pulsing rhythm.

“If you like Kings Of Leon, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes or maybe even the Beach Boys this could be the album for you…”

Grenan Dawley –…

Talented Perth five-piece Grenan Dawley produce silky smooth indie music that drifts around jazz, blues & rock sensibilities.

Their focussed ensemble gels fluidly; tightly bound by interpersonal chemistry and well developed musical capacity. Elements of their merged sound often diverge from the collective to showcase individual chops.

Grenan Dawley lean toward a wonderfully quirky, intelligent sound. Lyrics brim with clever metaphors, laced inside memorable soliloquies.

Handmade Moments –

Groovy, soul quenched music is the gold standard for indie-folk duo Handmade Moments.

Their songs ebb and flow along a slide of crescendos and breakdowns, keeping things alive and perking interest.

Anna and Joel harmonise like kindred spirits, the slap of the double bass behind them, bringing to mind visualisations of down-stairs dive bars during prohibition. Notably, the whine of the violin stitches its own unique route through most songs.

Heeblay –

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay successfully delivers layered sound textures backed by evocative and soothing vocals.

The low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of strung, wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play.

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’, available on Bandcamp and everywhere else.

Hugo Cottu –…

Hugo plays guitar with the soul objective of getting people to groove out.

His silky smooth style of guitar playing brings contemporary blues to light, merging the genre with R&B seemlessly.

Guest vocalists have plenty of room to breath, bouncing ideas off Cottu’s conscious energy perfectly.

It all makes for a relaxed vibe, Cottu’s mellow, stratocaster tones leading the way.

Isaac Balson –…

Bedroom acoustic experimenter Isaac Balson is an alternative-indie music composer sharing fun music with the world.

Most of his songs have some element of experimentation within them including interesting effects pedals, unexpected tempo changes, guest singers and unique instruments.

A staple of many of Isaac’s songs is the ukulele, keeping an enjoyable floating, airy vibe to the songs.

Jimmy Pinch

Jimmy Pinch writes an experimental style of alternative rock.

Songs are characterised by the voice of a down-tuned electric guitar, speaking above the crash of jazz-style drums and a walking bass line.

Although nodding to the darker spectrum of music, an ethereal side of consciousness is revealed when given the chance.

Listen in for layers of chaotic guitar voicing that throw so, so much shade and takes you into Jimmy’s deep lair of music.

Liam Wright –

Liam Wright has been playing music since he was 10 years old. 8 years later he has crafted his own joyfully soulful style of indie-folk music.

Lo-fi production and intelligent lyrics are characteristic of his songs as Liam writes music beyond his years.

With both a SoundCloud and Spotify account that has shot from 500 listens per month to over 3000, he is well on his way to a bright future.

MaJlo –

MaJLo’s striking vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental mastery make for an effortlessly enjoyable musical experience.

Trained as a jazz musician, MaJLo successfully combines genres such as pop, indie and electronic sounds to meld into his own fascinating mixture of ear candy.

At times sparse, at other times dense, at all times interesting, MaJLo is fast becoming a favourite of ours to chill out with.

Michael Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate, pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback.

Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed.

Dunstan’s latest release, ‘New Normal’ is another account of personal experiences, its relatable message taken up by fans.

Mikael Abramowich –…

Mikael is an acoustic singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. His recordings are minimalist and low-fi, a feed for fans of his style.

The melody of Mikael’s singing is well considered, serving his songs clever and emotive lyrics well and painting each song with a slather of genuine creativity.

Follow the link to his Bandcamp website, you can listen to the Explorers EP in full and support Mikael’s talent.

Miss Max

Miss Max hails from North-Western Australia. Her regional, coastal upbringing evident in the content of her songs.

The self-confessed gypsie sings with sweet weightlessness over the sound of her tambourine, her guitar and harmonica.

Miss Max is now available to stream on Spotify, with her SLV featured song ‘You, Me and the Sea’ sitting at over 100,000 plays.

Oine Ensemble

Traditional music direct from Spain, Oine Ensamble take you straight to the cobblestone streets of Barcelona for napolitana treats.

Featuring a talented ensemble of musicians including multiple spanish guitars and virtuoso singing, the crafting of sound is a joy to listen to.


RRAREBEAR is a talented electronic producer from the U.S.

RRAREBEAR’s music is a nice escape from the stresses of modern-day life. The chill, ambient-electronic sounds are soothing and meditative, perfect to zone out with.

Multiple sound layers are discovered inside each track upon subsequent spins. Tight, detailed production creates anticipation and provocation of emotion.

Rye –

Rye is a Finnish Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter with a laid back and easy listening style, his songs on Soundcloud have gathered several thousand plays.

Having been played on SLV several times, the bright guitar backed by smooth bass-lines and soft percussion is a perfect fit for scenes of our sailing.

Sam Carmody

Sam is always releasing impressive music on his Soundcloud account, music that has evidently evolved over time.

From subtle guitar folk songs to electronic sounding indie-rock anthems, the WAM-award winning songwriter continues to produce quality work.

“A really special songwriter” – Lachie Macara, Triple J

“Sam Carmody is a real literary talent, with an artist’s inquiring mind and a natural feel for the beauty and toughness of language” – Charlotte Wood, author of the award-winning The Natural Way of Things.

Simon Alexander…

Swedish singer-songwriter Simon Alexander fashions a dense and enjoyable soundscape. Mesmerising guitar rhythms weave in and out of time as Simon hammers each tone down like a nail to a floorboard.

Vocal harmonies detail solidarity while at times sounding like the result of consecutive nights shooting whiskey at the local dive bar.

Keep an ear to the ground for Simon Alexander and be sure to check out his debut EP, ‘Won’t Be Found’


Sounding similar to the likes of Kygo and Odesza, Sense deliver their own brand of refreshing electro-funk and succeed in awakening the spirit of those with ‘wanderlust’.

Going from very relaxed tracks like “Senegal” (featured in this weeks episode of SLV) to dance floor anthems in the same breath is a challenge for any musician, however Sense manage to do so effortlessly. Follow the link above to listen to their brand new EP, ‘Esper’, it’s electro-pop musings are very, very, nice.

Skyjammer –

Reggae-jazz outfit Sky Jammer are a five piece original music project led by Jammer, the front man and singer-songwriter who is also a pilot, hence the name.

Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley and Jack Johnston, the island vibe Sky Jammer carry is the central theme to their music. Like their predecessors they successfully spread their positive life message to anyone within an earshot.

The Sky Jammer Music Project is currently recording the new material being trickle-fed across the socials.

Zen Panda –

Zen Panda is a six-piece band who blur the lines between psychadelic and indie music.

Great lyrics are a highlight brought up from their interesting sound, including the way the words are sung. At times low-key, and other times a wailing crescendo.

The words are set upon a canvas of indie sensibilities, however the psychedelic tinge sets this music ablaze.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, we’re so glad we can take this musical journey together.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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Evntho –

Getgogetter –…

Grenan Dawley –…

Handmade Moments –

Heeblay –

Hugo Cottu –…

Isaac Balson –…

Jimmy Pinch –

Liam Wright –

Luna Park –…

MaJlo –

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Mikael Abramowitch –…

Miss Max –

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