The time we saw a FLYING DINGHY! When did this become a thing?! [Ep. 110]

I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a FLYING DINGHY fly past my window as I was having a shower onboard. Being out at sea and out of range a lot of the time, we seem to miss out on the launching of the latest technologies/fashion/tv shows.. so we were quite shocked to see such a contraption fly by, one mellow afternoon. Someone please fill me in?? What is the deal? Leave us a comment.
Elayna xo

Song Credits:
00:17 Casting a Shadow – Heeblay
01:28 Jack the Weatherman – Rock Bottom
04:10 Jack the Weatherman – Rock Bottom
05:32 Yes We Will (springthings) – Chaz Hearne & Alex Gilewicz
10:24 Casting a Shadow – Heeblay
12:20 Delone – Mac Stanley
15:40 Dropping – Mat Hunsley

Videos made by Elayna Carausu & Daniel Troyer

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  1. Really Loved this video! The couple U had aboard were great in what they said! Riley’s friend seam to be like him, good thing you guys/gals! Riley, Elayna, You Guys have a Great Personality! Maybe that is why I decided to be a Patron for you all. Please keep it up. Format at the beginning changed a little. I did notice and Liked it very much. Still looking for my own boat to sail the blue water someday. P.S. And the guy that helps w/the pics and filming, almost forgot to thank him too!

    No Web site yet….will let You know!

  2. Fun video, so beautiful and those sunsets and moon shots really something I am sure the video does not do it justice. Tacking the big code sail? Wouldn’t it be easier to furl tack and then unfurl? Just asking. Looking forward to your next video. Oh Yes walking on the bottom very cool.

  3. Caught red handed!! No idea Elayna that you were concentrating looking out of a porthole when most females have a deadly concentration on their ‘bits’ whilst having a shower! Still good on ya girl for spotting me. This was a ‘Top Secret’ test flight of my newest item to my superb range of ‘Boat accessories – for the discerning Skipper’ and I think it’s going to have ‘lift-off’ sales!!
    My modus operendi for my new ‘Funky Flying Duck’ model is that with my original prototype, (seen here – ), I kept having so many bad landings, either extremely hard or extremely wet, that I decided that my ‘Funky Flying Duck’ would eliminate these unfortunate episodes.
    Unfortunatley with the extra buoyancy and lift fom ‘Funkie’ I still haven’t landed and am now in my 5th day of air travel.
    I think I may be over Russia which is rather worrying considering that my wing colours of Red and White, could be mistaken for the Flag of Washington D C!! Brother Putin fully aware of Mr. Trump’s tendency to be ‘off the wall’ in his words and actions may cause Brother Putin to alert his missile stations, as he may consider me a threat.
    If only I had a sharp knife!!! Any suggestions???
    I’ll keep in touch as long as I have battery life for my phone!!
    Fair winds!!

  4. Hi Elayna and Riley!!
    I really appreciate your very-well-made sailing videos, sharing your experiences around the world. I’m a retired architect/engineer from Milano, myself a sailor on a 33′ self-designed and built wooden boat moored in Greece, and I’ve been sailing in the Med with my wife, son and friends for the last 30 summers (and some weeks off season too, which I love!). I wish I could have been a live-aboard, but my profession (with many trips in different places of the world) was too interesting to give it up!
    Every week I’m eagerly waiting for your cruising update…. to sustain my dreams!

    The “flying dinghy” you just saw in Sardinia isn’t actually a new entry: it has been around for over 20 years, designed by Doi Malingri (a well-known eclectic sailor from Milano, who sailed around the world both racing and with his family) and used to be produced/marketed by LOMAC, the inflatable tender maker.
    I hope you will enjoy the old Med: it’s always full of surprises…. I wish you the best. Buon vento! (we say).

  5. Want something to love and stroke on board Elayana? Get a cat, teach it to use the head like ours and let the love begin, Riley may warm to that idea?
    We have a cat and 2 dogs aboard our monohull and love having them!

  6. There is a so named FLYING DINGHY in the sky of the coast of the Agriates in North Corsica since many years as you can see here

    Furthermore, i like to look you trip in Corsica and north Sardinia as it remembers me my sailing journeys in this area almost 40 years ago.
    Also i can practice my english as i am trying to understand you with much difficulties for me as Frenchman.

    So long and “Bon Vent !”

  7. Hey Riley!!! Stop being a tight ass about the water! LOL!!! You could see it in his eyes that he just wants to scream!!!!!! LOL!!!!! He’s obsessed with those water tanks!!!! What’s the matter Riley? Are you having water tank anxiety?? LOL!!! Sorry I had to tease you. Loving the boat and the videos… Cheers!

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