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Featured Artists

Jamie Bathgate…

Jamie Bathgate is an experimental electronic producer who creates a futuristic style of EDM, mixed with ambient sounds smeared across trap beats.

The ambient, dream-like atmosphere Bathgate formulates is brought about with modulated sounds across a range of waveforms. The attack and decay of the inputs vary to create a dense and textured sound, bolted together with industrial style synth and electronic drums.

The dream-like, futuristic feel of Bathgate’s past tracks has a retro element and offers a throwback to the early ’90s. Moving forward, the 2019 offering ‘Vicissitude’ departs Bathgate’s technical sound and moves toward a more piano and strings ambient styling that opts to move without a drumbeat.

Jon Magnusson

Jon Magnusson is an experimental multi-instrumentalist who writes music that spans several genres. Based out of Sweden, Jon trials indie rock, folk, jazz, progressive and piano arrangements.

The majority of Magnusson’s songs are upbeat and hold a positive space, as a sense of excitement built into each song lifts it off the ground.

The multiple instruments and modulated effects across the songs add sparks of interest and keep things fresh. The pacing drumbeat races along with spiked rolls and fills; a track for the other instruments to glue onto. The electric guitar cuts into the mix as a feature, the rhythm guitar’s distortion matching the beat while the lead guitar strolls throughout the songs with its various voicing, inflection and effects.
Other instruments like the piano, violin and cello contribute their dynamic input and twist the songs a little.

Jon’s lyrics and vocals stand out from the musical jamboree, yet fit it like they are meant to. The vocal tone sticks a clear path and does not complicate the fun sound of the songs with acrobatics. Similarly, the song lyrics have a light-hearted quality that keeps them in the clouds.

Check Jon’s Spotify for his recent single release ‘Tables Have Turned’.

Marshall Ruffin –

Marshall Ruffin is a singer-songwriter based out of Atlanta in the United States with a folk/roots lean. Ruffin’s expression manifests through haunting vocals and lyrics that are at times uplifting and others heartbreaking.

Ruffin’s vocal ability is outstanding and can captivate with relatable messages of pain, love and hope. Comparable to artists like Dallas Green and Dominic Bennett; his timbre is dynamic and facilitates a journey into emotion. Ruffin’s falsetto is tender and haunts throughout his songs. Low range voicing draws attention closer while crystal clear vibrato renders visceral messages.

Musically, the latest songs are minimalistic and low-fi, as the emphasis of the songs remains squarely on their meaning. In saying that, the Spanish guitar is as delicate as the vocals that ride it and provide a stable melody and rhythm.

Marshall has videos on YouTube with the lyrics in the description for those who would like a closer look.


PsySo is a band out of Holland who writes laidback and melodic indie-rock with instrumental and vocal textures that demand attention.

The PsySo sound is characterised by the sense of momentum it maintains. The four-piece gels their individual inputs and combine to form a train of sound.

The rhythm section sets PsySo’s tracks in motion. Bright and choppy drums form the scaffolding to shuffle the songs along. Smart pauses create tension by pulling on the reigns, climactic buildups crash into dramatic breakdowns and odd changes in timing cause brief but pleasant confusion.

The bass and guitars influence the tracks by dancing together and sharing the lead equally. The bass thuds along with a bad-boy attitude, walking casually along assertive lines that glue to the beat. The rhythm guitar slinks alongside to fill space with its dense fabric of sound and gives the lead guitar a platform to sing out its modulated, winding and well-defined voice.

PsySo’s lyrics stick parallel to the rhythm of the songs and fit snugly into the overall sound. Notably, the harmonies of the band’s backing vocals lift the songs up and add a sense of lightness and simultaneous density. The vocal standards of PsySo are tight and expressive and add inflection with good timing.

Check out PsySo’s 2019 offering ‘Won’t Stop Me Now’ for a trio of psychedelic trips.


Rafart is an electronic rock fusion project designed by Francisco Rafart, a Chapman Stick musician based in Boston in the United States. The Rafart sound skirts the borders of several genres including progressive rock, EDM and psychedelia.

