The Dichotomy of Sailing. (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 60

From VIP suites in honeymoon heaven Bora Bora, to 20 knots at 0 degrees (which is straight at you, which is annoying and means you can’t sail), flying zucchinis and frozen coconut oil (a travesty I assure you). Join us in Ep. 60 ma nizzles.
BTW it should be pointed out here, or at least somewhere, that Elayna makes all of the Episodes, thank you darling, and deserves a round of applause.

Cheers, Riley.

Song Credits:
00:07 Primitive – Gotam Sen
02:03 Sidereal – JetBelly
03:55 Julia R. Anderson – In the Beginning
05:04 Dobrato Rubato On Mellow Street – Porch Guitar
07:04 Fallin’ All the Time – Dominic Bennett
08:03 Absurd – High Flyer
11:20 Crossfire – Peasant Moon
17:15 Leaving Tonight – Peasant Moon

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  1. Guys … You must buy some non slip mats for your benches. Comes in rolls and you cut to suit. Good for place mats etc.

  2. Shit. Smack on”……….. The best for me guys , you were great! It’s me Mike from st Pete Fl. I still confused with times “………………please hit me a patreon with dates and GPS. I won’t say a word! I really want to relate to your place in the world as I t relates to me and world. Happenings

  3. Once again the most enjoyable 20min I have seen on the screen all week, look forward to the next one. Riley I have a question , when your holding on to the line behind La vagabonde being dragged in the water do you ever wonder if something big sees you like a lure? Seriously ,I’m not kiddin , you guys throw Alfred over and catch fish why is it any different with something larger? Or do you research the area ,and know it is relatively safe. I am hoping to sail on large trips like yourselves in a couple of years with my wife ,and assume it would be convenient for washing and also fun but don’t know if I could do it man. Also just lookin out for ya.

  4. Out of curiosity how are you receiving tv or is it internet so far out?
    Or is this downloaded when in the marina

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  5. A great video, really nice. It’s good to be treated to a wonderful resort. Bora Bora looks beautiful. La Vagabond is an excellent sailboat. She’s held up well for all the miles she has sailed.

  6. Riles, curious what apps you’re utilizing on your phone/notepad for navigation. Also, where do you get your info for anchorage, moorings, etc (in the latest episode you were reading about the Cook Islands). Would like to also know if you download prior to setting off or what exactly. Thanks mate. ~JJ

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  7. Thanks Riley and Elayna

    It was great to see you both enjoying yourselves and what beautiful locations you have been too.

    The camera work is good and putting it all together is hard work so well done both of you.

    I make films myself and edit them so I know how hard it can be

    Lots of Love and best wishes


  8. A great video, really nice. Bora Bora is wery beautifull for a honeymoon you deserve it. Kep sending those great videos, I’m traveling with you. Love from Paulo. Rio de Janeiro.

  9. Hi you guys!
    As everyone i love your videos and view on life!!
    Regarding trash. I know that space is lacking on most yacht. But i have a trash compactor on mine and it is amazing how much you can get in it. It will even break wine bottles. Just a thought. And if you decide to go this route on your new cat? You might have them make the trash locker to fit the size of compactor bags you chose.
    Also i am sure that someone has suggested using a app called anchor alert to keep track of your yacht movement at anchor.

    You guys are truly a inspiration!


  10. Hey guys!
    First of all, thank you so much for inspiring me! I just went on my first one-handed sailing trip yesterday and ist was a blast. The sun came out which is very unusual for this time of the year here in Switzerland. One of the best days in my life so far.

    But – there is one very important thing I need to know: What’s the name of the song in the very end? You already used it in “Island Hopping Los Roques” (my personal favourite because “The best thing about having a yacht is to be able to walk straight off the back, dive into the ocean and instantly cure a hangover.”) it doesn’t seem to be very well known since shazam doesn’t recognise it and you never mention it in the credits

    Without this crucial information – I believe I’ll never make it to the oceans:-P

      1. Thank you so much! I gotta admit, I am a little starstruck right now, because you guys are very much my idols <3 I wish you all the best!!!

        Greetings from Switzerland

        PS: shame we got no coast to the sea, so the vagabonde will never reach our shores πŸ™ but If you want to visit Switzerland anyway it would be an honour for me to show you around, feel free to email me anytime πŸ™‚

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