Welcome to our Home, Dear Patrons! Ep. 163

We trade island life for the city this week. But, for good reason. We finally get to meet our lovely group of Patrons who flew from all over to come see us and we’re really excited to introduce them to you. Honestly, what an epic bloody week! Join us as we sail Biscayne Bay. Florida is going to be fun, if I don’t die of excitement to soon.. this place has a lot going on ? Videos made with love, Elayna.

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Song Credits:
00:00 Camarano – Somebody Else
01:13 Acceptance – Andrew Rothschild
04:11 I’m Saved – Duncan Saige
10:18 Roll the Bones – Cover by Elayna C
15:04 Always Wanting – Jonathan Gabriel Masters

Thank you to all the artists who feature. You can find all of the amazing artists who contribute towards our videos on our free to stream Spotify and Soundcloud playlists.


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  1. What fun! I found Riley’s anticipation of the efficiency of amazon ordering very funny. For some reason, I thought you’d been to the states before. But those comments really had me reflecting on the few videos I saw of yours, which showed some of the challenges you face when in other countries. We take a lot for granted here.
    Dave in Sacramento

  2. You both are the best for inviting people on La Vagabond. I’m sure they had a wonderful time. Welcome to America. Be safe.

  3. Hey guys! Glad you all made it to the US safely. Hello to all the patrons on board. Thx for representing us well! Pleased to see Alayna singing again! Great song!! Keep the videos coming and thanks for the inspiration!! Dr Steve

  4. I am glad you made it safely to Miami. .
    I wish I could meet the both of you ..
    You both are pretty amazing for sure ..
    Have fun but be safe …
    Best wishes

  5. You two are so amazing. I hope you experience all the beauty of Miami. Elayna, I want you to know that just a few blocks from where you are anchored that your Music CD is playing loud in an apartment.

  6. Great shot you stoned him. You cant beat the View from YOUR dinning room there, Great Video. >O >o >o

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