Rafart’s music is truly set apart by its Chapman Stick focused composures, the unique instrument weaving a rich tapestry of sound into each song. With ten to twelve individually tuned strings, the Chapman Stick is capable of basslines, melodies and multiple layers. Rafart takes the Stick a step further by modulating its sounds with distortion, reverb, flange and chorus effects.

Rafart’s songs are mostly pure instrumentals with rare features from guest vocalists. The Stick’s ability to perform melodies has the mid to high range spectrum covered and adds a sense of tension to the music through its emulation of a human singer.

Check Spotify for Rafart’s October release ‘Dasein’.

Accordion clean.jpg

Yoav Ilan –…

Yoav Ilan is a music composer, pianist and vocal artist who writes sweet songs that shift mood throughout.

Yoav’s music sends tribute to nature and its ability to foster growth, expressing the message through intricate and melodic piano and thoughtful lyrics, “To this wonderful land, I offer my hand”.

“The air and colours we breath, the ground which holds the great oceans from falling into the sky, the sounds that are travelling inside of us. Nature is a wonderful teacher.”

Yoav Ilan has an extensive body of work available on Spotify, including the intricate piano exclusive album, ‘Stories Without Words’. The ability of pianist Yoav to translate emotion to music is raw and accurate, with songs that manage a rollercoaster of moods.

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Ead Wood…

Ead Wood is a singer-songwriter out of Bristol in the UK who writes indie-alternative music with his band, ‘The Heights’, to create a defiantly unique sound influenced by the likes of Mac De Marco and Fox Warren’s Andy Shauf.

A generous slather of chorus and reverb merge on the guitar to support Ead’s washed-out and psychedelic vocal. The rhythm section bounces along with infectious perk and drives songs to their hearty conclusion. The band’s sound brims with warmth to make for a comfortably lazy and hazy feeling.

Ead Wood and The Heights released their EP, ‘Beige Dreams’ in 2018, preceding their latest single which dropped in 2019.

Friends of the Bog…

Friends of the Bog are a folk-punk blend out of Chicago, USA. The six-piece write with a raucously DIY attitude the likes of their influences The Violent Femmes and Neutral Milk Hotel.

The band builds intricate and cleverly arranged music, plated-up on live performances that are a thoughtful tangle of sound. A landslide of shows around the Chicago area helped Friends of the Bog develop their sound and lead to their self-titled debut album.

Friends of the Bog’s songwriting responsibilities are shared between the members and the lead singing role switches between songs. The contrast created by the delicate female vocals and the likeable punk voice of their lead male singer provides freshness. Adding to this, the rest of the band reinforces the sound with their choir of caramel harmonies.

The band provides a unique and recognisable foundation that meets the expectations of the quality vocal arrangements. The banjo maintains the folk theme with its playful filling, sitting organically as the undergrowth of the songs. The harmonica and a lightly distorted rhythm guitar pair up and add a bluesy tinge to the sound, bouncing off the groovy, almost-punk drum and bass combo. The violin also pops in sporadically to give its novelty voicing and spikes the sound with interest.

Friends of the Bog provide a fun and insightful listening experience with their characteristic sound. Check the back-catalogue and 2019 single ‘Glow Worm’ to hear their progression since their conception in 2015.

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Demi Mitchell –

Demi Mitchell is an indie-folk singer/songwriter from Newcastle in Australia who explores dark, sorrowful themes with moody and hypnotic music.

Mitchell’s music is usually dense with layered tracks that create a rich listening experience. Piano floats lightly within bars and whispers its melody while the violin cries out to seal off sentences. The cello groans a longing harmony and the guitar contrasts while being reigned in with modulation.

The crown of Mitchell’s sound is the vocal performance of Mitchell herself. Moody, brooding and seductive vocals deliver lyrics that detail introspection, bad-habits and the turbulent nature of love. Her vocal style creates interest and listenability, with influences like Nick Cave and Aldous Harding hinted throughout.

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Drop Legs –

Drop Legs are a five-piece from Byron Bay that blend hip-hop, dub-reggae and indie rock sounds to create a vibrant sound with party and surf themes.

