Trapped Inside Dangerous Coral Reef!!! Ep.173

Having snuck into our spot at high tide it seemed far less treacherous than when it dropped later that afternoon and we were completely surrounded by coral reef. I would get up on deck and have a look around and just slowly shake my head every half an hour or so. We decided to tie off the stern to a mooring ball so as to be held in place and were able to ride out the night without one of the Bahamian famous squalls. The next day the weather had picked up making our anchorage less and less comfortable so we decided to leave before the next high tide and so I decided to drag along beside the boat until the worst of the reef had been passed.

Song Credits:
00:03 Joe Marson – 123
02:49 Airline Food – 1984
04:17 Martin Piehlmeier – The Road
07:53 Eva’s Song Pt. II – Isaac Balson
11:24 Martin Piehlmeier – Awake

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Comments 5

  1. I respectfully ask for asylum aboard your sailing vessel La Vagabonde!

    I am oppressed, suppressed, repressed, & depressed by many things, among them removing fallen leaves from my lawn, the cold weather, and shoveling snow.
    Further, I seek to be a citizen of the world!

    If you cannot offer asylum because you do not have the political authority to do so, there is an alternative:

    If I give you my address, will you come and press me into service onboard La Vaga??

    I don’t have much time left… I’m 71 years old… so please hurry.

    My passport and my sawed-off toothbrush are at the ready.


    My very best to you, and make the most of your day,

    Webhead USA

  2. Elayna & RIley,

    Introducing your breastfed baby to the bottle or cup

    This is what I did with my two kids and my grandson:
    from the link: “Put some breast milk on the nipple. When your baby tastes it, she may start sucking to get more.”

    Actually, I let some of Mom’s milk drip onto their lips with some on the nipple. Then touched the nipple to the lips. Repeat until the baby suckles from the nipple.

    Both my wife and my daughter expressed milk, then froze it in small packets. Several hours before needing, the packet of milk, it was defrosted in luke warm water, NEVER in the microwave.

    Teaching Lennon to drink with a bottle relieves parental anxiety. Learn how to do this Riley, and Lennon’s Mum will be able to leave the house with Lennon in your capable hands.

    Riley, I would love to see a video of you rigging a diaper!

    Webhead USA

  3. Riley
    You might find a “Stringer” useful.
    Spearfishing in Hawaii we used a “Stringer”:
    Metal rod 1/4 inch diameter about 8 inches long. Lash a line to the center of it, so when its free it forms a T.
    When held parallel to the line it becomes a needle.
    When you spear a fish use the rod as a needle and pass the line thru the fish…when you release the rod it makes a T with the line and the fish cannot come off.
    About three feet in front of the rod attach a float….it will keep this end of the line and the fish attached to it at the surface.
    Make the line long enough that you can comfortably tow it behind you while you search for and spear more fish.
    This makes each fish you spear easy and quickly dealt with,,,,giving you more time to hunt for more fish.
    Also works with lobsters so you can have a combination on the stringer.
    Even octopus if you know how to kill them 1st by biting them between the eyes,,,,,do NOT try this with a BIG octopus.
    Fair Winds.

  4. Hello Elayna and Riley

    I hope you both are ok its been awhile since you contacted me the last vid was no. 173 and I just wanted to make sure you were both ok.

    Take care I’m always thinking of you both.


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