WE DID IT! After 19 Days at Sea, Sailing Greta Thunberg into Lisbon! Ep.6

We arrive in Lisbon to drop off Greta Thunberg after sailing 3200 nautical miles across the North Atlantic Ocean. What a journey it has been. We’ve experienced it all out here. Join us for the second last video of our experience in getting La Vagabonde to Europe. The smell of land has never been so sweet!! Be sure to watch the playlist from the beginning if you’ve missed any episodes crossing the Atlantic with Greta.

Song Credits:
00:00 War – Luis Trindade
01:47 Jimmy Pinch – John Force Theme
05:53 Climbing Trees – Tracks (Acoustic)
08:25 Heavy Light- Ben Catley
10:38 The King’s Parade – Belsize Lane
14:54 MaJLo – The Bird’s Song
17:13 On My Way Home – Adam Yoo
20:16 A Morning Song – Miner

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  1. What a great ending to your trip. You are an incredible family and deserve everything that you have achieved. Really well done kids.

  2. I was there at the dock and it was a real honor to host all 6 of you in Lisbon. Your courage and determination are really an example to anyone.

  3. Sooooo good… well done Vagabond team. I’ll admit it, you had me a little teary-eyed a couple times. With ALL the responsibility of the crossing, you also managed to film, edit, and deliver a great story. Superb Elayna. Safe travels.

    1. Great point Cody. Just keeping the filming in mind is difficult I’m sure, even more so the actual filming and editing. It’s a full-time job all by itself.

  4. Fantastic!!! What an achievement! We are crushing on Nikki!!! Not her crocks ! ?

  5. Congratulations to one and all. What an amazing achievement. Your courage, patience, talent as sailors and positive attitude made the crossing possible. This will go down in the history books as one of the most heroic crossings ever. Well done!

  6. So happy at your successful crossing and your support for Greta! I love you guys- thank you so much for sharing these moments of your lives with all of us. Although we will never know the real courage and strength required from you with this challenge,–You expand our consciousness of what is and what can be-
    Peace, Love and Joy

  7. Congrats! Epic crossing! Riley, you and Elayna and Lenny and Nikki are the most incredible boat crew ever delivering the world’s most valuable and precious cargo through hell and high water to a safe harbor.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your journey across the Atlantic Ocean it was inspiring and thank for supporting Greta.

    Love and best wishes


  9. Thank you for sharing the crossing . Keep travelling. You are an inspiration! Congratulations!

  10. Crocs are the best. We have sailed for many years. The first year I wore crocs my husband turned up his nose at them. Zip fast forward and now he has a whole wardrobe of crocs for sailing! Plus they float!

  11. About the Pink Crocs…if you rock as Niki does, then you are welcome to Crocs! She’s the best role model for girls who worry about body image and follow corporate produced celebrities!!
    Also you two with your adorable Lenny. May his life be filled with huge smiles as he already has learnt from his parents!
    Somehow you’ve managed to become my family…it’s your unpretentious way of communicating, your intelligence, not to mention your “LOOKs”
    Love you all!

  12. Oh…the photo of you all setting off the journey with Greta caught my attention…who are these gorgeous cool people? and by now I’m actually living with you guys…I think my children, grandchildren are a little jealous!!?

  13. You generated a lot of negative comments around attaching yourselves to the Thunberg bandwagon – and I have to admit I still have my doubts (although not about climate change) – but hats of to you all for the courage, honesty and sheer seamanship you showed during this crossing. And for filming it all for us to enjoy!
    Respect and thank you.

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