We Upped the Security onboard La Vagabonde.. Ep.196

Yeah so we had to up our security system onboard La Vagabonde (we’ve been watching Blade Runner)..
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Song Credits:
00:04 Forget the World – Aaron Sanders – jackcarsonsanders@gmail.com
00:38 The Magic Mountain – Owen Duff
01:53 Chase – Skyjammer – jammer@skyjammermusic.com
02:20 Oh Freedom 2 – Heeblay
04:13 Firewood – Bill Beaumont
06:12 Colors – Luna Park
10:33 Another Day. – MaJlo
12:33 Sailing La Vagabonde – Mikael Abramowitch
13:38 Live My Life (Master) – Getgogetter

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Comments 3

  1. Love your videos. Great story. Please forward your cocktail to fight sleepness nights

    Many thanks


  2. You guys keep having fun…Love it.
    Way cool Riley. A true sailor hates to start the Iron Jenny… Good on ya.

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