The Things That Went Wrong (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 96

Remember how I said “nothing bad has happened yet”?. Well, we had a streak of bad luck. In the scheme of things I guess it was really nothing too hectic, but still a lot to happen over 24 hours. To brighten things up we interview Rich and Trish sailing in their 37ft sloop they renovated themselves! What legends. Thanks for the stories guys. Read Trish’s blog here!

Song Credits:
00:12 Never Forget – Wild Wind – (Land of Trees? TBC)
05:50 This Morning – Sea Foam Sweater Girl
7:30 All the Same – Old Sea Brigade
08: 37 Pull My Hair – Sneakout
10:44 Light Me Up – Sneakout

Videos made by Elayna & Daniel

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Comments 15

  1. I like the way Daniel is becoming part of the crew and his personality is coming through more. Fun times.

  2. Your vessel does not if any. At all. Have any protection from
    The weather No Bimini top no dodger No curtains And I don’t understand the helm chair being out in the open standing by it self port and starboard
    Word of advice from one who’s has thousands of miles on the open ocean. The sun ☀️. Will kill you in time you are young
    And beautiful. Protect yourself from it now while you can You will regret it in the years. To come Skin cancer !!!!!!!!
    Good. Sailing guys Capt taylor. Beaufort. N.c

  3. The Sneak Out links send to some guy’s YouTube page. Just a heads up.

    Thanks for the music. Much appreciated.

  4. here is some interesting reading for you google marine survey 101 its very informative and even though LaVagabonde is new you can pick up a few ideas maybe .. Love you guys and am following you everywhere I am in oz getting my boat readt for the whitsundays cheers Phil

  5. Daniel, it would be good if you look where you are going when driving the rib 🙂 Love watching you guys.

  6. Hey guys, so sad we missed you in Majorca this time. It’s so unreal watching you mooring in the same spots as we do & shopping in the same stores 🙂 Also last year we where hit by a boat in the exact same mooring las Illetas next to the fancy Marina Portals.

  7. Do not use rope and chain as you main anchoring system. Scope: min chain out under any circumstances 20m, even if in 2m of water. Then always aim for a scope of 7 and shorten this only if you absolutely must. If you are in “difficult” circumstances all the rules go out the window. I once lay to a scope of 10, engine on and maintained an anchor watch. That same night the skipper of a $10m Swan for some reason used Spectra in his Anchor set up and took the bow off the boat. He escaped by dropping the anchor and motoring out of the atoll into the open ocean. Luckily he had recorded his course into the anchorage and could exactly back track out again, avoiding all the bommies in the dark. Never trust boats upwind of you. Anyway, you guys have already sailed across the Pacific. I would assume all this is second nature to you.

  8. Sorry to hear about your run-in with the other boats – sounds like everything is OK, though.

    Do you put back in to Outremer at the end of the shake-down cruise?

    Safe sailing, and all the best.

  9. Hi guys! Thank you again for your YouTube vids. I really enjoy watching you do what I never will! Makes my day when I get a notification and I wear my Lavagabonde tshirt with pride! Xxxx

    1. Post
  10. Editing kind of choppy in parts of this video. Your vids are best when you linger on less instead of showing more. So sorry you did not show us the most pretentious place ever. I think I like your rustic destinations better than the posh. Think you do too. It’s interesting watching you adjust to the new different boat and the presence of crew. Always more to learn, n’est-ce pas? Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming.

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