The Right Music (Episode 96)

Hello Vagabonds and a big welcome to Sailing La Vagabonde Music, where we feature and discuss the new and original music we’ve found from all around the globe. If you love music as much as we do, you might be happy to find some interesting information about the artist we have featured on our YouTube series. Speaking of YouTube, the latest episode it is available right here and its a goody!

In case you didn’t know, we have a SoundCloud account as well. Follow us there to find out what music we’re listening to, find access to all of the artists we’ve featured on the show and check out our weekly music playlists. This weeks is embedded right here just for you.

Be sure to follow the links to the very talented featured musicians! The purpose of this blog is to share them with you, so you can share them with your friends and family, who might share them with their friends and family and maybe eventually the whole world will be lucky enough to hear this excellent music. Then the aliens might catch our cosmic vibrations and decide earth isn’t such a crazy place to visit at all. One can dream.

Onward dear Vagabonds!


Sneakout –

Learning one instrument is hard, but I can’t even imagine the work load of multi-instrumentalist Bobby Fleming. The writer, performer, producer and recorder of Sneakout music targets the rebels and rule breakers among us all with a crisp and psychedelic new wave style of rock. Infectious and energetic, Bobby’s music has found me tapping a foot and bobbing a head. At the same time.




Land of Trees –

Land of Trees are an indie-folk band from Sweden drawing inspiration from mother nature and artists the likes of Ben Howard, Passenger and Mumford and Sons. The softly spoken three piece consists of Marcus, Daniel and Pontus who write enjoyable and melodic songs using stalwart folk instruments like the acoustic guitar, banjo and harmonica. Have a listen in the embedded SoundCloud player and don’t forget to follow these guys for more sweet original music.


Seafoam Sweater Girl…

Beautifully raw, Seafoam Sweater Girl records her songs lo-fi and in one take. Despite no professional quality recordings, she manages to create lovely guitar sing alongs which we just love to listen to. Honestly I think the lo-fi and raw quality of this music only adds to its charm and represents a style that tends to be lacking in indie-folk recordings. Especially from artists that still sound great no matter what medium they record with.



Old Sea Brigade

Creative music to help clear external distractions and invigorate introspection, Ben Cramer constructs gorgeously intimate folk-rock. Dusky vocals characterise each well crafted song while undemanding and mastered guitar tones float softly amidst the beat of a pulsing drum. Old Sea Brigade have recently released the EP ‘Wash Me Away’ which is definitely worth a listen or ten.



We hope you enjoyed this weeks cherry-picked selection of brilliant new music, sent to us direct from new artists world-wide. Without their special musical contribution the SLV videos would be lacking the good vibes that we currently enjoy placing into each hand crafted episode. Please don’t forget to follow the links to their pages and help us spread the word! All it takes is a like, a follow and a share. Let us know what you think in the comment section, we would love to hear from you guys!

Until next week,




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  1. Oh yes – even an ol fella like me loves your picks, Seafoam, love her trax, Sneakout, good to work with music.

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