WE HAD A BABY! Ep. 190

It brings me much pleasure to introduce to you our boy Lennon. We feel like the luckiest people on this earth. Join us as we test the waters with a road trip, leading up to our departure back to the boat. You can find our full road trip itinerary here

Links to locations we visited:
Star of Greece
d’Arenberg Cube
d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant
Ridgetop Retreat

Song Credits:
00:00 Icehouse – Great Southern Land
01:41 On My Way Home – Adam Yoo
05:15 Watermelon – Grey Whistle Test
06:24 North Temple – Samuel Scott Mcumber
07:56 my cover of Beautiful Boy – John Lennon
09:52 Suspend – Michael Triscari
10:48 Footloose – Tom Owens

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  1. So happy for you, many blessings . Don’t stress, there isn’t a manual go with your gut n you guys will be just fine. Wish I could be a patron, #ggstrong, all money goes to cancer! Y’all make me happy! Love!

    1. Congrats on new member of the family!! Glad all went well. I’ll be down in Charleston in a couple days. Will stop and check on your boat at the marina. Have safe trip back to this part of the world. Don’t think ya’ll could get much farther away from Charleston,SC.! ryan

  2. Riley and Elayna,

    So happy for both of you and your new family member Lennon/Lenny. Such an experience this young man will have in his formative years. Happy sails to you three.

  3. Congrats R & E!!!! Welcome Little Dude! Can’t wait to see you swimming and sailing! And peeing on your parents while they are changing your diaper!!! And when those poopy diapers don t smell so bad, just you wait!!! Sending love from Stuart, Florida!

    Bob & Trip Haas

  4. Congratulations you two plus one! Life will definitely be one adventure after another! So looking forward to all the up and coming videos….Fair winds, calm seas, and happy mom and dad day….y’all are awesome!

  5. Congrats!…you guys made another human being! That’s awesome! And he looks boat ready…..get moving….

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! , you guys will find that you’re lives have just begun now that you have a little one now he definitely will be a little heartbreaker !!! great work you two ;^) and great name cheers nelson

  7. Congratulations you guys… A beautiful boy. It’s been more than 30 years ago since I experienced sleepless nights and constant position changes in search for that quiet moment…. You have brought back great memories.

    May Lenny enjoy fair winds and accommodating seas. And my you guys find moments together as well with Lenny.

  8. A few things come to mind first congratulations. second keep a huge supply of diapers on hand you do not want to run out on a long trip.
    number 3 at the toddler stage when they move really fast I think you will have to install netting all around your boat like a large playpen there will be times when both you and Riley will be busy with the boat and as careful as you are it is not enough. Toddlers get an idea, decide and run for it. It could be the sparkle in the water when the sun shines on it. it could be a fish or a turtle that they see. We had 5 kids after two on the boat we moved back to Canada and now only sail the great lakes. If your lucky Lennon will be lulled to sleep by the movement of the boat ours all fell asleep instantly but if he is colicky or the fussy type. you may find the boat in spite of its size feeling rather small with no place to escape.
    lots of luck and enjoy your life by age 3-maybe 4 he should be swimming. But a big but if he does not see Mom and Dad wearing a life jacket you will have a hard time getting him to wear one. Please be safe the netting is a must.

    Love and enjoy your channel


  9. Congratulations to you both, all your adventures will be so much more now that you are sharing them with your son.

    Best wishes

    Paul & Jill x

  10. My warmest congratulations, Lenny is just beautiful. I’m usually fairly stoic but found myself smiling through the whole video! It brought tears as I thought about my own two kiddos (who are no longer kiddos but young adults) and what the future holds for you and your new family. Be careful, you’ll blink and he will be sailing your boat. Then you’re blink again and he’ll be off sailing his own boat. It truly goes that fast.

    Thank you so much for including us in this very personal chapter of your lives. It brings us all joy.

    Blessings and peace to all three of you.


  11. Congraulation, Now your fun has just started. You have made my life so much better, Been with you from the very start. I wish I could do what you do , sail around the world. I injoy your show so very much. Every one need to go with there dream. It to late for me now at 76. So have fun don’t be a slave to work.

    Marlin Pruett

  12. What a joyful time it is. You are a beautiful family with a great future in front of you. Looking forward to seeing little Lenny grow up through your videos. Been with you guys from the beginning. Happy sailing with your new crew member !!

  13. Congratulations! How long was he & how much did he weigh? Have fun with your new crew member & hope he’ll be sleeping through the night and giving you some rest soon! Hugs from Georgia! (U.S.)

  14. So happy for you, many blessings. Don’t stress, there isn’t a manual. It all Love now on if it love it be all you ned an Good too

  15. Having a Baby is a heck of adventure – and it’ll last forever!

    Love to all three of you !

    Lenny already has a great voice – next Pop Star?

  16. Hugs to all from Whitby, Ontario, Canada ! So happy for you. Children are really the ultimate adventure !

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