The Music of Whitehaven Beach. Episode 89

Hello Vagabonds! On this weeks episode of SLV we take a look at the beautiful Whitehaven Beach, and what a sight it is. The senses are definitely being treated this week with not only beautiful images for your eyeballs, but some great tunes to listen to as well. If you haven’t seen the latest video you can check it out here;

This weeks featured musicians have absolutely blown us away with their brilliant original music, our videos simply would not be the same without the sweet, sweet tunes that back it. So please help us support these amazing people by having a little read of the below information, following their links, liking and sharing this post and listening to them on this weeks SoundCloud playlist, available absolutely free. It’s the least we could do for these talented artists since they have sent in their music for us to use, so please, help us to help them.

Conjugal Visit

C-Visit is the solo side project of Paul Daddario, originally in the indie rock group Farmertan. Writing mostly a chill out  style of indie acoustic folk music, he lays very warm vocal tracks down which manage entirely to fill in all the spaces. His Soundcloud page features a selection of original music, outtakes and extras from the main band and even the occasional cover from the likes of The Strokes, Pixies and Eagles of Death Metal. “Made for listening IN HEADPHONES, while walking down urban side streets, under overcast ennui laden skies”.



Keisuke Yoshiura

Keisuke found his introduction to music when he heard the Beatles back in junior high school. A young Japanese man from Kyoto, he was heavily influenced by Western music from an early age. He found the inspiration to begin playing at first electric guitar in hardcore bands, eventually to how he performs today as a solo acoustic guitarist. Honing his skills by following fellow musicians on YouTube, he began to develop his own unique style of playing, incorporating many different techniques into his songs, such as finger-picking, body-hitting, tapping and even playing in irregular tunings. In 2012 Keisuke released his first original EP, ‘Daydream Deliver’ and went on to perform at the Canadian Guitar Festival in Kingston.


Kalun Townsend –

19 year old singer-songwriter Kalun Townsend is steadily building a fanbase not only on the Central Coast where he’s living, but around the world. Featuring a dreamy and euphoric style of indie acoustic music, his debut EP “Lessons” has been getting plenty of play. Getting his start by performing for school events, he has steadily gained popularity through his continuous experimentation and development of his unique writing style. As a student of sound production its apparent his talents are being used to their full extent, producing a polished and articulate blend of original music.


Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and all around good guy Anthony Helm is a master of the strings, writing songs with the inclusion of several different instruments such as the mandolin, ukulele, banjo and guitar. His honest vocals soar against nicely written melodies and take you to the emotive core of each song. Check him out on Soundcloud!






Chase McBride…

Chase is a singer-songwriter hailing from San Francisco in California. Having transitioned to a more mature and honest style of writing in recent times, including uncomplicated and beautifully flowing musical arrangements, he has begun garnering quite an impressive following. Adding to this he has found success among the charts, notably his inclusion in the Spotify playlists Weekly Buzz, Viral 50 Usa and Viral 50 Global. Chase successfully released his third full-length album, ‘Cold Water’ on January 18, 2017.



Hugo Cottu

Thanks for stopping by Vagabonds, and a massive thanks to this weeks featured artists from episode 89 of SLV. It would mean the world to us if you helped us spread the word about these great musicians so everyone has the chance to enjoy their art. All it takes is a like, a share, a comment, and a listen, who knows who might be inspired by what they hear.

Until next time,


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  1. Elay, Riles, why haven’t you explored my web site to listen to my music? It only takes a second or two to log in and stream some of my songs. I can’t afford to post on Soundcloud so this is my alterative method to posting my music for free. Please try to connect and listed to some of my music.
    Love, your patreon, James.

  2. Riles, I prowdly display my ‘SLV’ sticker on my lap top and when people come up and ask, ‘what is that’ I tell them all about the La Vagabounde adventure’s I have followed for 1-1/2 years, steer them toward your web site and let them explorer for themselves what you are doing. Some will go, some will not, some will embrace the freedom and some will remain on land.

  3. LOVE ALL THE LISTED grand son plays similair stuff ,these guys
    are way ahead .
    A scouser that grew up with all that 60s stuff.

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