The Chesapeake by Sail Boat | Eating Local Cuisine w/ a few Injury’s and Boat Dramas! Ep. 237

Sail the Chesapeake Bay with us! We have a few boat dramas and injuries along the way, which is always expected. Haha. Ps if you haven’t tried the Chesapeake Blue Crab, you’re going to have to change that ? ? Thanks to our amazing featured music artists for supporting the show!

Song Credits:
00:00 Ead wood – Skin
05:06 2009 – James Walker
09:54 Aeseaes – Bloodlust
13:40 Backseat Drivers – King Ibis
18:06 J. Alan Schneider – Lyra

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  1. Hi both. I am worried that you still haven’t got some form of safety barriers/netting around the edge of the boat, which would prevent Lenny from falling overboard. More especially now with him crawling. As someone said, all it would take is one moment’s inattentiveness, which is easy under emergency conditions. Please, please can you consider fixing this at your earliest convenience – next port of call, and get this implemented. Don’t keep putting it off !!!!!
    Love Tristan.

  2. I love your show, it’s so refreshing to see something to be entertained that’s not fake reality TV with manufactured drama, yuk, hate that.
    Also love that you both are so knowledgably about sailing and both really work on the boat, not just the guy but the girl power is awesome. You go girl.
    It is really obvious how much you both love each other on so many levels, very very rare in this world, hand onto it with all your might.
    Great little family, I will keep watching for more adventures.

  3. I look forward to sailing along with you each week and wishing I could get to the sea! Love your videos!

  4. Gtreat video, great family, love Lenny snile. Be whit God, Love from Paulo Rio de Janeiro

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