We Turned Back. Things BROKE at Sea!(#263)

#263 “No, it was a sea trial.” We tried. We really did. All the stars were aligning with weather and timing, stocked and ready for our launch into the Atlantic. But when you’re taking to the steering pulleys with a saw, just as you get underway, it’s probably an omen. The Azores will have to wait. The positives? Mainland Portugal ain’t that bad aplace to return to. And we’re joined by our mate Bri for the (upcoming) crossing.

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Music credits:
00:00 Evntho – Hard-boiled Wonderland
03:39 Roobs and the Washing Line Economy – Abby
13:02 Dante Matas – Talking To Yourself

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  1. How many time it take To realy enderstand how work the boat with the Wind if you want To go on the south and the Wind go on north,
    I never go on a boat with sails,
    Is it take more time To arrive To à place if the Wind is not on the way you want
    Do you know were there is no Wind at all ,à friend tell me that it exist but i dont know were it is!
    Thank you To awnser my question !

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