This weeks good vibrations of Sailing La Vagabonde revealed…

Welcome to another week of the Sailing La Vagabonde music blog!

Once again we’ve been lucky enough to find some excellent and diverse talent to feature on the show, from porch style noodlers, to reggae rockers, from folk singer-songwriters to an ambient electronic one man band.

Rye –

Rye is a Finnish Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter, featuring a laid back and easy listening style, his songs on Soundcloud have gathered several thousand plays.

His songs have been played on SLV a few times, the bright guitar backed by smooth bass-lines and soft percussion a perfect fit for scenes of sailing.





Blissful Red –
Porch Guitar –

Tom Owens aka Porch Guitar is a favourite here on SLV, his lo-fi improvisational style of guitar playing is a delight to listen to. The name Porch Guitar rings very true,

Tom says, “Guitar Improv on the front porch. Structured as it happens. Sounds of nature. Cars go by. Neighbors wave. Yeah..”

As you hear the music this kind of scene is very easy to imagine, a park out the front, the sounds of birds chirping, and of course Tom noodling away on his front porch.



Chiara La Woo –

Adelaide Indie-rock Reggae four piece Chiara La Woo have been blending together their own psychedelic ‘Woo’ sound since late 2015, they’ve been known to deliver a laid back and large live sound, a high energy experience not to be missed. These hard workers have been relentlessly gigging from back yard shows to interstate support slots and are planning a Western Australian tour in support of their album ‘If You Find The Time’. Have a listen to ‘The Woo’ in the Soundcloud player bellow.




Frontier Child –…

The one man band project hailing from Boston, Ma has been working hard to create concept pieces representing some of the stages of life. The electronic alt-rock fusion says,

“I am working on my latest instrumental album, Dancer In The Sky. It is part of my last RPM Challenge (2017). My own challenge was to record a new song every night: 10 songs for 10 nights. It’s demo tracks will be available soon.”

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Frontier Child.



Andrew Rothschild  –


A huge thanks to the musicians for contributing your music and thank you dear reader for coming and checking out the weekly music blog, please like and share this post so we can get these artists out to the world to enjoy. See you next week!


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  1. Hello again Elyna,….just wanted to answer your question about jumping into little plane, and flying with a guy you don’t know.
    You can look at it at several angles, ….. for who was taking you flying, for him it was like driving a car, same responsibility, as for you sailing La Vagabond.
    I jumped into a two seater, a little plane more or less at the same age as you, and really didn’t give any second thoughts.
    Today,… may be, ….a little more nervous, but age does that. Then looking at the question you set about not knowing the guy, well he looked presentable and not a rough type. ?
    The other thought I had, was we get into planes all the time without knowing who is in charge and his/her capabilities. Right?
    So in the end, you did something naturally, and that’s how it should be. Brava! ?
    Good luck with the Catamaran this weekend coming!
    Lol Fiona

  2. Have you guys put any thought in approaching Pandora and starting your on music channel? Enjoy your music picks.

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