The time we met Sailing Legend Jimmy Cornell!! Ep. 85

Still living on a sail boat that we still couldn’t sail yet, we set off for an adventure on land to go and meet Jimmy Cornell who was in Paris. What a man. Thanks for taking the time in giving us all of your advise for future sail routes Jimmy! and of course for the stories as well! Join us in Ep. 85 on our little French road trip as we checkout some incredible castles and climb some rocks. Much love people xo

Song Credits:
00:00 Elegy – August and After
00:19 No Body gets me Down – Krijn Vos
01:14 No Body gets me Down – Krijn Vos
03:04 Mountainman – Krijn Vos
05:31 Butterfly – Windspiel
08:59 Mountainman – Krijn Vos
16:08 No Body gets me Down – Krijn Vos

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Comments 11

  1. I don’t know guys , after those stories at the end, I might be inclined to get off that boat and go back to the old Vagabond (mono hull). Kiddin around, thanks for sharing ALL the stories

  2. I’m planning on a sail to Ireland from Toronto Canada, as soon as I get my 40 foot Bayfield. And afterwards who knows ⛵⚓♻

  3. You guys are so awesome! Keep living your (and all of our) dreams. You two have something great here and keep up the great videos.

  4. That must have been quite something when suddenly Melania showed up for a picture. 🙂

  5. Hi guys, What are you waiting for to leave La Grande Motte?
    Are there still issues with the ownership of the boat or insurance?
    I know that in France some things take time, but how long does it take?
    I can imagine that you are eager to set sail.

  6. Nice travelogue around Carcassonne! I guess not many ducks go there voluntarily …

    Well done on the rock climbing, both of you! Those rock faces are deceptive – they don’t look that high from the ground, but Elayna when you were up there and showed us how high you were … strewth!

    And those sailing stories … almost as spooky as the one behind the book “And The Sea Will Tell”.

    Cheers and safe sailing,


  7. 85 (as usual) is a fantastic video! Thanks for taking the time to fully explain where you are, including the history and historic places . These videos allow us to “sail” our cube-ies around with you to places we will probably never see again – a great escape.
    Riley, Thanks for including the dark part. The stories are interesting and intriguing. They keep the flame burning.
    Elayna, you must be an Angel, and have no worries – my guess is you have a million followers now and are like family to all of them.

  8. To me you are my friends, evening relaxation and my subject of nightly dreams. Boats, the sea , meals for a king all are loved and dreamed of every night,. Yes life has to be lived and you both are living the life many people missed. Well done both and no matter the issues you both face — stay in love ❤️ .

  9. Preparing a Hallberg Rassy 42E at Hamble Point marina in the UK for a voyage to the Med. Plan to leave early June. See you in Greece.

  10. Hello Elyna and Riley,
    I’M Missing the original “LaVagabonda”, and I think others are too.?
    …. I hope the “Outremer” are not going to make you story Go stale!

    Any chance of you coming along to Italy, we’re hoping to leave for Sardegna in July, how about coming along!!!

    Take care, and try and escape that awful cement marina!
    Ciaooo Fiona & Nello. S/v Nefi

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