We got Drenched, Sailing to Northern Africa! [Ep. 124]

It was our last day sailing at sea, before we’d be making landfall in Tunisia, a country in northern Africa. The wind picked up and for the last few hours we were absolutely hammering into the wind and waves with a bandaged up captain Riley, Josje the magnificent and I. HELLO TUNISIA. Let’s get lost. Congratulations to our Patrons Matt Rascoe and Ryan Hagelstrom!!. Send us an email. Videos made with love, Elayna.

Song Credits:
00:03 Travellin’ – Jordan Merrick
03:28 Younger – Liam Wright
05:52 Shoulder – The Fabric
12:48 Drop Legs – Criminal

Videos made by Elayna

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Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

Comments 8

  1. Another great video. Glad you arrived safely. Are you sure that you will be allowed entry into your next port with those shoes? Hopefully so;) ~Mike

  2. Fun video keep up the good work you guys really make me laugh beautiful boat those camels look scary do you guys have any plans to come to California let me know thanks Mark

  3. nice job u all. I like your videos. Keep up the good work. I hoop you keep Josje on the La Vagabonde. I seen her on the videos of the Delos. Have an good voyage or sail.
    greeting Robert Herngreen
    Montreal Canada

  4. So glad Josje found a new boat…enjoyed her on SV Delos and missed her…a great addition to the Vagabond crew…Josje, hope you will become a permanent addition. I live vicariously through the adventures of the Vagabond…

  5. Sad for those poor camels. Imagine how they feel having to be led around on a short rope like that with no ability to make their own choices on how they want to live their lives. No wonder they were crying at the end. But…. on another note – good job on the shoes for Riley – very stylish and lots of old world charm.

  6. Another well done piece of film-spirited Ones
    It’s clear you’ve gained confidence with this new boat.
    The Liam Wright sequence was a lot of fun to watch
    Fairs Winds Vagabond!

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