The 7th Best job in the World! WE NEED YOUR HELP.


Hey guys, we are looking for someone who is a wizard with editing/filming to join us on our voyage around the globe by sail boat! We’re really excited to bring a new person on board, in fact, I think I said the word ‘excited’ over 4 times. If you feel you have what it takes to move onboard and can tick off all the requirements, please send your resumes in to:

Goodluck! We will review all the applicants and get back to you in the next week or two via email. Elayna & Riley xo

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  1. Dear Vagabonde I have informed my son Johnny Fassler.Aged 25 Ba graduate. Avid spearo.Currently working in the Turks and Caicos islands as ascuba but more a kiteboard instructer.We sail a 456 Beneteau in Capetown. Can cook avery strong boy look no fufther he is your man.I have whats upped him look at his facebook profile .I havefollowed all of your adventures , met the Delos team.inC T. Dont let him go. Regards Dr John Fassler gyanacologist in Stellenbosch.Johnny is well informed in these matters. (German and Swiss passports.) Regards JohnFassler. We started and own the Stellenbosch academy of design and photography .Degree in Batchelor of arts.Currently rated best institution in South Africa. HAVE HAD LOTS OF FUN WRIGHTING TO YOU. (I am the best gynae by the way. Regards John Fassler

  2. Hey my name is Eli, i am a 22 year old Israeli, i don’t have alot of experience in editing, but i love filming, and i have been following you guys for some time now, you inspire me greatly, i served in the Israeli Navy for three years as an out board motor mechanic, i am actually in Australia at the moment traveling, i know this is a long shot, but i would love to join you for a sail sometime, cheers

  3. Hi, I just wanted to ask when we would be filming. I am currently a Film student, therefore am I suitable to apply? We finish this year at the end of May and resume again in October, so I would be able to film. Also, when are the application closing dates?

  4. Hello!
    I completed a circunnavigation last 2014-2015 with sail boat “Club”
    I can help you. I need a camera again in front of my eyes.
    Let’s talk.

  5. I usually start off a letter or memo with a repeatable joke, though, however, I will send it to the joining La Vagabond email along with explaining why you should reject my submission in becoming a third crewmember/family member. Thanks. Carl Kovacs

  6. Hey Guys, this sounds like a one in a million shot for me, but i thought id at least send a reply. My name is Joey Villaflor, im a hang glider pilot, and instructor from San Francisco, California. I love flying. Before i got into a hang glider i never would have thought it would be a way of life. I was not that kid that dreamt of flight, i was the kid who just wanted to have fun. Ive been on a sail boat once and i loved it. My passion is definitely hang gliding, although editing and shooting amateur film is another. Im not a super pro or anything, but below are a few links to some of my favorite work.

    I believe life is a book with many chapters and stories. I would love to make this experience a chapter in mine.

    Smooth sailing,
    Joey Villaflor

  7. Hi, I think I could be the guy! I was living travelling the last 7 years (in motorcycle and also sailing) I’m friendly, good vibes and find solutions for everithing. I grew up sailing in Argentina, after I was professional in IBM but the last 8 years I left to be “free” I was living in USA, Spain and France…
    I’m tourist guide in France you can check my web. If you consider me let me know and I will send you a video.
    (facebooks are “Martin Elola, France”, “Martin Elola, Making a motorcycle smile across america”, “Elo Bike Tours, France”, and “American Road Trips, France”

    Thanks a lot


  8. G’day my name is JJ. I’m no film wiz but i am magical in other areas. I am a builder who follows the crows, loves the cricket and can tie a bow line. I am also well versed in a variety of ‘piratey’ jargon such as ‘ey matey’, ‘barnacles’ and ‘poop deck’. I will be out on the sea one day and promise to never poop on your deck. Thanks guys

  9. Sounds super cool , I’m not sure if I qualify to be with u guys but we can meet up and figure out that ..
    I do a lots of movies and edit them on -the go -by using my iPad Pro or iPhone apps with my Dji gears and GoPro ‘s without relying on a laptop or big software editing during my travel or advantures , it’s much quicker and easier , I’ll leave u my Facebook address so u guys can check out my videos and what u think of me ,
    David Le Blanc or search my email

  10. I’m a wiz at editing (it’s my job) but I’m too busy prepping to move full-time onto my catamaran. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding someone. Best of luck.

  11. Hi guys. Im a wiz at outdoor adventure and have sailed all over the world including French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, BvI, sanjuaun islands and Long Island sound. I am an and advanced Padi diver and been diving and sailing since I was a kid. I’m a single engine pilot and motorcycle adventure. I have Riden and camped solo for two months across the Western US and BC. I consider myself a pro am videographer, including underwater. Here is the thing, I am 51 yo male internal medicine physician at medical university (assistant professor) and have been hankering for a good year long sabbital. My girlfriend is an outstanding cook and self employed financial realestate investor. We are both planning in the next few years to take off on a blue water sabbatical. Hopefully for a couple years and have been in the process of saving enough to make it happen. If you would consider both of us, as a package, I think we could offer great services including but not limited to, videography and editing, production, ships purser and cook, great second mates and in return would build sea time, stand watch and learn the ropes on the exact boat we were hoping to purchase for ourselves. If you would consider us as a stable and worthwhile asset to your operation I would love to put this together. I can work on send CVs and photos videos of our work if you think this might work. We are no longer as handsome and beautiful as you too, age will do that to you, and really have no desire to be in front of the camera anyway. Your thoughts.

