The Most Beautiful Child Mummy in the World! Rosalia Lombardo

Meet the most beautiful child mummy in the world, Rosalia Lombardo. She lays near THOUSANDS of preserved humans in the 4 corridors beneath the Capuchin Church – Palermo, Sicily for all to see. Rosalia died of pneumonia on December 6, 1920. Rosalia’s father Mario Lombardo was devastated by her death and approached Alfredo Salafia, an embalmer, to preserve her. The eldest mummy dates back to 1599 up until Rosalia, the last to be embalmed in 1920.The embalming procedure consisted of formalin to kill bacteria, alcohol to dry the body, glycerin to keep her from overdrying, salicylic acid to kill fungi, and the most important ingredient, zinc salts (zinc sulfate and zinc chloride) to give the body rigidity.

Hope you found it as interesting as I did

Elayna xo

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  1. Thank you-great summary! I know Riley found it very confronting but I am intrigued and amazed…and having had 4 kidlets can understand (to a degree) the idea of embalming.
    Thanks Elayna xx

  2. I saw a video of this mummy on YouTube I was astonished to see how beautiful she was! Even though I never saw her I bet she was really beautiful when she was alive! ??

  3. Rosalia, don’t open your eyes again.We scare,and I have been killed because your eyes very scary

  4. So sad. Glad you followed up on the story. I commented on the video when it first came out. I sided with Riley on the debate over showing the bodies. I still feel that way. Having children and grandchildren myself, I can’t imagine the magnitude of the loss Mr. Lombardo felt. Still, I feel conflicted about having her body on display. I wouldn’t want my body displayed for eternity and the child certainly, at her age, had the option of what to do after she died. I do recognize though it was a different time with different beliefs.

    Love your video’s.

  5. I agree with Riley on this one……. Death, especially that of a child, should be a personal matter just shared/grieved amongst close family and friends. Leaving it for public view and display I feel is disrespectful to everyone involved. Taking pictures is even more disrespectful. I would never take my young children to see this either and he was right about that as well. Rest in Peace should mean exactly that! I guess to each their own though…..

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