We got Chased by Massive Tuna! [Ep. 95]

It started with a splash, and then we noticed these shadows that were chasing La Vaga.. a quick head dunk under the water revealed they were massive Tuna! Join us in beautiful Mallorca – Spain as we continue to sail this pristine coastline.

Song Credits:
00:05 Another Day – MaJlo
02:53 In the Beginning – Julia R. Anderson
04:22 Somewhere New – Odd Socks
05:30 Pact – Odd Socks
08:58 Twisted Logic – Odd Socks
10:19 Impending Soltice Blues – Tom Owens
12:41 Pact – Odd Socks

Videos made by Elayna & Daniel

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Comments 14

  1. Riley and Elayna,
    Looks like a great time as always!
    I was a Medic in the U.S. Coast Guard for 29 years, so this may help.
    For jellyfish stings keep Vinegar or Baking soda on on board. Pour vinegar over tentacles to help deactivate stinging cells. Or a paste of Baking Soda. Follow up with anti-histamines like Benedryl 25mg, will decrease swelling but make you sleepy.
    Any open sores should be covered with a bit of antibiotic ointment and a gauze pad. Don’t like tape ? Use roller gauze.
    Of course applying Vitamin E to the wound will help healing and reduce scarring.
    After you are done sleeping off the Benedryl, play the sympathy card with crew members then Wine or Rum as needed for “pain”. πŸ™‚
    Take care and be safe! Love the videos! Gary from Montana, USA

  2. Great vid. Elay (jelly sting), if you can get it – FUCIDEN (think spelling right?) … usually under script, grunta of an antibiotic cream designed for all sortsa nasties. Keep it in the fridge for when you hit the tropics. We used it for coral cuts, stings, fire coral, urchin barbs wah wah wah. Good luck … LOGAN KIWI CHOPPERMAN

  3. U two are lovely.
    Thanks for sharing and by doing so connecting our global family and Blooming ‘The Dream of Life’.

    Please use highest grade essential oil of Hellicrism on yor Jelly Fish sting. I can put U in touch with a woman who had a speedy complete healing from Box Jelly Fish sting using it, ( for her tips and confirmation).

    Big Love & Magical Blessings

  4. As always, a great video. Thanks, guys. Just a dumb question but is there a way to ‘like’ the videos from your website because that is where I watch them from, rather than on you tube?

    1. Post

      Unfortunately not Darrin, we’d looked into that. Thanks for watching πŸ™‚

  5. Try Aloe Vera Cactus for that sting. Works very well for all kinds of burns or stings. Mom always had one growing in the kitchen for us. Great for sun burns too. They even sell it in pharmacies now but right from the cactus leaf is the best. Just split the leaf and spread it on.

    Love the videos. The wife and I watch every Monday night now that we have caught up on all the previous ones. The cat is very nice although my lottery boat as I call it will be a power cat πŸ™‚

  6. elayna ???
    please try to find some *comfrey gel* for your sting.
    you could take goldenseal tincture
    as well as colloidal silver gel is great to have around for other burns ~ totally saved me after a bad scald.

    and the avo as you must know by now ~ is supposed to be purple when ripe ( :
    enjoy !
    i hope youre feeling better ?

    1. Hi you guy’s this reply is from doctor Steve. Saw the jellyfish scars and felt that I should leave a reply. I suggest comfrey root, which even though it is listed as a carcinagen spelled wrong I think, Ive been using for twenty years without problems. Also D.M.S.O. is a wonder healer. Peace love and babies and thanks, doctor Steve

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