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– Elayna & Riley


Comments 44

  1. HI folks the videos are soooooooo good and you guys are so much fun. I have just come back from 2 weeks sailing in the med and am so inspired by you both thanks, keep it going noel xx

    1. hey i’v been watching a lot of your videos on youtube i would want to ask you to take a picture of the stars from the middle of the see if u can

      get a good camera and take it because of the lights in the city u don’t see all the stars aot at see u should be able to see all i’ve taken pictures from the desert i would like to see the difference between them
      THNK YOU

      and let me know if u r evur in israel

  2. Please don’t let Riley make another video again,, Elayna should have complete control over the content, direction, production, Etc. Riley, in most countries wasting that much bandwidth is a crime:))))

    1. Ha, I liked Riley’s video. Every boat owner should have a special place in there heart for bilgie

  3. At last Riley you can express yourself….instead of the Shiela gazing all doe eyed into the lens….. Strumming the guitar……playing with power tools and stuffing her face…’ve brought a certain verve and panache!!!!!!

  4. I sold my boat after having a stroke, but kept my bilge pump I shall dig iher out ,get a copy of “Infinite Jest”, cuddle up with my Bilgey but
    i object to Riley not having any of Elay’s music, otherwise very entrtaining! and have a good read you 2 are awesomeThanks for the good times !

  5. Get back on the boat before its to late , Life has a way of not working out the way you want it to , the only way to have control is to be out on the boat with no outside influences . Thanks

  6. I love you guises videos !!you guys ever sell around the Pacific or around the Americas love to join you with my Janoah 42 foot or you want to seal around the Channel Island Harbor anywhere on California coast into Mexico into South America be willing to sell with you guys on my own and do a little race r you guys ever sale around the Pacific or room the Americas love to join you with my Janoah 42 foot or you want to seal around the Channel Island Harbor anywhere on California coast into Mexico into South America be willing to sell with you guys on my own boat do a little raceing email email me back keep up the safe sailing

  7. Very inspirational Lifestyle and memories you two are creating for yourself and all your friends who are watching and experiencing your lives together.

    We both thank you so much and hope it inspires us to do the same…………cheers…Geno and Airish Farland

  8. Love the episodes, and I just downloaded the album! The music is DOPE! Thanks and keep it coming! Cant wait to see what you guys do next. Cheers!


  10. don’t jump from mast , as you push off mast boat will heel over and you will just go straight down to the deck not good the only way i think you can do it is under way when heeled over to clear the deck don’t risk it let one of the drunk guy that did crossings

  11. Hey guys thanks for the email today!

    Thank you for the videos, its great knowing people, who really, appreciate real life. To be traveling around the globe making there dreams come true.

    l love your episodes on “sailing-lavagaBonde. AS FOR JUMPING OFF THE MAST, Riley!
    >_<:-):-):-)!? WOW! Put new perspective on the mad man of the sea

    Please make more episodes.

    Thank you!

    Thomas Adrian Ashburn. Worcestershire. UK

  12. Thank you guys, for inspiring my old dream of sailing around the world, it’s never too late.
    ” Keep living the dream “

  13. Hello I was wondering when you will be crossing the Panama Canal(2017?). I may be able to contribute to your cause if you have plans to sail to Central American , El Salvador exactly. I would love for us to work out a deal eigther money, provisions and/or facilities for a day or 2 on board to see if the sailing lifestyle is for me and my family?

  14. Love your videos !! Sailing vicariously with you as I virtually escape my life in the Canadian mid-Artic !!

  15. Just loved the videos, im jealous of your lifes journey.
    I wish you both the best and think of you often,
    sent my first donation last night hope you receive it soon

  16. Great work, absolutely loving the videos.
    I just wished I had done something similar as was my intention when I was younger.
    I had a 45 footer lined up to buy in 1992 and then destroyed 2 discs in my lower back which completely stuffed my plans
    I’m now looking at buying an S&S 30 to do coastal sailing up & down the Aussie east coast as learning ground.
    Anyhow, all the best, keep up the great adventure and most of all take good care of yourselves

  17. You guys bring laughs into every day.. “making memories” is what it’s all about. Riley… you Hava great sense of history and soo easy Goin. Elay your he’s rock.. keep it Goin … love the music… hey try Richard Hawley – Down By The Ocean LS

  18. Obviously you have Sat Contact with Home Base ( DAD ) so it would be great for him to put up a Map of where you are everytime you make your regular report, so we all don’t loose sleep worrying about your progress across the Pacific, I can’t stand the pain of uncertainty. It could be on the ” Where are we now ” Page , which still has you in Grenada and not updated for months. Stay safe and HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU BOTH.

  19. Hi Elayna and Riley I love watching your videos I’m a big outdoorsman I love being on bots my life long dream is to sail on the ocean but unfortunately I live in Syracuse

  20. Friends,

    I watch your amazing videos and day dream about your journey all day. It inspires me to make it through my day. I am 49 and have 5 kids and they all like to watch the video also. Last year we all flew from our home in Colorado and went to Panama it was an amazing time and the kids were glad to see that you were there also.
    You both are awesome people and should be very proud of yourselves . You inspire many people including myself to take life by the horns while you can. My wife and Have been talking about doing a similar passage as soon as our last pup is out of college.

