Welcome to the Sunshine State. Sailing in FLORIDA! ☀️⛵️ Ep.194

We sail down to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Welcome to the sunshine state. I’ve never seen so many boats in my whole damn life! Or had to dodge as many. Lol. Enjoy the sail. Videos made with love, Elayna, Riley and Lenny.

Song Credits:
00:00 Alone – Jason Winks
00:39 Chase McBride – Days Move Easy
02:15 Isaac Balson – Any Day Now
06:10 Koresma – Canyon Walls (Andrew Rothschild Remix)
07:18 Daniel Champagne – Satellite City
10:01 Rays Of Fire – Jack and the Weatherman
12:09 Spuren im Sand – Windspiel
14:10 Live My Life – Getgogetter

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  1. Riley’s humor seriously cracks me up! I love both of your outlooks on life. Cannot come up with enough words to tell you how inspiring the two of you are! Have fun and be safe out there!
    Would love to have you over for dinner next time you are close to NE Fl

  2. Hi
    Wondering what you are taking with ashwaganda for insomnia. I thi k you said “don’t give a shit drops”. Any links or further information? Sounds interesting and helpful.
    Loving watching your gorgeous baby adventure with you

  3. Plastic pipe for the bimini cover. You can arch them up to prevent the bag that catches the rain and the pipes will bend somewhat with the wind to be more stable. It’s also cheap!

  4. When you come up to the NY area if your in need of transportation I would like to offer you myself to transport you and your family . I have a minivan that seats 7 . I am very familiar with the NY area , and if you need a place to stay I have 2 empty bedrooms since my children have grown and moved away. I don’t know where you will be docking but I’m centrally located in New Jersey about 15 miles from Time Square. So let me know if you might be interested in the rides and/or the lodging.

  5. You need to see Zion National Park pictures and videos do it no justice. >>> Looks like MARS

    My wife and I live 30 minutes from the park. If your ever in San Diego Calif.

    we have room for you here in Hurricane, Utah

    Our near airport is in St George, Utah

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