The Girls Came to Visit the Boat! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 56

Finally, some much needed girl time onboard La Vagabonde. Sorry! Meet my friends Lili and Jodie from Australia. Along with getting up to a little bit (a lot) of mischief onboard, we explore the island of Tahiti, get a haul out and take you on a few little adventures around the town. Thanks for watching and I hope you like this video humans 🙂

Made with love,

Song Credits:
00:34 Crimson Lullaby – Elcee
01:33 Flowers – Asher Krohn
03:08 I Think I’ll be Going Home – Trent Herzman
06:40 Neverland – Water Park
09:33 Bird – Getgogetter (I love you Paul.)
10:38 In the End – Saving Change
11:41 Fallin’ All the Time – Dominic Bennett
13:11 Northern Lights – Dominic Bennett
13:41 Beach – Cup Danger
14:22 Back to the West – Asher Krohn

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  1. I’m going on a four day sail in the gulf of Thailand TODAY because I’ve been inspired by your videos! Thank you both, you’re an inspiration to me and thousands of others that want to live the life. Please keep putting out these fun and inspirational videos, maybe we’ll meet while cruising the big blue one day. Fair winds and Thank you for motivating and inspiring me.

  2. Always nice when the wife brings some girl friends out for a few days, they smell and look better in their bikinis than blokes.
    Hint for Riley wear sun glasses less chance of getting into trouble for looking the wrong direction??
    Have fun
    Steve and Kay

    1. Haha! I wore sunglasses all the time when in Hawaii. The wife caught on after a while though. Riley is one lucky man! On a sailboat with three beautiful ladies is many a man’s dream!

  3. So envious of you guys. I love seeing you two having your dream come true. I hope you have many adventures and even more so when you get the Catamaran in Feb. Love you both. Stay safe.

    Hugs to You both ..


  4. You guys sure are party animals, not at all what I’ve been led to believe. 😉 Looks like you all are having a great time. Papeete sure has changed quite a lot since I passed through there. So much bigger now.

    Journey on!

    — Elaine

  5. I guess you both already know that for all of us that for whatever reason can’t live the life that you are living. Though we would like to, we are living our lives vicariously through you guys. You are almost like heroes. I want your life so much.

    Elanya, I like that you are including more music in all you videos, And I incourage you to include more of your music in the videos. I have already explained how easy it is to record your own songs. So I’m guessing that you get that. So I’ll only say in Flashman’s words “courage and shuffle the cards”

  6. Watched this episode and I asked my hubby why do they want to install a sauna when they’ll be getting a catamaran and he said ‘ sonar dear , not a sauna’. Lol.
    You are one happy couple, keep on sailing and we will keep watching!

    1. Post
  7. I always enjoy the videos of you guys having fun. I have spent a bit of time around Tahiti, it was good to see it again, looks like Papeete has grown a bit since I was there!

    Looking forward to seeing some of the other islands

    By the way, I always chuckle at your opening sequence. It reminds me of my old Latin teacher who instilled into us the idea that ”Carpe Diem” means ”Fish of the Day”!

    I see you have replaced the fishing rod, so hopefully we will see some more ”Carpe Diem”

  8. This human is smiling now that I’ve watched this episode. Keep them coming! You guys are an inspiration to countless humans around the world.

  9. Great Stuff !! You fellas are like a Good Red Wine, your getting better with every video !!
    Elayna, you and your girlfriends are obviously great mates !! What a way to catch up with each other !!
    Cheers !!

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