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Hey guys. We recently had a friendly little chat with our friend Ryan from the Creative Journal Podcast. If you guys would like to hear our voices for 50 minutes or so, give this a play!

We talk a bit about our lives before ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ and cover a range of topics of our lives now onboard and what it’s been like sailing together around the globe 🙂

Check it out here

Listen to it when your driving to work… or on the toilet. Up to you.

Enjoy mates!

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  1. Loved it! I have a question I wonder if you know the answer… I like the floor plans of the Beneteau sailboats. Do you know why the Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria boats and the like are so similar? Are they the same manufacturer? I’ve tried to research this online and haven’t found a clear answer… Cheers!

    1. Beneteau and Jeanneau are made by the same manufacturer. Bavaria is a totally separate company out of Germany. theres also Élan and Harmony to name a few! All very good boats in my opinion for the price!! ??

  2. Awesome clip you two!! I have what may seem a weird question for Riley. In the clip you said you changed the bots name to La Vagabonde from another name!! My weird question being a boater all my life. Did you do the funky name change plea to the GODS? I will admit it may sound funny. But I’ve done this to all the boats I’ve had!! Never a bad thing has happened YET lol!! Keep it up. You two are Awesome. Elay keep it up with the great videos. I’ll be waiting for the album!! Safe travels and enjoy your time hope with family and friends!!


  3. It’s not their boat, or their sailing, it’s their eye contact. It’s their charisma. It’s their mojo, their magic, I can see on the videos. You both have the magic. You both could make gardening or a worm farm magic and exciting. It’s not the subject, it’s your magic. It’s the windows of your soul, your eyes. I hope you guys make a beautiful baby. I want to see if that magic is transmitted to your babies eyes. I think it will be. Make it happen Riley. Impregnate Elayna. Make a baby. You will make a beautiful baby. Make that baby happen. One plus one is three. Love to you both. I have a house near Tampa and have houses in Minnesota. Hope to get a boat in Florida to mimic your trip but only around Florida and in Caribbean. Love to you both. John from Minnesota and Florida.

    1. You got it , it is their charisma and natural happiness that makes those videos so great and fun. I wish they would wear a harness once in a while, having sailed across the Atlantic myself i know how easy you could fall over board. Happy and safe sailing to both of them.

  4. I have to request that you two write a book!!!
    About everything to do with sailing! Maybe 1/3 Riley writes 1/3 elayna writes and the last 1/3 you write together!!! I would buy that book in a heart beat

  5. Without Indian ocean (most pirate infested waters on earth) sailing “around the world” sounds bit empty, more like sailing all over Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean & South Pacific.

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