The Ancient Tikis of French Polynesia! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 46

Here we sail to Hiva Oa, and checkout one of the most ancient Tiki sites in French Polynesia. Absolutely breathtaking! Riley also surprises me by booking a horse ride through the beautiful green valley of Atuona. These horses were a little crazy, but we made it out alive and it was such an incredible experience. We also indulge in the local food and say goodbye to Riley’s dad Tony 🙁

Don’t forget to checkout the compendium for some info on navigating a few of these unchartered places here in the Pacific Ocean. These guys are doing a fantastic thing!

Thank you to all our subscribers and especially our patrons! We hope you enjoy!

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

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  1. Looks great! Good to see! 🙂 Fantastic island, your video puts the viewer right there! I like the added dimension of the father leaving, sad, all very honest and well done.

  2. What a beautiful place. Well done, makes my day. Even got to learn a new pronunciation for the painter Paul Gauguin. Come on, get her a birthday present.

  3. That was really fun game thanks a lot period and Riley is looking like quite the hippie. You stay cool brother and share the love

  4. A big thank you from Perth. Love your adventures. I always look forward to your next installment. Keep safe and have fun.

    BTW. Can’t believe you have never ridden a horse before coming from SA!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Maybe include short interviews with some of the beautiful locals on some of the islands

  6. Good to see yhoyh have made it. Frenchy Polinésia is one of my dreams, but now, at 90 yh.o will make thye drem came true trhoug yhou and Ryhleyh. Excise myh poor Englis, and writtin. I,m amlmos blind of myh rigthy eyhe. Send more clips, from Polinesia. Greetings from Brasil.

  7. Another great video you two! I just read an article in pacific yachting about you both living the dream! Well done I hope to be doing the same soon. Cheers!

  8. Great video again, thanks
    Just loved your father´s dance in the galley
    Great adventures, love to follow

  9. Hi and thanks for a great video. You sure get to see some great places. The horse trek looked interesting
    but pretty steep country in some places! Amazing sights tho.
    Keep safe, have fun

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