The standards of the reggae genre build the Drop Legs sound, with upstroke guitar techniques and wavy reverb, a punchy horn section, groovy and syncopated basslines and calypso/Caribbean percussion hints at the back end. The predominantly hip-hop style vocal adds a fresh twist to the dub sound and partners the light-hearted lyrics perfectly.

The band gels tightly and works well to give a smoothed out feel. Combined sounds mesh together evenly and cut through with a brightness partly attributed to the outstanding studio music production.

Andrew Rothschild –

Andrew Rothschild is an alternative-electronic songwriter who experiments with sounds and instruments to blend up a satisfying mix of downtempo, organic-house and dream-pop with folk and blues standards. The combination of genres manipulated by Rothschild is birthing a new wave of sound known as bluestronica, and he is taking full advantage of the relatively uncharted sonic territory.

Rothschild sets up complex layers throughout his songs with generous sampling, hypnotising guitar chops, folk drumbeats with electronic flavour and an overarching sense of urgency in contrast with moments of calming bliss.

The kaleidoscope of sound is both fascinating and unpredictable, a delightful confusion that merges and manages to avoid tipping the meniscus of musical comprehension. The psychedelic chaos is handled delicately and creates a vacuum of curiosity though; a picture formed by creative expression delivered through mixed media.

Rothschild often collaborates with artists stepping into the realm of bluestronica. Features by Koresma and more recently Good Lee fit the narrative of emotive electronic sound and further build on a sound influenced by the likes of Bonobo and Tycho.

Search for Andrew Rothschild on the major streaming platforms to hear his latest single ’24’ and check the extensive experimental back-catalogue.

Hollow Coves…

Hollow Coves is the creation of long-time friends Matt Carins and Henderson.

Formed in 2013 they have accomplished a lot in four short years, Including the release of 2 EP’s, international travel and an ever-growing fan base. Some of their songs on Spotify have over 20 million plays each.

Their success is likely a byproduct of hard work, dedication and talent, that which bleeds into their brilliant, intimate live performances.

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Jimmy Pinch –

Jimmy Pinch is a composer, guitar player, producer and DJ who writes guitar-based instrumentals that circle genres like blues-rock, noise, and down-tempo garage.

Pinch constructs a foreboding sound with lazy drums, reverb-heavy rhythms and angsty guitar leads that spike in and out of the songs at will.

Although the songs do not feature a vocal presence, the guitar leads create a voice and dictate the mood of each track. The lead tone is depressed with a down-tuned guitar. Long, crooning string bends and confidently restricted vibrato adds a shadow that complements the haunting blues drum beat. Rhythm guitar peeks intermittently and makes an appearance to agree with the atmosphere. The basslines add to the basement feel of the songs, its groove sticking to the beat like a detective tailing a mobster.

With his alternative take on the blues that aligns with the likes of The Drones, Jimmy Pinch succeeds in building a sound-theme that could work as the soundtrack to a murder-mystery. Find his latest works on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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Jordan Merrick –

Jordan Merrick is a Blues/Americana singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia, who writes melodic campfire ballads infused with bold metaphors that describe the complex spectrum of human emotion.

Merrick’s music remains fresh on every play and is dense with unique content. Poetic lyrics describe imagery in vivid detail, as his musings evoke a sense of nostalgic familiarity.

Merrick’s tale stories are backed by solid musicianship, the acoustic guitar taking the fore, with appearances from the harmonica that offers a tonic. Intricate finger-picking and jangly chords do not detract from the story-telling focus of each song, rather setting a cushion for Jordan’s caramel voice to sit upon.

The winner of multiple awards including the Gold Coast Music Festival’s ‘Songwriter of the year’ and ‘Song of the year’, Merrick remains humble in his success. Having released two full length albums, Merrick’s hard work was recognised by Australian radio juggernaut ‘Triple J’, with air-time on the station garnering national attention.

Merrick is currently crafting his eagerly anticipated third album in the Blue Mountain bushland, due to drop any day now.

Luis Trinidad –

A wonderful melancholic resonance underpins Luís Trindade’s method, murmuring heartfelt words along the ebb and flow of rhythmic guitar.

An independent artist, Luís’ music exists only in the digital realm. He garners an impressive online following with beautiful, meaningful music.

