We Crossed the Pacific Ocean! HELLO PARADISE (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 45

Well, we made it! 21 days at sea, just Riley Tony and me. What an adventure. If the rest of the Marquesas is anything like this magical island of Fatu Hiva, I will lose even more of my marbles. I think we’ve found paradise!! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to read Riley’s whacky blog about the Pacific Crossing in link below. Merci, Elay xo

Thanks a million to all of our subscribers following our voyage and especially for those supporting us on Patreon! Your support keeps these coming and helps us improve with every video!!!

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

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  1. Glad to see you made it across safely. I am looking forward to watching what comes next.

    Peace & Love
    & Happy Sails.

    1. Great to hear you’ve crossed safely and that the adventure continues in (another!) Paradise. And how nice to be able to share the trip and days at sea with your Dad. I’m amazed at how much underwater baggage you end up dragging in a short span of time.
      I recently read an absurd message to you from last year in response to your posting about financing the boat. The respondent attacked you
      for stating that you saved approx $100,000 in 8 yrs, accusing you of living off your parents in that period of time. Yet it’s well-known here in Canada too that one is able to make a lot of money when working on oil rigs, in compensation for the long hours at a dirty and physically demanding job. A lot of people who wish to travel will remain on the rigs until they have put aside enough money to finance their travel plans. As a result I think the response you received was unmerited and without base, revealing jealousy rather than fact.
      I hadn’t heard of Patreon so hopefully I can find a link to it.
      I think it sounds like our PayPal.
      Keep the adventure reports streaming! Fair winds to you!

  2. Very far away from your actual anchoring the very first typhoon of the year is forming south of Guam towards Northwest, Taiwan, Okinawa… Hope you have safe weather forecasts. We are all getting ready for it. Bravo SLV!

  3. Really glad to see you all made it safely across. With you on the fishing too – there’s nothing quite like that bolt of adrenalin! Fair winds, C

  4. What an incredible thing to do, cross an ocean! And you did it with your Dad, which is something the both of you will treasure forever. You are lucky!

  5. Great job guys! Glad everything went well. Looking forward to more videos and stories!
    Just got my boy a new boat and he is taking it to heart! He loves watching you sail the world!

  6. Notice a lot of difficulty with food on the table when in rolling seas. Does anyone have a table that could be on gimbals like the stove? It could be locked when boat is not rocking (in port) Seems like it could be designed. Really enjoy your adventures. Have only visited Australia one time several years ago, and was super impressed with the people. As a pilot I have traveled a lot over most of the world, but alway found people of Australia the best.

  7. Glad to see you safely at the end of your long trip from Galapagos. We have been watching your videos and one question always arises. Why aren’t you ever seen wearing life jackets!? Especially on long voyages!

    We admire your enthusiasm and sense of adventure, we wish we were young again to try things like this.

    Best of luck on future voyages! Stay safe!

    Randy & Heidi
    Kingston, Canada

  8. They arrived at a beautiful island and discovered hidden treasure trove of beers on which they got maggoted!

    Good production values this ep.

  9. A fantastic achievement. We are with you in spirit, and commiserate the fickle nature of fisherman’s luck.
    I think I went through 15 years without catching anything!
    You are living our dream – long may you continue to do so.

    Clear skies!

  10. You guys look to be having such a grand time I think me and my bride will join you out there on the big water. We took our new (to us) 41 Morgan Out Island out for our first sail today! It won’t be long now!!!

  11. Congrats guys!
    Riley, forget the grouper, those Barracuda are very underrated delicious white meat!

    1. I wouldn’t suggest he forgets about the grouper ! But catching a 15 Kg grouper takes a bit more know-how than catching a 60 Kg barracuda.
      15m and deeper is about the right depth for a grouper that size, but if you see him dash into a hole head first while you’re sinking on him, forget it.
      The only way to catch a grouper that size is to spear him in the head, and to do that he needs to be facing out of the hole and not into the hole.
      if you spear him while he is facing into the hole, you won’t hit him in the head, so you will not knock him out instantly. This means he will have time to wedge himself inside the hole, and you can pull on him all you want, he will simply not come out.
      signed: Ex-oilfield trash

