We’re Allowed to Sail Again! Freedom.

#251 Freeeeeeedoooooommmm!!! Woohoo! After a good stint locked into the marina, we’ve been given the green light to leave. Finally things are starting to feel more ‘normal’ again. Join us for our first sail in a long long time. We sail around the corner to Alvor, a seaside resort and fishing village in the Algarve.

More information on our quiz here: https://bit.ly/SLV-Quiz

00:00 Alle – Islands
01:08 Lockd – Lykófos
04:28 Blue Skies – Bedrooms
07:20 Sneakout – Pull My Hair
09:42 Brother Mane – Epiphany
11:33 Tatono – Glaciers
14:11 Liam Wright – Land & Sea
17:19 Blue Child Collective – Eye of The Needle feat. Sol (Band of Frequencies)

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  1. It was so nice to see you guys back out on the sea guys, definitely nice to see you survive the look down, definitely looking forward to seeing your new adventures, looking forward to seeing your new posts my loverilys

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