The Beautiful Sound of Whale Song (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 66

Niue, one of the most unique places we have ever stumbled across. You can drive around the whole island in just over an hour and the ocean that guards it, is absolutely filled with Humpback Whales! We hangout with Pinky, a nice local lady and get a real taste for island life.

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  1. riley your lung capacity for spear fishing seems great. how long are you under and at about what depths do you fish, please
    share…blessings as you journey..michael

  2. We also called in to Niue on our voyage across the Pacific. What we found most remarkable were the amount of sea snakes. One even coiled itself around my wife Clare’s leg, which freaked her out big time. It is amazing that there were none in any of your underwater shots and that you didn’t mention them at all. Great to see the whales. I have been following your progress since the Caribbean and reliving our trip. Awesome videos, thanks.

  3. Hi all. And thankyou. I can’t get enough of your videos. Truely well done. The scenery above and below water is amazing…the water is so clear! Thanks for the history too…I
    had some good friends from Niue in my teenage years…back
    In the ’60s! They ended up in The Gold Coast.
    Take care. TTFN

  4. Ah come on , and say my name PLEASE! I will bring the Rum and carry the beer kegs, all we can store on board, I ll fight the pirates, and blow in the sail on light winds. I love the show, and am inspired to do the same everytime I watch you guys. Keep them coming.

  5. Riley and Elay- You cannot imagine how wonderful it is to be a part of your adventure, even from very far away. You truly know how to make us feel a part of your cruise and your lives. Only two very special people like yourselves could pull this off. Even though there must be times when you just don’t feel like making a video, you do it anyway and you do it with style. A million thank you’s. Please continue to be safe.

  6. Adverts really ?!! And you need to sort out your shutter speed / frame rate on what looks like a 5d you are shooting on, you are getting flicker on panning shots. Great vids as usual though guys. Enjoy the next leg. Look forward to seeing the next one.

  7. Like Jon,
    I also wonder what happened to the snakes – there were plenty there when I was! Also did you not think the water was incredibly clear? – which apparently is due to the fact that there are no rivers and so no run off.

  8. Awesome breath holding Riles!! How deep are you going mate? As always you guys rock!! Do you have a name for the Catamaran? Be safe and Sail On !!

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