Luis’ latest offering, ‘Can You See This Darkness’ is available on his Bandcamp webpage and is definitely worth a listen, check it out!

“If you like my music please support me, you can download my LP at bandcamp, or through a donation to I don’t have a label, so my music exists only in digital editions. Thanks for the visit and for giving a listen to my music.”

Luna Park –…

Luna Park is the constantly evolving musical project of River Jarman.

The self-confessed music-technology junkie utilises his passion for different sound effects, writing quirky, interesting songs based on his choice of gear at the time.

Although the project is unpredictable and quite random, the mixed bag of music reaches those departing the norms of listening.

Michael Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate, pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback.

Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed.

Dunstan’s latest release, ‘New Normal’ is another account of personal experiences, its relatable message taken up by fans.

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Oine Ensamble –

Traditional music direct from Spain, Oine Ensamble take you straight to the cobblestone streets of Barcelona for Napoletana treats.

Featuring a talented ensemble of musicians including multiple spanish guitars and virtuoso singing, the crafting of sound is a joy to listen to.

Riley Moore –

Riley Moore is a singer-songwriter who embodies a travelling musicians life as a vagabond and wanderer.

Moore lives on a Sailboat in Nashville, TN, a lifestyle that provides inspiration for writing some of his latest work.

Moore’s style is reminiscent of the likes of Bob Dylan and John Moreland, his influences shining through in classic story-telling, jaunty rhythm and blues and country music.


RRAREBEAR is a talented electronic producer from the U.S.

RRAREBEAR’s music is a nice escape from the stresses of modern-day life. The chill, ambient-electronic sounds are soothing and meditative, perfect to zone out with.

Multiple sound layers are discovered inside each track upon subsequent spins. Tight, detailed production creates anticipation and provocation of emotion.

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Sneakout –

Sneakout is the fuzz-pop project of multi-instrumentalist Bobby Fleming. The Los Angeles native has written and recorded upbeat, dancefloor hits since 2014 to help satisfy the craving for fun in the indie genre.

The positive vibes of Sneakout are founded on elements from electronic music and pop sensibilities. The repeating modulated hooks typical of electronica inspire contagious energy that begs for a dance.

The synth features heavily and delivers energetic keys; a plethora of sound effects used to produce the characteristic quirky sound. Samples are littered throughout and add to the abundant layers of sound, while electronic drum beats hold the tracks together. The electric guitar is perhaps as close to organic as Sneakout gets, even so, the heavy modulation, reverb, delay and other effects fit the electronic, dream-pop theme.

Although Fleming’s fuzzy pop-filled sound is electronic and luminescent, it is grounded by his well-timed vocal delivery that meshes with the project. The lighthearted lyrics are brought out by a voice designed for the music that founds it, modulated with harmonisations, reverb and flange to mirror the rest of the production.

Check Sneakouts collection of singles on all of the usual streaming platforms.

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The Dwelling Light –…

The Dwelling Light is the ambient electronic project of a Byron Bay native named Dylan. Influenced by the likes of Bonobo, Hermitude and Koresma; Dylan produces a sound with overtones of hip-hop and subtle hints of Jazz.

The tracks are a blend of electronic elements and instrumentalism, as guitar riffs noodle above trap style drumbeats and a ceiling-full of synth and haunting horns.

Dylan sets out to produce a sense of chill that is accomplished by a clever mix of sounds. Subtle jazz infusion brings about a lounge mood to the tracks, while the combination of hip-hop drum beats and bright guitar stop tracks from becoming too comfy.

The Dwelling Light’s July 2019 release ‘Seasonal Affect’ is a beach cruiser and builds on the previous success of the previous tracks.

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Trent Herzman –

Trent Herzman is a singer-songwriter from Oceanside, California, whose folk/rock concept albums line up with acts like On a Phone, Drew Lang, Aviator Stash and Ben Limpic.

Herzman’s career in music was officially launched when he released his EP ‘Life In The Village’. The freshman record set the trend for future tracks, following a formula aiming to connect people through storytelling.

Herzman writes catchy melodies, delivered through classic-rock sounds, a suitable platform for relatable, introspective stories.

Thank you to all of our featured artists, your music is such an important part of SLV and we are so happy to have you on board.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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