The intentional removal of sagacity or the great tooth rescue, up to you. (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 32

We tied off La Vaga securely in the marina in Cartagena and hugged the jetty after our not so pleasant sail from Santa Marta. It was good to be land bound again for a while! We caught up with some of the crew from the Netflix show ‘Narcos’ (cheers Jo and Jeff for an amazing dinner, you guys are the bomb) and explored the streets of this beautiful city. All the fun we had been having ran my immune system right down and poor old Elay had to get a wisdom tooth pulled out. A huge thank you to Yolita and Wolfram/our Colombian parents for hosting us and making our lives THAT much easier. You have the most kindest hearts and we thank you for opening up your home to us. Until we meet again!! Keep racing you crazy cats 🙂 Fair winds always. 

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  1. Discovered you guys about a month ago or so on YouTube. I love your boat, your attitudes, Riley’s confidence on the water, Elay’s resourcefulness, it’s all beautiful and fun and most of all inspiring.

    This video made me look you guys up. Classic stuff.

    You guys have officially inspired me to pursue my life on the water. I’m now actively searching, listening, feeeeeling for my own boat but there are so many to choose from, how does one decide?

    Y’all hold fast. I’ll stay tuned. Cheers!

  2. What can I say, another great video..I had a tear in my eye for I know the pain you went thru Elayna. As always I’m looking forward to next weeks adventure…keep em coming. Fair winds my friends….Dave.

  3. Great episode!
    I hurt so much to see Elayna in such pain. I remember bouts with my wisdom teeth, though I had very good dentists each time and didn’t suffer so much afterward (thanks to chemistry!).
    I’m so envious of your travels. I can’t go so well anymore, but it sure does me good to see you guys having fun, even if I’m not dancing and eating interesting local dishes.
    If things pick up a bit I’ll try to add a bit to your account and enough to send me a very tiny souvenir of some sort.
    In the meantime, keep the camera handy; nothing you do is boring to us, just being there and seeing you guys is always a treat!
    Love and laughter,

  4. None of my wisdom teeth have come out yet. I’m dreading that day, LOL. I have to laugh now, I know later i’ll be like, Soooo crying. If you let some of your tears fall into the ocean, Mermaids will be guiding you everywhere safely.
    It’s great to meet people that you can carry on a regular convo with and have fun. All the beautiful places you two have seen, are only dreams right now. Hopefully in a few years, I’ll be there. Take care, have fun, safe run.. <3's ya both….

  5. Olá, foi muito bom receber noticias de vocês, extrair siso é comum, aconteceu 4 vezes comigo.
    Parabéns por manter esse maravilhoso canal no youtube,
    Bons Ventos

  6. Hey guy’s another ripper!!!

    Riley you are a crack up! Best tourist doco presenter ever hahahh
    I was stuck between laughing and crying with you Elay wisdom teeth what a biarch…

    Safe travels until the next episode, my merchandise pack arrived cheers,

  7. So excited to see you guys sailing around the San Blas islands! Ive been to Bocas Del Toro a few times, (which is also amazing)! and always wanted to visit San Blas. Hope you guys have a great time . You deserve it after that bad tooth business.
    Safe travels, stay salty.

  8. Great episode even though there wasnt any sailing ( that is why I normally tune in to your videos.”) Would you please share the cost of the dentistry? Health care costs abroad is one the things I am trying to plan for when we start cruising.

  9. You were a real trooper, Elayna. You’re beautiful even when you cry.

    Riley, as a drone pilot for the past 7 years, I’ve built and tested many models and helped in some of the R&D that is used in today’s drones. I would recommend the phantom 3 by DJI. You’ll get better quality footage and much more advanced stabilization and ease of control. If you’re worried about the water, then get the splash drone by Urban Drones. I’ve worked with both DJI and Urban Drones. Both good companies with good products. Cheers to you both.

  10. Can you ask Jeff what class at Haverford he was? I saw his shirt when you all picked him up. I’m a current Haverford student so it’d be really cool to know!

  11. Where is bilgey, bring back bilgey. No bilgey then no wind, I will speak to Huey
    Got it? No bilgey=no windy
    U have 48 hours to come up with super bilge……. Dig?

  12. I really enjoy watching you guys and youre adventures. I really sympathised with Elayna with your tooth. I had a cracked molar last christmas and had to put up with the incredible pain for nearly a month before I could get in to see a dentist to have it removed
    I am so envious seeing your adventures and I love watching all your videos. I always dreamed of a life at sea. Unfortunately It will never happen as I now have a disability and can no longer work so even just trying to have the spare bucks to go fishing doesnt happen very often. But thats life. I think you two are wonderful and very inspiring and I love the way you also just have fun. Thats what life is all about. I wish you smooth sailing, awesome sunsets and sunrises and calm seas ( with enough wind for your sails 🙂 ).

  13. Veldig bra episode, burde kanskje trekke tenner før langtur :-). That`s on Norwegian 😉

    1. How wonderful, i love coconut. The texture looks fabulous! The ineidgrents here are very similar to american coconut macaroons except for the potato starch. I wonder how that effects it.

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