A Families Plan to Sail the World!

This is our families plan to sail the world.

Song Credits: 00:00 Ahead of Me – HUFRIKhttps://soundcloud.com/hufrik 01:55 Echo – Saint-Nobodyhttps://soundcloud.com/saint-nobody 03:05 Spuren im Sand – Windspielhttps://windspiel.bandcamp.com/ 05:26 Last Year’s Winter – Saint-Nobodyhttps://soundcloud.com/saint-nobody 10:24 Song I cover: John Lennon – Mother

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  1. Great looking couple keep up the good work love what you’re doing keep posting videos think it’s awesome traveling around the world doing what you’re doing different places different cultures it’s awesome

  2. SOS. Please forgive me, I’ve been a fan from the beginning But I find myself getting scared and sad when I see Lenny with no life jack and mom and dad with no jacket while Lenny is on the tender or outside of the cabin. Also walking around town just carrying hime with out harness or carseat type carry case/ stroller.

    I believe being from Australia VS USA you two are more active and loose with rules or over worrying things. I know you must have considered everything but why are you sailing around now with a baby is this real common? I just feel sad and concern for you 3. Perhaps you have some real safeguards I don’t know about I haven’t watched every video lately and perhaps you spoke of such the safeguards. You have info saying life jackets are unsafe for babies, but there should be something to help protect him. Even the mom or dad holding Lenny in the tender.

    This is not written to make you feel bad and I know these same issues were talked about in the past for you two adults is this life of sailing needed now. Would people watch if you lived on land and traveled around the world with Lenny? I think people would tune in until he get’s a little older. Feel free to delete this if you wish.

    Be safe,

    A grumpy old man, Kevin A.

  3. ??. Riley, love the ‘I lied about my age’ comment…. classic

    What age did you say?

  4. We love watching your videos. You guys make us smile ? every time we watch you. Such a fun, loving couple and Lenny! ? happy explorers – don’t stop sharing your awesome videos!

    Sounds like fate brought you two together ?

    Stay safe xxx

  5. You’ve probably already passed by Daytona Beach by now on your way south, but if you haven’t give us a wave. Love all your videos. It seems like Lenny is developing his motor skills on a daily basis in the last few posts. Fun to watch him grow!! Best wishes for safe journeys.

  6. Glad you visited St. Augustine, a great place to explore with a little history to boot. Safe travels especially with the little peanut Lenny. As always truly enjoy your videos/travels looking forward to many more adventures. Highly recommend porting @ the Cape (Cape Cod). Lots to do, only thing the water is coooold but lobsters & steamers are cheap and good. Full sails & safe passage 🙂
    Sean D

    John F. Kennedy: “All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back from whence we came.”

  7. Love what you guys are doing. I’ve been on the water most of my life but in motor yachts. Except when i was a kid sailing sunfish.. Want to get back to sailing soon. U have been an inspiration. Thank you.

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