The Reason We Sailed 20,000 Nautical Miles! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 54

Yep. We sailed more than half way around the world so that we could get to one of the most un touched and magical places on earth. Riley finally speared his first Dogtooth Tuna. We are a couple of very happy little vegemites. Join us in Apataki – Tuamotus, one of our favourite sailing destinations thus far. Made with love by Elayna (starring Riley) hello and cheers from us!

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Thank you guys!!!

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

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  1. I’m putting my boat together for my sailing trip to the South Pacific.
    I too had leaks everytime it rained.
    I don’t know if you can find this stuff where you are but I used a product called Flex Seal. It is in a spray can and is either clear or black. I used the clear on all of my port holes where the housing goes through the hull.
    All the leaks were stopped in one application using just one can of the spray.
    My boat is a 1981 42 foot sloop that had water falls in side every time it rained. Hope you can find the stuff where you are, or something that works as well.
    Keep up the inspiring videos.

  2. For your leaks use Flex Seal. It is a spray sealer that really works. I used it on my boat and it stopped all leaks with 1 application.

  3. Such a great editing job! Love that clip with Elayna diving straight down with Riley at the dingy… Thank you for providing these videos.

  4. Congrats on the Dogfish!!!! Good on you! Another fantastic video as usual,I keep adding places to go and things to do to my sailing list thanks to you guys!Elay very impressive voice,you will go far in life.I think Riley is growing on you I can tell how he looks at you! Cheers mate can’t wait till next week Jay

  5. Two comments.
    One: ‘Help keep our Production free’. – by sending money. If I send money, then it wasn’t free, atleast not for me! (tongue in cheek, I love you guys)
    Two: You were mentioned by a member of Cruisers’ Forum, and a crusty crab on the site replied “Weren’t they that upper middle class entitled couple from Europe who do Yoga and are pretentious in their Hedo lyfestyle semi-porn vanity blog production, always exagerating their accomplishments.” He was straightened out on the simple fact that he did not know who he was talking about, but I find it funny people with too much money begrudge those who figure out how to have this life without being rich. Keep on keepin’ on!

  6. Its so great to see you both enjoying life and so much in love…Do you know how LUCKY you both are? I can’t wait to see the next video and see what I’m missing in life….cheers…

  7. Guys, you missed the best bit of Apataki! Alfreds place on the other side of the lagoon, maybe an hour away. Pity! Cheers, Rod (Tintin, 2003)

  8. Hi guys

    Great Video as always, and nice shooting (both Video and Fish)

    Was that surf at Tikehau? can you hook me up with the Yank on the 50 footer that does some charters?


  9. Now catch a catfish and watch them chase each other around the deck. Enjoy. What beautiful images. Keep at it and enjoy each day as it presents itself.

  10. Your the man well done Riley you two area great team.

    Thank you for a great video.

    Best Wishes


  11. We have put house on market at the end of our five year plan to sail away. Found your vlogs earlier this year and find them down to earth and open. I am just getting over stomach & oesophogeal cancer after chemotherapy and a 12 hour surgery in 2015! Thank you you being so natural and vulnerable which gives inspiration to other. I have been sailing since 1990 and continue to be depressed by the entitled few who seem irritated by others less financially blessed. We will, hopefully, set off early to mid 2017 and will be cruising on a limited budget too! Fair winds you two.

  12. Congrats on your trophy !…(couldn’t have done it without Elay ! )…Fair weather and Smooth sailing you two !

  13. Fantastic and inspiring video. Riley, you’ve mentioned that LaVagabonde is too big on several occasions, I’m going to buy a boat next year, what size would you recommend for cruising the world? Elana, you’re beautiful, fun and really make quality videos. I love the music choices you make.


  14. Thank you for the great video. Wish I was there to see the big fish being speared. Fantastic video as always. Fair winds and following seas, love from Paulo in Rio de Jsneiro, Brasil.

  15. Well done kids…we too commented on the “Elayna diving straight down with Riley at the dingy” shot….Amazing.

  16. Hey there guys – when are you going to sail the Indian ocean – and come to Richards Bay South Africa ? I trust you are having a good time. be blessed and God be with you

  17. good luck guys…..god bless u both…. just wondering how I could get one of your t. shirts size large and how to purchase it….god bless u both… Richard.. St. Augustine florida

  18. whats up guys …hope im doing this right I sent u a message on how to get one off your t. shirts size large… I may not have done it right..please get back with me… and good luck..god bless Richard from florida

  19. Hi or “Hello Mate”, I have lived in Venice,CA all my life (65 yrs) but disabled with a blimey 🙂 bad foot. Anyhow; I found the trials a tribulations of La Vagabonde with you two nuts 🙂 that inspire me & put a smile on my face!!! I am on Episode “You just crossed the Pacific” My hats off to your Dad Riley, flying to ?? to assist with the crossing, he seems to be a GOOD Man & a big help. I am a Father of four w/ seven Grand kids, & one Great One, I am a Lucky One since they all turned out wonderful, I have seen other sites of ones sailing/crossing & have not watched, I do not believe they can be as good as yours.
    So; keep on sailing, best of fortune & health plus hope ya catch more FISH!!! Oh yes, what the heck does “Dodgy” mean? Just looked up in Urban dictionary, Brit’s word for shady plus…… Take Care & Cheers. Joe

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