    Sail Free my friends ,

    Michael Bulger

  21. I love watching your show. The best faces and lives of reality TV. Only, your reality is much more palatable than those half wits on American TV.

  22. Hi there !

    I really enjoyed watching your video’s. They are very inspiring to me and fuel my passion to continue our travels around the world further. Keep on sailing!

    Cheers and lots of travelbugs from Christchurch new Zealand

  23. Hola Tripulantes, Los sigo desde un principio por Youtoube. Me encanto que hayan disfrutado de la hospitalidad y losencantos de mi
    Ciudad, Cartagena-Colombia, Especialmente de Yolita y Wulfran, Mejores anfitriones no puede haber y de haber puesto los dientes
    y muelas en este capitulo, en manos del Dr. Carlos Velez, Reputado y experimentado Dentista. Todos, grandes amigos desde la infancia.
    Espero que hayan disfrutado, nos promocionen mucho en el exterior, como una ciudad que vale la pena visitar y Esperamos que vuelvan
    pronto y ojala tenga la oportunidad de conocerlos., cuenten con lo que necesiten y este a mi alcanze.Que Dios
    los siga protegiendo. Hasta pronto y Buen Viento y Buena Mar.



  26. I think you guys are really talented and blessed individuals. You have given me inspiration, and many smiles. Thank you.

  27. Hello, My name is Mike, I’m 55 years old, I’d like to respond to some of the negative comments that I’ve seen. First, I applaud the efforts of these two people living their lives sailing the world. Second if you’ve been working 40 years and you haven’t saved any money, I’m sorry, there is NO excuse for that. I agree that without Elana there would be little interest in these videos as she is beautiful and has a great personality that seems to make an otherwise mundane thing like making a sandwich funny and entertaining, (sorry Riley) on the other hand Riley explains, in some great detail the logistics of charting and sailing so that beginners can understand. Don’t be a hater, if you’re not happy with your life, change your life. Not everyone will be able to find what they are looking for on this marathon we are all running. If you don’t like the videos, don’t watch and certainly don’t donate money to their cause. If you enjoy their videos that’s great, I enjoy them and have become inspired to (perhaps) buy a boat and sail the world. Keep the videos coming and don’t let the haters of the world deter you. They are unhappy with their lives. Good luck.

  28. We have spent quite a few nights watching your most enjoyable videos on Youtube. With just a couple of complaints, in that we have been going to bed in the early hours and as herself had a painting to finish last week
    which now looks like being completed early next week 🙂
    No matter it is great being an armchair sailor you know, especially as I do know what it is like to be shipping it green, though that was many moons ago in the Irish Sea.

  29. Hola es muy grato poder ver en Youtube todas sus aventuras, vivan la vida, estos maravillosos momentos de su vida juntos. Elayne eres dulce, alegre, bella, emprendedora… En resumen un ángel. Riley cuidala.

  30. Have enjoyed and watched every video you have done. I look forward to the next one as I live your journey from my iPad. You two seem to be perfect for each other, happy and in love. Keep the video’s coming and enjoy life! God Bless,

  31. Sailing vicariously through you is a treat. Watching you all learn and go? Amazing.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us…

  32. I am impressed with the risk both of you were willing to take – financial, physical and emotional. It’s clear to me that your collective brain is constantly at work solving the issues and i must say – you seem to be growing together.

    Elayna – you are tough, smart, beautiful and talented. Your video skills continue to grow and the posts you put up really show it. You may have had to work your tail off to edit Riley’s video, but it was exceptionally funny and very polished. These videos are not easy to pump out week after week and so far you have not let them drive you to drink….

    Riley – my short description for you is smart. Somehow you are able to keep things in balance (even though we only see a calm “you” in the videos), I am pretty sure that’s way you are most of the time. Likely, Elayna would not still not be with you on that boat if you were not able to do so, plus she is far too classy to allow herself to be treated in any other way. Whether she only had an intuitive since of your demeanor when she fist came on board, only Elayna can speak to that. But I must say you make a good pair. If there ever was at a poker player who looked as his hand and saw a winner, you must have when you convinced her to come on board.

    I have learned a so much about what to think about when it comes to selecting a boat for a cruise which I will never be able to take. Twenty five years ago I came close to doing the “Sterling Hayden thing” and taking my three kids, buying the 47′ motor-sailor that was for sale down the road, and hitting the high seas. It never happened, and now I am 71 with a wife who only cruises on Windstar. :-0

    Your videos are MY cruise around the world.

  33. Hola amigos
    Estaba viendo cuando estuvieron en los roques…yo también estuve allá…es lo más lindo que estado…yo soy de chile..y me gusta mucho la pesca ..he visto como hacen sus pescados y langostas…bueno..los seguiré para ver sus aventuras..un fuerte abrazo..y mucha suerte en su travesía…la fuerza este con ustedes..

  34. from 67 yr old Brit, doe eyed “Sheila” is right, I am totally in love with Elayna she is so engaging, Riley you must know, that most guys watching, feel the same, although a good looking guy yourself, the “sheilas” are probably thinking the same thing. the videos are outstanding, and we are all living vicariously through you. wishing I was younger and doing the same thing. things you are learning are priceless, and will last a lifetime, you will never be the same again . would love to learn more of the technical sailing as well. also where did you get all the charts and info of moorings etc? best wishes James

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