  12. here is our application. let me know with an email address if you can’t access this dropbox folder. It contains our video interview and cover letter as well as resume and current photo.

  13. here is a link to my vimeo channel…it contains the video interview for LVG as well as some other work. Be sure and check out the most recent 6 minute trip to Cozumel with my buddy Fred

  14. Riley and Elayna,

    Just following up on my email submission. Like yourself Elayna I am pretty well self-taught, as stuff I learned in film school was all on old Panaflex equipment, but that doesn’t mean I lack experience or the ability to get the shot… Or the proper edit. Please read on. Not only can I add to your arsenal of equipment, I think I can step it up a notch or two.
    I’ve had a life long interest in film, though its never been advantageous with other things I’ve had going on in my life to pursue it as a main source of income – until this last year. I have been into content editing myself for the last three years. I am not professionally trained, outside of a film minor at the University of Utah, but that said I learned on Apple’s platforms and know Final Cut Pro like the back of my hand (as i supported it for over three years working for Apple). This of course lead to working with Adobe Premiere. To this day, I will admit to being stronger with Final Cut Pro than Premiere, but I do know how to run them both.

    Beyond that, I am also a drone pilot. I own a DJI Inspire One Pro, giving you a micro 4/3rds platform to shoot from (16 times the depth of field of the Phantom and far more light sensitivity), not only from the drone, but from the handheld Osmo unit as well.

    I have flown the Phantom that you guys have and while I am comfortable with the platform, even a five knot gust spread can ruin otherwise great footage. With the larger airframe of the Inspire, the shots are silky smooth every time and with the upgraded camera you can choose F-stop, shutter speed and you can even pull focus… for all intents and purposes, its a full on second cameraman. Both are well stocked with batteries and I am happy to make them all a package deal with me (additionally I have a GoPro Hero4 Black and a Panasonic GH4, with multiple lenses). I also have monopods-tripods, etc. Everything you would need to expand production values to the next level. Beyond that, I know you have talked about going to the East Coast of the U.S. after Europe. I just thought I would point out that for drone operations I am already checked out by the FAA, to keep you from being fined for conduction commercial drone operations from the boat. This could be invaluable! Fines per incident of flying your drone without a license are $25,000 USD!

    One other point, your last editor getting seasick on you… You have no worry there with me mates! I not only sail myself, I own a 37’ Endeavour and live-aboard myself, so I’m already well adjusted to the tight spaces of a sailboat. I currently live in Houston, TX where I have been transitioning from musician/day job to full-time film producer.

    I would have no problem walking away from what I have built to work with you guys. At some point, I was planning on selling my Endeavour and moving to a larger single hull myself and when I started watching La Vagabonde, it was like you guys captured my dream and showed it to me while I was awake. If I can give you any reason at all to possibly consider me as your new cameraman/editor/producer, it would be that – living your dream would be my dream. I would awake every morning with tenacity and vigor to take on the day… OR, where need be, I’d be willing to take my overnight watch shift and forget about sleep (I can sleep when I’m dead) and still be functional the following day.

    I will go ahead and include my resume, but what I explained to you above gives you far more detail as to my capabilities. Again, let me save you the monotony of my resume and I will list my selling points below, in bullet point fashion:
    • Already a sailor. I have my sea legs. I can help you sail and I won’t get sick.
    • I’m already a skilled drone pilot and actually approved by the FAA for drone flight throughout the United States.
    • I’m happy to include my $15,000 of drone and camera equipment for the term of my employment.
    • This includes my own top of the line MacBook Pro with both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere CS6 and the skill to run both.
    • I also sing and would have no problem backing Elayna up (my voice is somewhere in between Bob Seger, Zac Brown and Eddy Vedder) – just throwing that out there!

    Here is some of my work – shooting, editing (and singing):
    Real-estate “fly-thoughs”
    Real-estate “fly-thoughs”
    (i can’t take editing credit here, but most of the camera work is mine. I was an assistant on this project)
    My first experiment with video editing – My own music video. Shot on my iPhone and iPad before making a deeper investment.
    This video is about to get a recut, I’m not a fan of the initial transitions I put in, but this also includes A LOT of drone shots. Also, for a fun outtake, skip to the VERY end.

  15. Big fan and patron. Not interested in the job. Just came to read all the post and try to figure out how you’ll weed through them and hopefully find a great addition.

  16. Hi!

    I really do hope that you’re still looking for that person to join your crew! When I read your post I got really excited! I studied Journalism and specialized in making video’s! Creating new content and working out new idea’s, filming, presenting and editing is what I absolutely love to do.

    I’ve recently made video’s for the World Championship Sailing in the Netherlands (Splash Red and Blue). I created the concept for the video’s myself, plus executed it on my own; filming and editing. I loved every second of filming this it.

    Becoming the new member of your team and making new video’s aboard would be the most wonderful job I can imagine having.

    You can view my video’s on youtube:

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