Sailing around the world with an infant. I wonder how this’ll pan out. Join us as we move back into our home on the ocean. We’ve missed you La Vagabonde.

Learn to sail with Will and Lynn, or charter! They’re the best humans and know their stuff.

Song Credits:
00:00 Devil Like Me – Cover by Elayna C
01:43 Footloose – Tom Owens
02:15 Babycaster – HUFRIK
10:51 Cute Hand Touch In the Nutbowl – Zen Panda
13:01 War – Luis Trinidade
15:37 The Hills – Brandon Hoogenboom

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  1. So exciting to be back on the boat. My husband and I traveled with an RV for a year with our 3 yr old. It was an amazing experience.

    What are your plans for Lenny as far as pediatrician visits/vaccinations/ insurance? We’d love to travel again soon. We are looking forward to traveling again soon. We now have a 5 and 1 yr old.

  2. This was awsome and funny … great video… your son looks so happy…
    I am so nervous for you 3 …
    This is so huge on so many levels! Wish you all the best .

    1. Raising a child is the most awesome thing you can do. Showing him the world from the deck of your sailboat will be priceless. Cannot wait for this new adventure.

  3. Don’t worry about cold temperatures with a baby. Eskimos have babies too and they survive!
    You need a light weight stroller for Lenny. He’s going to get too heavy to carry everywhere very soon!
    Am really enjoying your escapades. Keep them coming!

  4. I now have a new all time favorite video God bless you all can’t wait to get the new shirts.

  5. Congrats, very exciting!

    What is your route for the next few months? It’s not entirely uncommon for babies to get sick and require a quick doctor visit, what are your plans for that?

  6. So happy to see you with your beautiful little boy. Pleased that having a baby hasn’t dampened your adventurous spirits. Will give everyone at GSC (now GSHS) an update on one of our all time favourite alumni.
    Take care xx

  7. Hahaha, you can never start them early enough on South Park…well done you guys, thanks for the great wrap on the Southern Fleurieu in South Australia…cheers & good luck

  8. Loved little Lenny’s expressions while you read to him his contract while on board. Priceless!

  9. That was a fantastic video you all look great and the star (Lenny) stole the show lol

    Take care.


  10. Keep all your dreams come thru, I wish you guys and the Lanny all the best… l got something for Lanny as Good Luck silver coin, where I can send it to make you guys receive it? Do you have a mail box ? Please let me know…stay in touch with me.

  11. Great Vid guys. Riles you landed a keeper! Your comment on the airplane in regards to the sincerity of the apology was priceless. I nearly spit out my lunch! 🙂

  12. Hi. Today is April 9th. Are y’all still in Charleston? We’ve come through while traveling and my wife and I would like to say hello if y’all are still here. Thanks.

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