This is the end…

It’s going to be the end of another era. If you’d like to hear us talk more about all of this, we open up on everything from babies to our old boat to our NEW BOAT in a one hour long live stream on Patreon. ❤️

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  1. Can a viewer just send you a check for there appreciation of yr great content? If so where too.

  2. Sailing La Vagabunde Eylena & Lenny & Raily
    Thank you very much for all the years that I could follow you through the vlog.
    I must confess from all the people or should I say fellow vloggers sailors are (were) you the best.
    You let us enjoy all those places with the necessary stories that you did to you that most don’t.
    They chat a vlog completely full about things that don’t matter.
    Eylena you are going to give birth to your child in some time. I wish you a healthy child and hope that it can grow up in a nice harmony together with Lenny and Eylena & Raily.
    I hope to be able to continue to follow you through the vlog and it is called: “The life of Eylena & Lenny & Raily and (the last child)”.
    I will miss you but hope not for long. You are well in all respects!
    Warm regards from a loyal viewer.

    Kees Koks
    Apartment Porthos
    Woensel shopping center 187
    5625 AG Eindhoven
    the Netherlands

  3. Hi guys, thanks for many years of entertainment and intrigue ??

    Elaina l hope you wished for a wonderful birth for your next child! Praying for you guys ??

    Sunny Coast

  4. Thanks for the memories La Vagabond
    Thanks guys for the vlogs so we can live vicariously
    Elaina may the birth of this baby be stress free and a beautiful experience for you all.

  5. Cheer’s to the times that have past and Prayers for the ones to come into your lives! Bravo!!

  6. I was so impressed with your content I shared your channel with all of my granddaughters who love to watch every one of your shows you guys are great just regular people enjoying life I’ve commented to you in the past on this anxiously awaiting some of your new things hope you don’t stay away lol …wishing yaall the very best in life, hugs and love from Texas.

  7. So – you going to go all in and sail s foiling mono hull ? Go on on Riley – I know you want to ? All the best guys – safe travels

  8. Dear La Vagabonde Family,

    Thank you for stories
    Thank you for showing us the world
    Thank you for to be brave enough to show us your Life
    Thank you for proving that It is Possible
    Thank you for the Music
    Thank you for the hard fork entertaining us
    We were cheering, amazed, worried, surprised…

    You are such a great, funny, brave, easy-going, hard working family!

    It is not just the end, it is also the beginning 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your life, your adventure!

    Geza, from Budapest, Hungary

  9. Good luck guys! God bless you all!…Hope to see you again! The best for you and that wonderful baby! and the one to come! Hugs!

  10. Cant believe the time is here. We’ve thoroughly loved watching you guys. Thank you for opening up your adventurous lives to us.
    Blessing to you on your next chapter.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  11. Go Trimaran!!! We are hoping that’s your plan.
    We love ours and we too have 2 adults and 2 children on board with loads of room. But suspect you’d be going for a faster version than our 53″ Norman Cross.
    Big love to your family ?

  12. Fabulous Lifestyle Journey from a Fabulous Oz Couple with longshoreman – ‘Lenny the Legend.’
    To make room for Lenny’s ‘Trucks’…Gunboat 60′ or 68’ coming up by the sounds?
    Cheers guys – never stop ‘Adventuring!’

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