We nearly CRASHED into this Bridge!

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#258 With every space launch, even millions of hours of scientific and technical analysis and engineering may not prevent disaster. We’re taking La Vaga headfirst to a unique problem for us: a low bridge and a tall mast, armed with a drone, some blog info and a full moon. We’re taking the risk because everyone tells us upstream Guadiana is akin to the promised land. Let’s see…
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Song Credits
00:00 – Clay Western – Three
02:12 – *stay-the-course-by-kevin-macleod-from-filmmusic-io.mp3
03:33 – Fermin Spanish Guitar  – Descendente
05:27 – Sky Jammer – Waiting on the Wind
08:55 – Sky Jammer – Waiting on the Wind
13:11 – Siren’s Sky – Along the Beachline
15:48 – Chelou – The Quiet
19:37 – Siren’s Sky – Along the Beachline

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