We Finally Landed a Marlin! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 68

It was a bit of a battle pulling this beautiful, majestic creature onboard just out of Tonga, but we finally did it! In the whole 30,000nm miles or so we have sailed around the world in total, we have hooked a good 10 massive Marlin that have all managed to get away (and take our lures), due to the fact we have to firstly drop the sails in a hurry, which always seemed to cost us in the meantime… but because we were on engine, we finally had some luck. Riley was over the moon (I was a tad too excited, Julz I would say possibly scared hahaha). We swam her behind the boat until she was biting and released her back into the wild. Join us as we cruise into Tonga and are welcomed with several other wildlife encounters… I think I’m gunna like it here.

Song Credits:
00:32 – Tom Owens – Larryville
05:35 – Gotham Sen – the other side
07:00 Gotam sen – like a butterfly
10:00 – Trent Herzman – Just an escape
10:15 – Jason Lyle – Shiva Eyes
10:30 – Adam Yoo – Dreams

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Additional film/edit: Julian Wood

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  1. We love you guys. Kristi and I have been following you for quite a while now. We wish you all the best. I’m running two companies now but hope to do some sailing sometime. (We fly planes often though). We have Insetta.com and Logantech.com. If you guys are ever in Connecticut look us up or else find Insetta at the boat shows – if ever you get a break! Keep plugging along and keep up the great videos!

  2. Hi Guys! Thanks for another great video! Riley it was good of you to release the marlin but it was dangerous to pull it out of the sea with another hook ready to hook you! Love you guys – take care! Will

  3. Riles whatever you do, do not sustain a leg injury from a Marlin.. they have bacteria not known to medicin ! A friend of mine had a Marlin land on his lap off Cairns bout 15 years ago.. no antibiotic has ever ured his leg injury and they are still changing dressings to this day. Logan Sharplin NZ

  4. Hooray!! A Marlin on board at last! Well done!…Hi Guys, thanks for another fun-filled episode.(even without
    auto-pilot). Saw you on the local news here the other morning…you sure do get about.
    Take care.

  5. Awesome new episode and we can’t wait to see the hump back and cave diving in the next ep. Safe travels guys and thanks for little bit of happiness you bring to our lives.

  6. Nice marlin! But never ever stand in front of that bill with the fish’s tail in the water. A friend of mine was speared through his femoral artery and only survived because he was airlifted by a Coast Guard helo within minutes of the accident. Those fish are mean around the boat.


  7. Aloha, great video, been diving with the whales in Tonga, awesome experience, Mele Kalikimaka, looking forward to seeing more video’s

  8. Congratulations on making it to Tonga, and on catching the marlin. Keep up the great videos, I have 2 of my brothers following you now.
    Oh, and Merry Christmas to you Riley and Elayne.

  9. Beauty marlin….More drone shots please
    Best wishes from Nova Scotia. Read up on self steering method using tension on sheets and an appropriately tensioned bungey cord to the wheel. You should be able to get your boat to steer herself from beam to fairly close hauled in up to 17 kts AWS ,we can on our c&c 38.cheers harry adams

  10. Thanks for the vid, and I hope you all have a nice Chrissie wherever you are at this time.

    Cheers and safe sailing,


  11. My wife and I have been watching your videos since you started..I raced and sailed for 20 years..mostly inland..no longer have a sailboat..she has never sailed but I know she will do great..temporarily living vicariously through you two..looking at a McGregor 65 for quick passages..we love the way you work together as an awesome team..looking forward to meeting you someday..keep it up! Godspeed from Colorado ,USA

  12. Just a thought but I think that was not a marlin, it looks more like a sword fish. And by they was sword fish are really good to eat. Anyways it was still a great catch!!!

  13. Just a thought but I think that was not a marlin, it looks more like a sword fish. And by the way sword fish are really good to eat. Anyways it was still a great catch!!!

  14. Just a thought but I think that was not a marlin, it looks more like a sword fish. And by the wasy sword fish are really good to eat. Anyways it was still a great catch!!!

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