Well that hurt.

#272 Out of all the places we’ve been, of all the things we’ve done, who would suspect, in the middle of a forest, the humble PLAYGROUND SLIDE. ? We’re not gonna let anything slow us down though, functioning limbs or not. Terceira is such a beautiful place and the weather is being very very kind to us. And the pineapple here. Again, best thing ever. Lenny’s loving it, the barbeque’s loving it, even the local deer population are trying to be friends with us to get a slice. We also finally get some fish on the end of a spear, and discover the key to Portuguese cuisine: enough olive oil to sail a multihull in it. Thanks for joining us today, enjoy! Thanks to our amazing featured music artists for supporting the show!
You can listen to them all on our Spotify playlist: https://www.tinyurl.com/t9fqquf
Song Credits:
00:07 Happy Rabbit – She Says
04:03 Michael Dunstan – Lay in the Sun – Acoustic
06:14 Michael Dunstan – Lay in the Sun – Acoustic (continued)
10:34 Hollow Coves – We Will Run
13:33 (Friends Theme) I’ll Be There For You – Rodrigo Yukio (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover)
15:54 Belau ft Dori Hegyi – Island of Promise
20:17 Barack – Drops Of Happiness

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  1. Great video! Sorry about dislocated finger . . . but really clever and funny play on words!
    Lenny’s 1st sailboat, without hesitation: an Optimist . . . great fun!
    If I may suggest . . . not urgent . . . think about updating the intro video . . . with Lenny being so grown up, it’s time to update . . . plus Elayna’s scream is a little off-putting.

    1. I kinda like hearing her little shout of joy and was glad they left it in for awhile…..imagine how surprised I was to learn about Lenny last december when utube thought I would be interested in Greta Thurmbergs travel to Europe with lavagabonde who I had not viewed since they got the new boat…..now I live vicariously thru this young family. BE well.! ONE
      ??? wuw

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