The Big Splash Party! Q&A and Boogying the Night Away Ep. 81



What a weekend!! Join us in France as we celebrate and bless our new boat La Vagabonde. It really is true that we all die, but not all have lived… What a journey it has been. Also a special thanks to Philippe Baudet for capturing moments we could have never gotten with his cameras, yourself and Emily are so kind. I know we said it 1000 times throughout the episode, but thank YOU. Thank you to our friends and family, people who flew from all over the world to join us and the team at Outremer, especially Matthieu for always believing in us. We love you all!!!! And we couldn’t be happier.
Enuf about that though, we’re in the new boat lets go check out some places!!! Where should we go?

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Photo thumbnail credit by the one and only amazing Robin Christol

Song Credits:
02:40 Core Values – Alon Barak
04:43 Alon Barak – 3 boats, 1 sea
09:36 SONG I COVER: Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springsteen
10:12 SONG I COVER: 1996 – The Wombats
19:04 I have no idea, the DJ played it so if anyone knows please let me know, it’s groovy as!!

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Comments 13

  1. Well done guys so good to see people living they dreams and just giving it ago.
    I met you Riley offshore I think it was the Montara project and I have be showing my kids your videos and they both love them! So well done and safe travels.


  2. Well done you guys, you are living my dream and I’m glad we can all share them together. Best of luck in the new cat and may the wind be off your beam! Cheers

  3. There is something indefinable in what you are doing that touches our hearts. Your honesty is a lot to do with it, passion is another as well as a refusal to suppress what is the fundamental special human instinct – to step in to the unknown on an adventure that leads to places and parts unknown. It doesn’t matter what a person’s quest in life is, sailing, flying, inventing things, going to Mars or finding cures and solutions to the world’s problems but what I see in you and your adventures and outlook on life is how life is meant to be lived. When the very first people stepped out of Africa they didn’t know what was out there but they went anyway as you have done. Thank you for letting us be better people by showing us the way and what it means to be human.

  4. Suggestion : sail to Corsica (Calvi, Girolata, Ajaccio, all the way down to Bonifacio), then North Sardina. These are some of the most gorgeous spots in Mediterranean. You won’t be too far from La Grande Motte if the boat shows any teething problem. If everything is all right then you may continue along Sardinia west coast, then cross to Sicily (Eolian islands, Egadi Islands). In Sicily great food for cheap, and also beautiful greek temples if you feel like visiting. Ragusa is awesome, you can moor right in front of the old town. Then ??? Greece, Turkey before the season begins in July…
    Or if you want to stay closer to La Grande Motte for a first trip head east to Marseille, Calanques then beautiful Porquerolles and Port Cros.
    Good Wind and sail safe.
    P.S. : I have always dreamt of an Outremer 45, I’ll try to visit them in La Grande Motte next week in order to visit a boat…

  5. Hey, congratulations! Can’t wait to follow your new adventures on the La Vagabonde II. How about incorporating some more of Elayna singing and playing in your videos? We always enjoyed that, especially in the earlier videos. She has such a beautiful voice. Anyway, cheers and sail on!

  6. “I would like for people to stop being so scared.”

    Riley, where on earth does someone of your age get your wisdom?

    I keep thinking of what you’ve said, and am asking myself “Why don’t I just retire early and see where it takes me?”

    Regarding where should you and Elay go next … how about Europe and the British Isles for the summer?

    All the best to you both.


  7. My wife and I love to escape with you guys! Thank you for being such genuine and generous people. We truly feel like we are on board with you, and are along for the next adventure. Thank you for sharing that with us!

  8. Alayna and Riley,

    For all the adventures accomplished and accolades received you two have managed to remain genuine and graceful and appreciative. It’s pure class. We can’t wait to see how things unfold from here but no matter what you have what it takes on the inside to make this amazing, come what will. ( A fast cat thrown into the equation doesn’t hurt!)

  9. Really happy for you, congrats!

    BUT: Do you really need to have your street shoes on the bed linen?? I know they are not your sheets, but as a hotel owner myself I always wonder why some people have such a disregard for property that is not theirs …

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