  12. Hey , Elay/Riley
    Well your getting closer to your Home , Congrats, Isn’t it nice to be away from all of the Advertisement of the Cities and The so called Civilized idiots.
    Pick up a little rubber mat for that table, ( I know it won’t help in the Roll of the sea, with those jars etc, . Lay the bottles on there sides, ( Soy, etc) but those laptops and plates should stop moving around so much. Enjoy your land legs.
    & pick up some tea tree oil.
    Love the Vids and Blogs

  13. As alway a wonderful clip and congratulations on handling the journey and dealing with adversity. Nothing but admiration, respect and love for you.

  14. Elay and Riley,

    We are a family of 5 Americans currently living in Okinawa Japan. We look forward to your weekly videos with great anticipation… watching, learning, and dreaming of one day following the inspiration you have helped foster within us and your many subscribers around the world.

    If your travels take you near the island of Okinawa, please contact us. We would be pleased to host you.

    Continued safe travels,
    Nuno, Susan, Gabe(13), Lia(12), and Luke(10)

  15. Hello from Minnesota! Glad to see you made it, safe and sound. Love watching your videos. You are living the dream.

  16. You guys are the best! Congrats on the crossing and keep up the good work. The inspiration you’ve created for so many is remarkable. If you ever make it back around don’t miss the pacific north west. Desolation Sound is one of the oceans best kept secrets.

  17. Well done you two. Sorry should have said three forgot about Riley’s dad from Keith in London

  18. Great going guys, few minor injuries but thankfully nothing serious. Looking for to the next video.myhe whole trip is really inspiring us to try something similar if not quite as long.

  19. Congratulations on a safe passage, you made it look easy. Your videos are an inspiration to me and thousands of others. I’m attending a ten day sailing course in Thailand this month because of your videos, keep them coming and thank you for posting them.


  20. Elayna, Riley and Tony
    Congratulations on an amazing crossing, Did you ever get your auto pilot working again?
    Glad you’r all safe and that’s for a well-documented journey I am loving it.
    Tony how is the hand?

  21. Congrats! It is a major accomplishment and milestone in your life adventure. Even though we are 3 times your age we hope to follow you soon. We are in Alaska now on our little aluminum home on the water.

  22. Hi well done congrats to the 3 of you,
    did you know the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl and his wife lived on Fatu Hiva in the 1930s think you can probably still get a copy, inspired him to sail the Kon tiki and Ra expeditions.
    Enjoying the videos.

  23. Congratulations and well done you guys! And thanks for another great video.And I have read Riley’s blog…what a hoot! One day he will be writing some great novels. Tony’s input about the bird observation is priceless! I’m still laughing!
    Take care,stay safe while I wait for the next one.

  24. WOW! What an adventure, I can only dream of my time to take on this type of an adventure. I love watching you and your travels, and look forward to the next. You are an inspiration!

  25. Another great video as usual…..and out of the almost 20 years as a liveaboard sailor myself, the only main complaint of living like this, away from a dock, is taking care of garbage. When sailing or just on anchor the main problem is where to store garbage on the boat. Land people just don’t realize you just can’t take it to the end of the driveway…..and you just don’t toss it overboard. At least you’d better not….Keep up the adventure and great video work….as always, God Bless and fair winds….Captain Dave.

  26. I suggest you guys get yourself one of those windvane self steering systems, much more reliable than your autopilot and doesn’t drain the batteries.

  27. Another great piece of a great journey. I love to see your trip while preparing myself to buy my own boat.
    Just take a bit more care to safety maybe -seeing Riley at nights with no life west or safety belt and the back of the boat is not even closed with ropes makes me think . . . . Remember you have to prepare before something happens.
    Anyway wishing you well and fair winds.

  28. Another great piece of a great journey. I love to see your trip while preparing myself to buy my own boat.
    Just take a bit more care to safety maybe -seeing Riley at nights with no life west or safety belt and the back of the boat is not even closed with ropes makes me think . . . . Remember you have to prepare, b e f o r e something eventually happens.
    Anyway wishing you well and fair winds.

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