We’re Going Home… (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 72

After a year of sailing thousands of miles from Grenada in the Caribbean where we spent the hurricane season of 2015​, all the way​​ to Tonga​, we decided it was time to go home and visit the friends and fam! Being this close to Australia has felt so good and homey. We’re only a flight away. Join us in episode 72 as we say an awesome goodbye to Tonga and our good friends Adriana and Kjell. What a place! Filled with such wonderful people… Stay tuned for ​’​A Yacht Called Cynthia​’​ which is truly one you won’t want to miss, coming soon xo

​00:10 ​Wait Outside – Getgogetter
02:09 This Town – Getgogetter
​04:12 ​Gotam Sen – The Otherside
04:57 ​Dead Leaves – Going Home
​​06:43 ​A Free Man – Alon Barak
​10:54 ​3 Boats 1 Sea – Alon Barak
​13:06 ​Hopes – Getgogetter

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Comments 17

  1. I guess this is slowly coming to an end. While it may be good for you you’re getting this new cat, it puts an end to SLV as I know it. You’re interrupting your circumnavigation, flying around, picking up a new boat. This is no longer why I’ve been watching your channel. Fair winds, good luck and thanks for a great set of episodes that told a wonderful story, and, I guess, good bye.

  2. Lovely images and I am sure you need a holiday! Not joking. Always noce to see your adventurous youthful approach.

  3. I’m going to miss my weekly escape sailing La Vagabond. Thank for bringing a smile to my face. Safe travels and I look forward to the new sailboat.

  4. I guess some people do not really pay attention to your narrative. Enjoy your stay at home and I look forward to your next episode. May see you out there in the near future. Getting on board a 57 ft sailing vessel in about 6 months or so and will be entering the cruising world. Who knows we may end up in the same port somewhere along the journey.

  5. Bob loved your adventures at sea. He has been ill for a year and passed away on Dec 15 2016.

  6. I know you hear this often, but you guys are awesome. Enjoy your time home and I look forward to the next episode as always. It isn’t the destination, but the journey, and the two of you, with family, friends and visitors, have be on a journey of a life time. You’ve amassed an amazing following and inspired many, myself included.

    Love and safe travels to you both.

    Fellow sailor and skipper of Rochana.

  7. Hello You Two,
    Hope your stay in OZ will be great and you will enjoy your families.
    When are you going to sell La Vag. ? she’s a lovely vessel ! Won’t be quite the same on a CAT !
    Take it from an “old” sailor out of British Columbia, Canada. Mono hull all the way, always.
    Ours is a Panda 40 cutter, called Warlord and she is black.

    Take care, you are awesome !

    Cheers, Wilf and Bonnie

    1. Wilf. Your daughter Heidi , accuses you of molesting her and Sharon as kids. She also asked me to punch you out because of it. And if you want to know why she moved to Powell was revenge When you were in Germany she went through your house until she found yours and Bonny’s will. Once she found she was executor she was happy. Except the money Bonny is leaving to her daughter in Texas. Anyway just wanted to clear things up

  8. It’ll be great for you, your family and your friends to get together after so long away.
    Looking forward to the your new adventures, as and when they begin.
    Avidly watching you and best wishes from the UK.
    Love each other, love those closest to you, love all of those around you and love yourselves too.
    Namaste ??

  9. Two questions; 1-What will you do with La Vaga when the cat arrives?

    2-Why does Riely have to sail alone after Tonga?

    1. Post

      1. Sell La Vaga (not sure how just yet)
      2. Riley has always wanted to do a solo sail to challenge himself.

  10. Merci Elayna merci Riley,
    Quel bonheur sans cesse renouvelé, de semaine en semaine, suivre votre circumnavigation est un enchantement, et le sentiment de faire partie de votre joyeux équipage un joli cadeau que je partage avec mes amis.
    Bon retour au pays
    Welcome to Sète, France

  11. Hi guys
    Love you shows every week me and my son watch your show before good to bed. It helps him go to sleep.
    You guys are living to dream which we all would love to live.
    Please don’t stop posting you dream so we all can live it to. ?
    Marc Garcia

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