We’re off to Unchartered Waters! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 49

After the boys installed the new B&G gear and we took care of a few jobs on La Vagabonde, we were ready to set sail to the unchartered Tuamotus (or the Atolls). Not many people visit these islands because of a combination of the tides, currents and unpredictable weather (and because it is unchartered) can make for a perfect nightmare. But we were very excited to dive the spectacular passage where we had heard there was a huge party of every kind of sea creature!! Eeeeeek get excited for what’s up next. Thank you kindly for taking the time to watch these little videos I put together 🙂

Song Credits: (always provided in the description of each video. Make sure to let them know if you enjoy their music. They would love to hear from you.)
00:12 Tropical Vibe – Tatono
03:26 Jacuzzi Rockin Beat Demo! – Jason Lyle
04:55 Carl Hauck – To Coast-2
06:02 Making Pretend – Joshy Willo & The Kestrals https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/joshy-willo-the-kestrals/id791858447
06:58 Two To Tango – Joshy Willo & The Kestrals
09:22 Relative Perspective – Joshy Willo & The Kestrals
09:59 Sitting Here with Nothing Owing – Andrew Samuel
10:20 Waves Break – Cup Danger
12:47 Coffee on the Rocks – Carl Hauck

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Thank you guys!

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

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  1. Great video as always! Looking forward to the visit at the atolls. Watch out for sharks!

  2. The very best YouTube videos of all times, I’ll be heading offshore this fall from Lunenburg, NS Canada, cheers, Ben

  3. Love you two, safe travels, looks like a tricky entry to the atoms, good local advice you got…. rock on…

  4. Great video , enjoy keeping up with!
    Nothing like a little honesty from the help Riley! All in good fun! I thought you guys were already off to Cook Isalnd.. I’m a little off on your location!

  5. Great video , enjoy keeping up with!
    Nothing like a little honesty from the help Riley! All in good fun! I thought you guys were already off to Cook Isalnd.. I’m a little off on your location!

  6. You are a lucky couple to be living your dream. I would enjoy what you are doing, but as things are right now it would be impossible for me.
    So enjoy for me also. Fred
    Fair winds and calm seas.

  7. Thank you for inspiring me, I went to Thailand and got my Bareboat Captains (IYT) certificate. I’ll see you out there next year 🙂

  8. Looks like you are having fun! Yes these atolls were uncharted, last century, but now, conveniently, there are 100s of charts available for the Tuamotus, online, in printed charts, cruising guides, and with several chart plotting programs, with accurate tide and weather information available from wifi connections on many of the atolls, making it a popular archipelago for hundreds, perhaps a few thousand, of cruisers to visit every season. These facts do not undercut your adventure story, you two share a beautiful spirit, and make entertaining videos of your unique cruising style, inspiring people worldwide to dream!

  9. Dont take risks !!!!!!!!!!!!!but yeah Were only living once .
    Take good care of Your Lady.

  10. This video had everything … … shades of “Hawaii 5-0” in that outrigger canoe … … some 360 degree feedback … … “Honestly. Monkey” … … the auto-tune (gotta get that closed loop response correctly damped!) … … Riley’s “You forget how much better it is out here” eliciting Elayna’s “Yeah” with a “oh but that constantly moving kitchen” undertone … …

    Thanks, and happy and safe sailing!


  11. Love the vids.Every time I see Riley on the scoop having a wash I am reminded of a story we were told by two aussies(We met them during our crossing in the mid-90s). “They were sailing two up on auto-pilot, one was below and the other was on the scoop and slipped in. All he could grab was the fish net, which had a long handle. As the boat had the kite up it was doing 5+ knots, evening was approaching and just at the critical time the crew below stuck his head up and all he could see was the empty scoop and a fishing net waving wildly near the horizon. Somehow the crew doused the kite and found his mate with the fishing net. ”
    Keep safe, Happy sailing!

  12. My profurl chews halyards as well from the furler to the mast, I slid a short length of braided hose on it. No more problem.

  13. Happy Birthday from the UK, Im at work in Belgium at the moment…I too had a birtday the 22nd of July! Much older then you dude, lol! Pleasure to see you both and your serenity as always PEACE!

  14. I really love to see your adventures on youtube and have seen many episodes yet and quite a few to go. It is so refreshing to see how much fun you two have making these trips and how much effort you put in editing the videos. It really takes the viewers by the hand and makes them part of the experience you have.
    Also brings back memories of the year during my study in 1980 ( yes, I’m that old) I was “sailing” from the Mediterrainian to the Caribic and from Europe to the West Coast of South America. On a big freight ship so a lot less romantic then you guys are doing. Nevertheless some views and experiences are exactly the same.

    Thank you for making us part of your experiences.

  15. Riley, can relate, when I cook if the food falls on the deck the people who were going to eat it have 7 days of good luck. Happy Birthday and safe sailing.

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