We Make this Anchorage ‘HOME’ for a While.. Ep.204

We set the anchor in Hope Town and call this place home for a while. It’s been so long since we’ve had friends onboard and since we’ve been in one place long enough to meet friends, that become really good friends. Join us for a bit of a journey ✨⛵️

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01:55 Axel Thesleff – Eco
04:29 Will Gunselman – Buffalo River Run
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  1. Dear Elayna,

    No, it is not considered polite to make noise while eating in Japan. That’s only allowed when you eat hot noodles…. and it doesn’t mean you appreciate the food…. it just means it’s hot !

  2. I’ve only just found u guys on youtube and adore ur vids, such a beautiful family…….pls dont become landlubers just yet!!! ???

  3. Hi guys,
    I have been watching and admiring that you are living a fantastic existence.
    I would love to surprise my beautiful wife of over 20 years married to share an experience on board lavagabonde.
    I can bring beer, wine, chocolate & vegemite as well as a smile to your little patch
    Cheers Greg or Smithy

  4. put some clothes on that baby!!! spf75-100 s stay cool kids i really like the western voice do some more.

  5. Love your adventures. However, at some stage, little Lenny will need to go to school, mix with other children. Sadly, they grow up. What a gorgeous little man he is. Sooooo happy! One good looking family. You can always sail weekends and holidays! Don’t stop making videos though. Magical. ???

  6. Wonderful family! Exudes love and cheer – – but – – – what was the last comment you made – did I hear right? ” – -decide if we will become landlubbers?” –

  7. I worry about you hanging around that area too long because it is official hurricane season now and seems these things are coming fast and furious these days. I hope you will be heading north very soon. As always love your adventures and little Lenny is the best. Can’t get enough of those smiles!

  8. I read that one comment, and all the boaters on YT with kids home-school them and I hope you will do the same. Little Lenny does not have to go to school with other kids so don’t let that comment let you down and reduce your life to weekends. Sailing Trio travels, home schools their son and Sailing Zatara has 4 kids all home schooling while they sail around the world.

  9. You two boys in the Resturant in the hats! Super sweet! Lenny seemed to love the avocado! Try banana next!! Love u guys!

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