Join us for our arrival into Madeira. It comes with all the new complicated signing in processes that come with living with the big C word. It was super exciting just to get a chance to get our taste buds on to something warm after having no gas on board. You may have guessed the massive news but you’ll have to watch to find out….

Song Credits:
00:00 – now-forever-analog-heart
00:30 – Tatono – Near
02:31 – Jack and the Weatherman – Instrumental – Free
04:13 – Jangle – 7 Reasons
05:08 – ON BOURBON STREET royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for FreeSound Music http://freesoundmusic.eu https://youtube.com/freesoundmusic original video: https://youtu.be/Bd5Of76Ylg4
06:34 – New Frontier – Koresma
07:12 – The Big Idea – Why
11:19 – Walk Home – AKW
13:29 – brazil-blake-ewing Song selected from MusicBed. Get a free trial here: http://share.mscbd.fm/sailinglavagabonde
14:32 – Lockd – Lykofos

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  1. ? Congrats best news ever. You are the only ones that know when you are ready to expand your family. There will always be negativity overpowered by positivity!! I am sending barrels of positivity and well wishes your way. Looking forward to where the road takes you, sweet sails! ❣️

  2. I am over joyed for the three of you! My husband and I watch every week and I tell him all the time just how lucky these sailing babies are! Your able to devote so much precious time with Lenny that normal working parents just can’t do. Lenny is a wonderful little boy so happy full of love and getting so much from your journey. I’m thrilled!!! Congratulations to you and I too can hardly wait to see Lenny as a big brother. Many blessing and happy sailing!

  3. Woot Woot…. so happy for ya’ll… I hope life continues to be an adventure for you… Praying God’s blessing on your little family.

  4. The problem is that most of the time you guys one minute talk about how you offer content to people and yet most of the time it’s all about how much time you are going to ” chill on the next island”. Mentioning raising a child, cooking, laundry etc is what every human above the age of 18 is doing for themselves.. that is not a job. You love to convincne gullible followers about how hard you are working by sailing and doing all of the above, to constantly justify your ” constant need to enjoy yourself and do nothing at the next destination”.. For some reason they fall for it..

    Regular sailors travel, often with small kids, and do all of the above errands, (so do people on land.)

    So basically, you film random things ( like most people do on a vacation or travel blogging) and then you use your followers money to pay for the editor , who is the one who actually does ” all of the work.” When have you ever chimed in and admitted that it’s the paid editor doing all of cuts and animation etc? you continue to let your followers think ” how talented you are.”

    Months ago, people commented how unhappy you two looked. Body language doesn’t lie. Riley, you can’t even fake being happy about the next baby… It was actually pretty sad to see how excited Elayna clearly is.. and yet you couldn’t even muster up some fake body language to at least pretend you TOO were happy for your supposed long term partner! Watch the video yourself, do you look happy? Honestly? People can chime in here and say it’s being too mean.. yet in reality it’s being honest… It’s evident you are not into Elayna the same way she is YOU. You clearly staying on board both literally and figurately speaking in order to keep raking in the $$$ and being able to sail. Without Elayna you would be forced to give up your permanent freeloading and likely the boat.

    It’s sad all of the people who actually refuse to see what is going on. There are many talented people in the world and also many hardworking influencers etc… writers, actors etc, who don’t complain how ” tired they are all the time” when getting everyone else to do the work for them. They have actual talent and do the work.

    You can lie to your followers ( or at least those who are gullible enough to keep buying the ” I work so hard, while doing nothing and paying an editor to do all of my work”..

    Yet you cannot fool most, that clearly you and Elayna are not in love.. feigning it like most Hollywood couples at this point. Sad, in the beginning you both looked generally happy to be around each other…

    Money truly doesn’t buy happiness.. especially if you are faking it..

    1. Wow. James devoted a decent slice of his life to dish out some unhappiness. To James, thanks for sharing. Riley my man, don slisen to em. I think he has gone goo-goo eyes over your beautiful soulmate.

    2. James,James,James…… FFS you seriously need to get back to the lab and sort some of that shit out man.
      As an older bloke with a family who has worked his arse off for everything i have,let me say this.
      You cannot take away from the fact that these two young people have (through a common passion) become successful in what
      they have chosen to do…….get your head around it.

      And just like a swan moving on a lake….,on the surface it all looks easy:,underneath there’s a lot going on !!!!

      jealousy is a curse my friend,get it sorted or it’ll eat you alive..

    3. I think you interpret too much in what you see and body language isn’t allways reliable. You can’t look into another brain, so I’m quite sad about your post.

      1. This was a reply too the Sour comments of James! To the skipper, Admiral and the young crew: I am sooo happy for you!

  5. Congratulations, guys.
    You guys are, and will continue to be, a beautiful family.
    Lenny’s going to be a stellar Big Brother.
    Tell Andre that he rocks.


  6. Congratulations. We have four children. Each one is different. The new one will challenge you in new ways.

    P.S. You will find out the sex of the baby, male or female, not the gender of the baby which would be masculine or feminine.

  7. Think giving Lenny a brother/sister was the best plan ever…. congratulations stay cool stay safe. do not worry about the sad people like James he is only miffed that he is not doing what you two are.


  8. Supercongragulistic expedidicious man couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. All blessings and beautiful meanderings peace out

  9. I’m a father of 3 (14, 11, 8) and just reading a book about apes just these days. Here is a little part of it (googletranslated from german), that might be interesting for the next chapter of your wonderful and inspiring life:
    from: Affengesellschaft, Julia Fischer
    The famous evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers produced the key publication on the subject in the 1970s. He explains the course of the parent-child conflict by stating that it is initially in the interests of the parents or the mother to invest as much as possible in their offspring so that they can survive. During this initial period, the interests of the offspring coincide with that of the mother: it is all about maximum care. This agreement between mother and child breaks the moment the mother begins to take care of the production of further children. It must therefore withdraw investment from the existing offspring and, if you will, reallocate it to potential new ones: for example, no longer breastfeeding, but rather prepare the body for a new pregnancy. The so-called sibling conflict follows a similar logic. On the one hand, a child demands maximum attention and care for itself; on the other hand, the principle applies that the number of gene copies should be maximized. According to this, a sibling has an interest in the survival of its other siblings, with whom it is half or a quarter related, depending on paternity. Human parents with several children will be familiar with this conflict.

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