We Found a Baby Lemon Shark! Ep. 170

Of course Riley was game enough to pick up a baby lemon shark darting around in the shallow waters of the Bahamas ? not for me, no matter how cute it was! Join us as we repair sails, take you for a tour through the Bimini Shark Lab, get declined from stepping foot on a private island, before making our way into the wild blue wonder.
Oh and if anyone is thinking of visiting the Bimini Shark Lab, it’s pretty cool and the team are legends. Checkout their website is here

Song Credits:
00:05 Kalun Townsend – Winter
00:38 Isaac Balson – Eva’s Song Pt. II
02:30 Sky Jammer- Waiting On The Wind-Dub – skyjammermusic@yahoo.com
03:52 Martin Piehlmeier – The Road
05:55 Martin Piehlmeier – Old Stone
13:11 Alnilam – Indigo Sky
16:58 The Things in my Room – Elayna C

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  1. If you want to see some of the best free diving spots in the Bahamas you need to visit the east side of Andros Island. I worked at AUTEC for 13 years, if you want spots. Just ask.

  2. So an aside note I would like to put out there when I used to snorkel as a boy in the carribean, there were always a lot of black sea urchins. I believe that it is these creatures that eat the algae that destroys the reef. It is the lack of this annoying and painful if stepped on creature that determines the health of the reefs. I think if they could some how be reintroduced it would go a long way to helping reef health. This is my own theory through dismay and years of observation. Not really sure what’s killing them off in St. croix U.S.V.I but they seem more prevalent in St. John a beautiful Island by the way. Oh and by the way does anyone really want to see Riley relieving himself? But I like Axel, william ,ragnor thor very viking names my girlfriend is one what else John, Bruce definitely not Baron. You should really be asking elayna. Best of all luck always. Steve

  3. A boy congratulations . You may have to fit the name “lemon” in somewhere. Just say’n.

  4. i didnt think that you could get better looking but now that you are with child you have a glow about you thats awsome you guys rock keep up the good work

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