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  1. Railey when are you going to propose Elayna? We are weiting since you got the Cat. Cherrs from Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

  2. Am I the only one waiting for the “proper” proposal on the Cat? It should have been you two. It was lovely that your friends hooked up but maybe not the one all your viewers were hoping for. The Cat should be blessed for the first time with yours and Elayna’s engagement .

    1. Hi, yes it would be delightful to see those two getting married right on board! But, I think it’s Elayna afraid of marriage because of parents break up! Elayna , my parents broke up too! But I have been happily married for 35 years to a divorce attorney! You can make it work by wanting it to work! You both adore each other! Don’t let each other go!

  3. And I say this with much love. My husband and I have watched your vlogs from day one. And have watched them again from the start at least twice. You’ve inspired us to buy a boat and sail. We are invested in your daily life. Love you!

  4. A little disappointed Elayna and Riley were not the ones getting engaged. Oh well, maybe Riley is worried about what Elayna would say.

  5. So Riley when are you going to ask Elayna?. Just got married myself two years ago. And must tell you its been good. Love gets a whole different dimention. Wish you both all the best and lots of love from Holland.

  6. Hi all the weather looks lovely, I now remember what the sun looks like ha ha. Congrats to the new couple. You mislead us all thinking you were popping the question, come on Riley cant be happy all your life. Devastated to see you not drinking Guinness in an Irish bar, it does grow on you ( the taste ) anyway I could teach you all about that drink. Keep up the good work.

  7. Elay, what is it going to take to get Riley to propose to you? Maybe a sweet love song on your guitar, a long rum infused talk… What is his problem? You are both perfect for each other, can’t you see that. You have been for a long time. Riley, where are you going to find a more beautiful perfect girlfriend to make your wife. What’s your problem, mate?!?

  8. Congrats to the wonderful couple! You are all living such a great life! Keep on truckin’ just the way you are!! Riley and Elayna, I feel as if I know you guys as friends from way back. Good times, and good times ahead! Fair winds and following seas! – the mountain pirate.

  9. So I suppose the obvious question is…when Riley?? I’m mean seriously bro, your not going to find a better first mate!

  10. A wonderful evolution in a wonderful adventure, a vicarious outlet for hundreds of us. Where will the place be for this Great event? Absolute best of everything to you both.

  11. Great vlog! It’s a no brainer mate. You and El are meant for one another. Just do us a favor – get some one else to hold the video cam when you do.

  12. God, I love these wonderful people but it’s hard watching without feeling an ache, wondering why he doesn’t honor her by asking for her hand in marriage. I’m no prude but come on, you’ve led her to invest everything in you, including your child, and you won’t go all-in for her? Damn, WHAT MORE are you looking for? She’s all-in for you! Or…..fine, go ahead, don’t do it, “see how things work out” and “keep your options open” which dishonors her each day. Evade honor, let it slip past and maybe her as well. I really love these people and what they’re doing but find myself quite perplexed, uneasy, beginning to approach anger at this state of affairs.

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